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Patent # Description
US-9,844,191 Potato cultivar FL 2395
A potato cultivar designated FL 2395 is disclosed. The invention relates to tubers of potato cultivar FL 2395, to seeds of potato cultivar FL 2395, to plants...
US-9,844,190 Alpha planter
In accordance with the present invention, the Alpha Planter provides total protection to new seedlings and small plants purchased for the purpose of growing and...
US-9,844,189 Blade for cutting roots
A blade assembly for cutting roots is installed on a hand-carried weed cutter or hand-carried side walk edger. The blade assembly has a central blade support...
US-9,844,188 Modular tray
A modular tray is provided for covering a portion of a surface with vegetation in a growth medium. The tray includes a pair of sidewalls, and a lower end wall...
US-9,844,187 Density control system
Density control system for an agricultural baler having a baling chamber including a plurality of walls with at least one movable wall section, an intake duct...
US-9,844,186 Drive linkage for cleaning shoe
A cleaning shoe for an agricultural machine includes a chaffer supported for movement relative to a chassis, a sieve positioned below the chaffer and supported...
US-9,844,185 Seed tender
A self-contained seed tender (20) includes a plurality of bins (48) as well as a conveyor system (30) with a lower conveyor (32) and a shiftable lift conveyor...
US-9,844,184 Header position sensing system for an agricultural harvester
A system and method for determining the relative position of a header with respect to a chassis of a self-propelled agricultural harvester. Single or dual axis...
US-9,844,183 Cam reel with complex bat path
A cam reel for use on a harvesting header which includes a plurality of reel bats disposed evenly around the reel shaft, each attached to radial arms extending...
US-9,844,182 Thorn collector
An apparatus for collecting thorns, spines, prickles, seeds, burrs, and the like from the ground. Embodiments of the present disclosure include a roller for...
US-9,844,181 Mower with attachment having a hopper and conveyor assembly
The invention relates to a mower having a removable mower deck, and a removable attachment which includes a hopper and conveyor assembly for discharging...
US-9,844,180 Header frame having an adjustably mounted tool bar bracketing assembly
A header frame of an agricultural harvester capable of adjusting the position of attachment of a toolbar to a main frame including a main frame, first and...
US-9,844,179 System and method for accessing a powertrain of an agricultural vehicle
An agricultural vehicle for picking or harvesting a product includes a motor, a plurality of tires, a transmission mating the motor to the plurality of tires,...
US-9,844,178 Three headed cutting apparatus for attachment to a lawnmower tractor
A three headed cutter is comprised of a cover assembly under which are located the three cutting head assemblies. The cover assembly, along with the cutting...
US-9,844,177 Lawnmower
A lawnmower with a plurality of motorized cutting blades may be configured to include a single rear bearing wheel to allow for greater control over the movement...
US-9,844,176 Weed trimmer extension device
A weed trimmer extension device for cutting and collecting, or dispersing weeds includes a cutting enclosure, to which can be attached a collecting bag or a...
US-9,844,175 Lawn mowing apparatus with mower deck alignment sensors
A lawn mowing apparatus may include sensors that are fastened to both its mower deck and its chassis. The sensors may sense a position of the mower deck in...
US-9,844,174 Modular meter roller cartridge
An agricultural metering system includes a modular meter roller cartridge. The modular meter roller cartridge includes a meter roller. The modular meter roller...
US-9,844,173 Side folding toolbar for chemical applicator
A multi-row agricultural soil treatment implement includes a semi-trailed carriage and a rearward folding toolbar. The toolbar is suspended from the...
US-9,844,172 Attachment for engineering vehicle
An attachment for an engineering vehicle that has a first side having an outer surface, an inner surface, and a first plurality of surfaces extending between...
US-9,844,171 Steel handle shovel
There is provided a steel handle shovel comprising a coupling assembly between the head shovel and the handle, which provides a higher resistance in the...
US-D805,719 Wall-mounted mailbox with shelf
US-D805,718 Wall-mounted mailbox
US-D805,717 Grave cross
US-D805,716 Grave marker medallion
US-D805,715 Urn
US-D805,714 Modular pallet
US-D805,713 Pallet truck
US-D805,712 Pallet truck
US-D805,711 Shopping cart
US-D805,710 Hotel cart
US-D805,709 Shopping basket
US-D805,708 Recycle receptacle lid
US-D805,707 Recycle receptacle lid
US-D805,706 Trash receptacle lid
US-D805,705 Trash can
US-D805,704 Head for vacuum cleaner
US-D805,703 Door for drum washing machine
US-D805,702 Dehumidifying sterilizing and deodorizing machine for garments
US-D805,701 Dog training transmitter device
US-D805,700 Pet food bowl
US-D805,699 Footguard
US-D805,698 Time release cuffs
US-D805,697 Ear defender
US-D805,696 Helmet
US-D805,695 Container for cosmetic products
US-D805,694 Container for cosmetics
US-D805,693 Floss dispenser
US-D805,692 Ultraviolet curing device
US-D805,691 Handle for grooming apparatus
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