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Patent # Description
US-9,615,514 Headstone edging border device
An edging border device for controlling growth of vegetation is disclosed. The device includes a material sheet that has one or more openings suitable for...
US-9,615,513 Harvester pick-up support
A device for harvesting long agricultural products, such as grass, straw, pulses, biomass products, including a first unit (2) and a second unit (3) for picking...
US-9,615,512 Articulated lateral crop divider for a flexible harvesting header
A harvesting platform is carried on the front end of an agricultural combine. The harvesting platform includes lateral crop dividers for agricultural harvesting...
US-9,615,511 Combine harvester and associated method for gathering grain
A combine harvester is provided that separates grain material from material other than grain using multiple processing areas, including a harvesting area, a...
US-9,615,510 Reel mower having bidirectional turf groomer capable of left or right hand drive
A turf groomer is coupled to a reel cutting unit in advance of the cutting reel and is powered by a gearbox having a rotary gear drive that provides alternately...
US-9,615,509 Harvester grain tank having active conveying system
A grain tank includes a generally flat bottom that is oriented at a position that is less than the angle of repose of the grain. A conveyor mechanism conveys...
US-9,615,508 Lawn mower with respective blade speed detection relative to ground
Lawn mower utilizing a work device having a plurality of blades for performing lawn mowing work. A power device is configured to transmit rotational power to...
US-9,615,507 Energy harvesting wireless sensor network
A lawn care device (10) may include a mobility assembly (42,44) configured to facilitate movement of the lawn care device over ground, a cutting deck (40)...
US-9,615,506 System for monitoring and controlling product distribution in an agricultural system
The present disclosure describes an agricultural system having a flow path configured to distribute agricultural product from a product storage tank to a row...
US-9,615,505 Run selection mechanism
A run selection mechanism is provided for selectively directing the flow of particulate material from an air cart. The mechanism includes a chute for receiving...
US-9,615,504 Agricultural input selection system, methods and apparatus
Systems, methods and apparatus for applying varying agricultural inputs in accordance with a prescription map. The system includes a plurality of input sources...
US-9,615,503 Method for cultivating sugar cane
The present invention relates to a method for cultivating sugar cane comprising removing buds together with meristematic tissue from the stalk of a 6 to 18...
US-9,615,502 Adjustable agricultural implement driveshaft assembly holder and implement fitted with same
A holder unit facilitates secure, safe and adjustable connection between an agricultural implement and a draft vehicle such as a tractor. The holder unit mounts...
US-9,615,501 Controlling the position of an agricultural implement coupled to an agricultural vehicle based upon...
A system for controlling the position of an agricultural implement coupled to an agricultural vehicle comprises a control unit connected to a field topography...
US-9,615,500 Agricultural auxiliary tillage implement control
An agricultural tillage implement includes a main section including a hitch extending in a travel direction, a plurality of foldable wing sections coupled with...
US-9,615,499 Hydraulic work unit leveling and calibration system for an agricultural implement
An agricultural implement has a depth control system in which a position sensor directly measures linear translation of a hydraulic cylinder that lifts and...
US-9,615,498 Haymaking machine with a coupling device comprising an improved return device
A haymaking machine includes a chassis supported directly or indirectly on the ground by wheels and a working device connected to the chassis. The chassis...
US-9,615,497 Modular autonomous farm vehicle
A modular autonomous agricultural vehicle includes a drive module having a frame, a ground-engaging element rotatably coupled to the frame, a power source, and...
US-9,615,496 Cutting unit having rotatably mounted debris stripping device
A cutting unit for a disc harrow and/or a seed coulter. The cutting unit includes a cutting blade rotatably mounted about a rotation axis, and a stripping...
US-D783,924 Aerial lift cover
US-D783,923 Ramp
US-D783,894 Tail lamp lens
US-D783,892 Lamp holder housing
US-D783,883 Light fixture
US-D783,882 Light fixture
US-D783,874 Spotlight
US-D783,863 Wall base
US-D783,862 Paving stone
US-D783,830 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus
US-D783,829 Medical X-ray equipment
US-D783,824 Root part for a dental implant
US-D783,789 Drain pan for heat exchanger
US-D783,766 Ant bait station
US-D783,762 Muzzle brake
US-D783,759 Component of a trigger mechanism for a firearm
US-D783,742 Anchoring device
US-D783,731 Footer for a modular system
US-D783,730 Block piece from toy set
US-D783,724 Inline scooter
US-D783,722 Game controller
US-D783,721 Label
US-D783,709 Keyboard instrument
US-D783,706 Eyeglasses
US-D783,696 Shield attachable to frame
US-D783,693 Three-dimensional printer
US-D783,681 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D783,666 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D783,665 Display screen, or portion thereof, with a navigational graphical user interface component
US-D783,657 Display screen or portion thereof with animated computer generated dialog GUI
US-D783,653 Display screen with graphic user interface
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