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Patent # Description
US-9,936,636 Cutting blade with hardened regions
A blade for a mower disc body is provided. The blade includes a cutting blade body of a first base material, top and bottom surfaces and an outer surface that...
US-9,936,635 Power tool
A power tool is provided with a drive motor and a drive shaft connected to the drive motor so as to be driven in rotation about an axis of rotation. A disk is...
US-9,936,634 Power tool and control method thereof
A power tool includes an electric motor, a functional accessory capable of being driven by the electric motor, a detection device for detecting a rotational...
US-9,936,633 Stalk cutter device and method of use
The stalk cutter device and method of use thereof obtains a desired length of plant stalk, particularly a cornstalk, from a desired distance from the ground....
US-9,936,632 Agricultural dry chemical tube and delivery system
A dry chemical delivery tube and its surrounding nutrient applicator system are located in a narrow space in a soil working implement in an agricultural...
US-9,936,631 Device and method for detecting and reporting seed placement
A seeding machine includes a main frame and a row unit coupled to the main frame. The row unit has a row unit frame and a seed firmer coupled to the row unit...
US-9,936,630 Mounting assembly for an agricultural product conveying system
A mounting assembly for an agricultural product conveying system includes a mount having a seed tube mounting feature and a biasing member mounting feature. The...
US-9,936,629 Sectioned metering system and method
A sectioned metering system and method is provided. One metering system for distributing an agricultural product in a field includes a drive input and a rotary...
US-9,936,628 Air seed meter disc with flow directing pockets
A seed metering system, for use on a row crop planter, selects individual seeds from a seed reservoir and dispenses the seeds singularly at a controlled rate. A...
US-9,936,627 Air seed meter with internal drive
A seed metering system, for use on a row crop planter, selects individual seeds from a seed reservoir and dispenses the seeds singularly at a controlled rate. A...
US-9,936,626 System and method for independent calibration of meter rollers
An agricultural product distribution system includes first and second product meters configured to meter first and second amounts of agricultural product from a...
US-9,936,625 Multiple seed-type planting system with seed delivery speed control
A system for planting multiple types of seed and automatically switching between the varieties during planting in a single planting pass of a planting session...
US-9,936,624 Lift assist system for agricultural tools
A lift assist system to assist an tool including a toolbar; a pair of casters affixed to the articulated arms to provide support on a ground surface; and...
US-9,936,623 Plow with resettable plow bottom
A plow bottom is configured to be easily reset when striking a rock while plowing. The plow operator may set the force required for the plow bottom to disengage...
US-9,936,622 Apparatus for applying a pesticide to perennial crops
An applicator assembly for applying an active substance to the root zone of a plurality of plants, the applicator assembly comprising: a subsoil applicator...
US-9,936,621 Cultivator
A cultivator can have a frame with a tow assembly so that the cultivator can be towed by a tractor. A cultivating assembly can be pivotally attached to the rear...
US-D815,389 Safe lock panel
US-D815,388 Automatic teller machine
US-D815,387 Lifting device
US-D815,386 Winch
US-D815,385 Wafer support ring
US-D815,384 Bag-securing member for waste container
US-D815,383 Recycling bin
US-D815,382 Head for vacuum cleaner
US-D815,381 Attachment for a floor cleaning machine
US-D815,380 Vacuum cleaner attachment
US-D815,379 Vacuum cleaner
US-D815,378 Retractable wheel
US-D815,377 Blower nozzle attachment
US-D815,376 Pedestal washing machine
US-D815,375 Dust collector
US-D815,374 Drying machine
US-D815,373 Digital ultrasonic cleaner
US-D815,372 Handheld transmitter for a pet trainer
US-D815,371 Combination pet toy and feeder
US-D815,370 Pet toy
US-D815,369 Rope snake pet toy with fabric head
US-D815,368 Glove for massaging pets
US-D815,367 Racing pigeon foot ring
US-D815,366 Racing pigeon foot ring
US-D815,365 Sleeping basket for domestic animals
US-D815,364 Pet bed furniture
US-D815,363 Night light aquarium
US-D815,362 Athletic glove
US-D815,361 Helmet
US-D815,360 Head cover
US-D815,359 Helmet
US-D815,358 Cosmetics case
US-D815,357 Mascara package
US-D815,356 Nail polish bottle storage ball
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