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Patent # Description
US-9,867,340 Self-watering two-piece planter
A self-contained and low-maintenance two-piece planter providing significantly extended self-watering time for plants in an upper member supported by a...
US-9,867,339 High volume, aerated watering wand system
A rigid wand receives water under pressure from a pump. A canister of larger diameter than the wand receives the water from the wand with impact on flow...
US-9,867,338 System for supplementing light to plants
The invention relates to the field of horticulture in a greenhouse and disclosures a system for supplementing light to plants, the system including a lighting...
US-9,867,337 Carbon dioxide supplementation product with delayed activation control
A consumer product for supplementing carbon dioxide is provided with delayed activation control in the form of a clamp. A bag, having a top and a bottom seal...
US-9,867,336 Combine harvester grain cleaning system
A combine harvester including threshing and separating apparatus which are arranged to process a cut crop stream and each having a grate arrangement through...
US-9,867,335 Automatic tensioning control deck plate system
A compliant deck tension device, and a pair of proprietary deck plates enables a combine harvester to compensate for diameter variations in corn stalks as they...
US-9,867,334 Corn header including a kernel sensor and a control unit for controlling desk plates of the corn header
A corn header includes a plurality of harvesting units to separate corn ears from corn stalks. Each harvesting unit has a deck plate assembly, and an actuator...
US-9,867,333 Method and system of operating an automotive harvester
A method and system of operating a machine harvester that presents an improved solution for preventing clogging. There is provided simultaneous measurement of...
US-9,867,332 Operationally tiltable counter rotating twin blade mowing deck
A mower deck is provided herein. The mower deck includes a housing having a top plate and a downwardly extending wall that depends from a substantial portion of...
US-9,867,331 Utility vehicle with onboard and remote control systems
A utility vehicle having operator selectable onboard and remote controls is disclosed herein. The vehicle includes a prime mover and a power generating device...
US-9,867,330 Riding lawn care vehicle auto idle system
A riding lawn care vehicle may include a mobility assembly configured to support the riding lawn care vehicle during movement over ground, a working assembly...
US-9,867,329 System and method for metering and distributing agricultural products
An agricultural implement includes a first storage container mounted on a frame of the agricultural implement and configured to store a solid particulate...
US-9,867,328 Systems for monitoring seeds and methods thereof
At least one example embodiment discloses a seed monitoring system including a light source configured to emit light in an interior of a seed tube, a plurality...
US-9,867,327 Pneumatic furrow
A tire for a furrow press roller comprises a sole via which the tire is mounted on a field roller support, a tread opposite to the sole, and two sidewalls...
US-9,867,326 Cold plasma seed treatment device
Disclosed is a cold plasma seed treatment device, having a vacuum apparatus, an electric discharging apparatus, and a transport apparatus. The electric...
US-9,867,325 Work vehicle with hydraulic assist for power off steering
A steering system for a work vehicle includes a steering hand pump, a hydraulic main supply line fluidly coupled with the steering hand pump and including a...
US-9,867,324 Header mounting frame
An agricultural harvester including a feeder. The feeder is pivotally mounted to an intermediate frame with respect to a first axis of motion. The intermediate...
US-9,867,323 Device for automatic adjustment of the working width of a first plough body in accordance with subsequent...
A device for automatically adjusting the working width of the first plough body of a plough in accordance with the variable working width of subsequent plough...
US-9,867,322 Safety apparatus for cultivator
Provided is a safety apparatus for a cultivator. A driving cylinder includes a body wherein a rod having a pressurizing plate at a front end of the rod is...
US-9,867,321 Agricultural implement with a scraper internal to a rolling basket
An agricultural implement having a rolling basket. A stationary blade is disposed inside an inner chamber of the rolling basket and attached at ends of the...
US-D808,109 Gun safe
US-D808,108 Urn in the shape of a book
US-D808,107 Forklift
US-D808,106 Forklift
US-D808,105 Ball wheel for a wheelbarrow
US-D808,104 Trolley
US-D808,103 Receptacle
US-D808,102 Tray for washing machine
US-D808,101 Drying rack
US-D808,100 Scratching tool
US-D808,099 Robot vacuum cleaner
US-D808,098 Dust collector for vacuum cleaner
US-D808,097 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D808,096 Robot cleaner
US-D808,095 Swimming pool cleaner
US-D808,094 Washing machine
US-D808,093 Washing machine
US-D808,092 Washing machine
US-D808,091 Ultrasonic cleaner
US-D808,090 Pet waste scooping tool
US-D808,089 Pet toy
US-D808,088 Cat toy
US-D808,087 Cat scratcher
US-D808,086 Pet hat
US-D808,085 Bird feeder
US-D808,084 Pet carrier with expansion chamber
US-D808,083 Helmet chinbar
US-D808,082 Kitchen towel combined with pot holder
US-D808,081 Helmet
US-D808,080 Cosmetic container
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