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Patent # Description
US-D824,810 Vehicle trailer hitch cover
US-D824,806 Four door vehicle body
US-D824,800 Buckle
US-D824,796 Gemstone
US-D824,795 Neckwear to house and display metallic bars
US-D824,791 Doorbell chime
US-D824,790 Water leak detector
US-D824,788 Vehicle tire pressure monitoring system
US-D824,776 Razor package
US-D824,768 Bottle
US-D824,760 Dispenser
US-D824,748 Variable angle bracket
US-D824,744 Knob
US-D824,728 Combined butter stick platform and corn cob rest
US-D824,725 Microwave oven
US-D824,721 Lid
US-D824,715 Carafe
US-D824,713 Coffeemaker
US-D824,710 Office chair
US-D824,709 Chair
US-D824,705 Separator
US-D824,686 Sofa
US-D824,682 Chair with inflatable seat
US-D824,678 Brush head skirt
US-D824,677 Electric toothbrush
US-D824,675 Bag
US-D824,650 Gold bullet heel
US-D824,644 Footwear article
US-RE46,987 Image forming apparatus that displays plural pages of document images in three-dimensional preview presentation
In an image forming apparatus including a control unit made of a display panel and a touch panel display for providing preview display, the touch panel display...
US-RE46,986 Use of abstracted data in pattern matching system
Method, system and program product, for operating a call center system, the method comprising: obtaining performance data for agents in a set of agents;...
US-RE46,985 Display device using semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
A display device using a semiconductor light emitting device and a method of fabricating the semiconductor light emitting device are disclosed. The display...
US-RE46,984 Focus adjustment with actuator in imaging scanner
A method and apparatus for using in an imaging scanner. The apparatus includes a solid-state imager, an imaging lens assembly comprising a base lens and a MEMS...
US-RE46,983 System and method for research report guided proactive news analytics for streaming news and social media
Systems and methods may provide proactive news analytics based on integrated prediction statements. Users may extract and collect conditional statements from...
US-RE46,982 Controlling a vehicle having inadequate map data
A vehicle can be controlled in a first autonomous mode of operation by at least navigating the vehicle based on map data. Sensor data can be obtained using one...
US-RE46,981 Apparatus for modifying engine oil cooling system
A method of modifying the oil cooling system of a diesel engine includes the steps of removing the original equipment liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger and...
US-RE46,980 Inkjet recording apparatus and recording method by the same usable with recycled paper
In general, according to one embodiment, an inkjet recording apparatus includes an inkjet head, a conveyance motor, a discharge motor, a printing medium surface...
US-RE46,979 Electric motor driven tool for orthopedic impacting
An orthopedic impacting tool comprises a motor, an energy storage chamber, a striker, and an anvil. The motor stores energy in the energy storage chamber and...
US-RE46,978 Cannula and sizing insertion method
A relatively inexpensive cannula is sized by including indica on a cannulated dilator that is used to measure the depth of a body cavity, and in one embodiment...
US-RE46,977 Flow guide
A flow guide directs a fluid flow across a surface of a device, for example a lens surface of an endoscope, in a controlled manner to facilitate flow attachment...
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