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Patent # Description
US-9,699,952 Seed testing method and apparatus
To provide an accelerated aging seed testing kit system, a single sheet of plastic or other suitable formable sheet material is pressed into the shape of a...
US-9,699,951 Wheel position control system for an agricultural implement
An agricultural implement system includes a toolbar assembly configured to support multiple row units, and multiple wheels configured to support the toolbar...
US-9,699,950 Lawn-mowing vehicle with outwardly and upwardly rotatable lawn-mowing unit
A lawn-mowing vehicle is provided in which a facing-the-ground surface of a lawn-mowing unit can manually be shifted. The lawn-mowing units of the lawn-mowing...
US-9,699,949 Wing positioning apparatus
A farm implement supported by at least one wheeled support mounted on a pivot arm extending from a wing and at least one tracked support on a main carrier. The...
US-9,699,948 Tipped metal implement
A metal implement such as an aeration tine formed from a hardened carbide tip affixed to a steel tine body is disclosed. The tine exterior surface is treated,...
US-9,699,947 Tool system for resisting abrasive wear of a ground engaging tool of an agricultural implement
A tool system is provided for resisting abrasive wear of a ground-engaging tool of an agricultural implement during a crop production procedure. The tool system...
US-9,699,946 Shovel with measurement markings
A shovel with measurement markings for digging a hole that includes a handle portion, a blade portion, and an elongated shaft portion interconnecting at...
US-D792,049 Automated teller machine
US-D792,047 Cart with an adjustable top
US-D792,040 Electric vacuum cleaner
US-D792,037 Dust collector
US-D792,026 Cosmetic compact
US-D792,019 Tobacco stick
US-D791,999 Horticulture grow light housing
US-D791,997 Lamp
US-D791,996 Light fixture
US-D791,990 Indian head lens
US-D791,982 Baseboard and corner kit
US-D791,972 Step adapter for rung ladders
US-D791,971 Ladder step barrier
US-D791,970 Ladder
US-D791,969 Door facing
US-D791,968 Kiosk
US-D791,964 Shipping container
US-D791,957 Wound dressing
US-D791,943 Laryngoscope blade
US-D791,942 Stethoscope
US-D791,926 Air tank
US-D791,919 Wall mounted faucet
US-D791,917 Valve
US-D791,910 Toilet rim blocks
US-D791,906 Fishing lure
US-D791,902 Hand guard with internal rail mounts
US-D791,899 Firearm receiver cover having an accessory mount
US-D791,898 Archery bow vibration dampener
US-D791,893 Golf club
US-D791,892 Golf club head
US-D791,891 Golf putter head
US-D791,889 Ball with complex gripping surface
US-D791,886 Interactive stuffed animal monkey toy
US-D791,882 Yo yo
US-D791,879 Gift card maze puzzle
US-D791,877 Cardholder stick
US-D791,868 Ink tank for printer
US-D791,856 Camera mount
US-D791,830 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D791,829 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D791,828 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D791,826 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
US-D791,820 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
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