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Patent # Description
US-1,023,1389 Stump cutter
The present disclosure provides a device and method that enable the efficient reduction of stumps. In one embodiment the stump removal methods and devices...
US-1,023,1388 Appartus for protecting cold sensitive scions
This disclosure involves advancements in grafting, trellis design, and an implement to raise and lower cold-sensitive vines between a raised growing position...
US-1,023,1387 Plant tray
The present teachings provide for a horticulture tray including a growing cell. The growing cell can include a first end, a second end, and a sidewall. The...
US-1,023,1386 Sheet metal structure
A sheet metal planter comprises three panel types, can be assembled with readily available tools, can be disassembled to fit in a compact space, can be made in...
US-1,023,1385 Rigs for illuminating fields and methods of illuminating plants
Disclosed are various embodiments for an irrigation rig (100) comprising a plurality of light sources (103) and methods of illuminating short-day plants. As...
US-1,023,1383 Nematode resistant crops
Methods of inhibiting plant parasitic nematodes, methods of obtaining transgenic plants useful for inhibiting such nematodes, and transgenic plants that are...
US-1,023,1382 Large square bale wagon
A method of grasping a bale of crop material and placing the bale in a bale wagon, the method comprising the steps of sensing, grasping and evaluating. The...
US-1,023,1381 Pneumatic grain level sensor and method therefore
A combine including a frame, power unit and a crop gathering and processing device. A grain tank is mounted on the frame. An elongated closed end tube is...
US-1,023,1380 Combine harvester
A combine harvester includes a threshing unit for threshing picked-up crop to obtain grain, a driver assistance system, with a memory for storing data, for...
US-1,023,1379 Easy mount stalk stomper
A row crop harvesting header (24) operable to be advanced along a forward travel direction to harvest a series of plants in a crop row. The row crop harvesting...
US-1,023,1378 Blade mounting structure of lawn mower
A blade mounting structure of a lawn mower includes a blade holder including a shaft-mounted section connected to an output shaft of an engine, and a blade...
US-1,023,1377 Metering apparatuses for sectional control
A metering apparatus for distributing an agricultural product in a field has a meterbox configured for association with a hopper for receiving agricultural...
US-1,023,1376 Systems and method for determining trench closure by a planter or seeder
An agricultural planting or seeding implement includes a frame, at least one row unit, one or more imaging devices, and a processor. The at least one row unit...
US-1,023,1375 Precision seed-dispensing system
A precision seed-dispensing system of the type applied on planters with a machine element that touches the soil and having a chassis that supports the seed...
US-1,023,1374 Travel support system, travel support method, and work vehicle
A travel support system for a work vehicle including a vehicle body and a work device provided on the vehicle body includes a first calculator to calculate a...
US-1,023,1373 Drawbar apparatus of an agricultural implement
A drawbar apparatus is provided for coupling an earth-working tool to a frame of an agricultural implement. The drawbar apparatus comprises a drawbar. The...
US-1,023,1372 Coupling device to connect two tractor-pulled agricultural implements for tandem-powered operation
A coupling device to connect and separate first and second agricultural implements for tandem towing behind a tractor and to provide hydraulic power to the...
US-1,023,1371 Soil compaction mitigation assembly and method
Disclosed is an assembly for mitigating soil compacted by wheels or belts of a vehicle moving over soil and carried by the vehicle. The assembly operates with a...
US-D843,679 Gun safe
US-D843,678 Gun safe
US-D843,677 Load securement system
US-D843,676 Dredger
US-D843,675 Overhead creeper
US-D843,674 Hard surface cleaning device
US-D843,673 Floor pad
US-D843,672 Floor pad
US-D843,671 Robotic vacuum cleaner
US-D843,670 Washing machine
US-D843,669 Flea control apparatus
US-D843,668 Grooming tool
US-D843,667 Garment wrap for dog
US-D843,666 Horse girth
US-D843,665 Pet feeder
US-D843,664 Helmet
US-D843,663 Helmet
US-D843,662 Support harness
US-D843,661 Hair extension
US-D843,660 Cosmetic compact
US-D843,659 Razor handle
US-D843,658 Razor handle
US-D843,657 Razor
US-D843,656 Hair removal device
US-D843,655 Comb base
US-D843,654 Support for a hair care appliance
US-D843,653 Support for a hair care appliance
US-D843,652 Support for a hair care appliance
US-D843,651 Makeup applicator
US-D843,650 Vaporizer
US-D843,649 Mouthpiece for an electronic vaping device
US-D843,648 Portable vaporization device with a removable container
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