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Patent # Description
US-1,004,5489 System and method for determining knife usage
A system for determining knife usage. The system includes an infeed cutter including a cutter rotor, a knife drawer, and a plurality of knives extending through...
US-1,004,5488 Bonus sieves and tailings return for an articulated agricultural harvesting combine
Disclosed is an articulated harvesting combine of a forward power processing unit (PPU) having a forward set of wheel assemblies and a rear grain cart connected...
US-1,004,5487 Concave cover plate
The present invention comprises a removable cover plate assembly, which may be quickly attached, detached and adjusted to the exterior of a concave grate of a...
US-1,004,5486 V-Rake teeth support device and related system
A device and related system is disclosed for detachably mounting to the teeth of a wheel rake to support each individual tooth preventing premature tooth...
US-1,004,5485 Lawn care vehicle brake system
A riding lawn care vehicle (10) may include a frame (60), a steering assembly (30), a brake assembly (110), and a mechanical brake linkage assembly (120). At...
US-1,004,5484 Shaped conveyor system for a harvester
A shaped conveyor assembly configured for use in association with a harvester comprising a first side lower conveyor sub-assembly and a second lower conveyor...
US-1,004,5483 Narrow row head unit ear guide
A narrow row head unit may include a back plate secured to a left gearbox and a right gearbox, which gearboxes may be positioned adjacent one another. Each...
US-1,004,5482 Residue discharge system for a combine harvester including a cover assembly
A crop residue spreader has a plurality of deflector elements arranged in a first group and a second group, a planar spreader frame element having a bottom...
US-1,004,5481 Lawnmower discharge device
A lawnmower discharge device for discharging grass clippings in various directions. The lawnmower discharge device includes a planar baseplate that can be...
US-1,004,5480 Agricultural machine comprising an improved device for controlling a shield
An agricultural machine including at least one working tool which can be driven by a drive mechanism which can have a variable drive speed, at least one movable...
US-1,004,5479 Planter and seed meter for planting multiple seed varities
A seed planter and seed meter for planting different seed varieties based on the location of the machine in a field. A movable gate switches between seed...
US-1,004,5478 Metering system for an agricultural system
A metering system for an agricultural system includes a singulator. The singulator includes a hopper configured to provide a flow of plantlet casings from a...
US-1,004,5477 Seed firming assembly for agricultural seeders and mounting system therefor
A seed firming assembly is mounted to a planter by a bracket attached to a seed tube guard between a pair of opener disks. The bracket has first and second...
US-1,004,5475 Roller basket finishing attachment
A finishing attachment for a tillage implement has a support arm configured to mount to the frame so that a long dimension of the support arm extends in a...
US-1,004,5474 Weight distribution system for seed planters and product applicators
An agricultural implement is provided having a tongue, a central toolbar extending from the tongue, and first and second wings extending generally outwardly...
US-1,004,5473 Work vehicle suspension hitch
An agricultural vehicle train includes a tractor, a rotary cutter, and a hitch assembly coupling the rotary cutter to the tractor. The hitch assembly includes a...
US-1,004,5472 Turf treatment implement
A cylindrical turf treatment rotor adapted to be driven in rotation about a horizontal axis, and provided with wear-resistant teeth extending along one or more...
US-1,004,5471 Soil working apparatus
A soil working apparatus comprises a farm implement including: a first structure moveable above a soil surface along a travel direction; and a plurality of...
US-D825,884 Gun safe
US-D825,883 Automated teller machine
US-D825,882 Pallet
US-D825,881 Wheeled quarter dolly
US-D825,880 Waste disposal device cover
US-D825,879 Trash can
US-D825,878 Trash can
US-D825,877 Construction site waste and concrete washout container
US-D825,876 Open top trash can
US-D825,875 Washboard for washing machine
US-D825,874 Dish rack
US-D825,873 Steam cleaner nozzle
US-D825,872 Washing machine
US-D825,871 Washing machine
US-D825,870 Vacuum cleaner
US-D825,869 Hand-held extraction cleaner
US-D825,868 Washing machine
US-D825,867 Washing machine
US-D825,866 Pet waste collector
US-D825,865 Pet feeding bowl
US-D825,864 Knee pad apparatus
US-D825,863 Shin guard
US-D825,862 Oven mitt
US-D825,861 Lip product container
US-D825,860 Lip product container
US-D825,859 Lip product container
US-D825,858 Lip product container
US-D825,857 Lip product container
US-D825,856 Lip product container
US-D825,855 Nail sanitizer
US-D825,854 Blower of hand dryer
US-D825,853 Clipper blade protector
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