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Patent # Description
US-D843,716 Handbag with strapping
US-D843,715 Shower belt
US-D843,714 Armored backpack
US-D843,713 Music backpack
US-D843,712 Backpack
US-D843,711 Pick holder
US-D843,710 Sunshade
US-D843,709 Sock
US-D843,708 Sock
US-D843,707 Sock
US-D843,706 Sock
US-D843,705 Shoe
US-D843,704 Shoe outsole
US-D843,703 Shoe
US-D843,702 Shoe outsole
US-D843,701 Sole for footwear
US-D843,700 Shoe
US-D843,699 Shoe midsole
US-D843,698 Shoe sole
US-D843,697 Footwear
US-D843,696 Shoe
US-D843,695 Portion of a leg covering
US-D843,694 Leaf hat
US-D843,693 Face mask with neck warmer
US-D843,692 Face mask
US-D843,691 Shirt
US-D843,690 Jacket
US-D843,689 Garment with combined hood and neck gaiter
US-D843,687 Snow pant, boot, jacket, and glove combination
US-D843,686 T-shirt
US-D843,685 Bra
US-D843,684 Belt
US-D843,683 Belt
US-D843,682 Cereal food piece
US-D843,681 Confection
US-D843,680 Pet chew toy
US-RE47,328 Method for transmitting and receiving system information elements in a wireless access system
A method for configuring system information, a method for transmitting system information, and a method for transmitting resource ratio information are...
US-RE47,327 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
An image display device and a method for operating the same is disclosed. The method of controlling the display device may include displaying a video on the...
US-RE47,326 Method and apparatus for supporting multiple reference signals in OFDMA communication systems
Methods and apparatuses are described for a Node B to transmit Reference Signals (RS) from multiple antennas to enable User Equipments (UEs) to perform...
US-RE47,325 Formation of a lithium comprising structure on a substrate by ALD
A method for the formation of lithium includes a layer on a substrate using an atomic layer deposition method. The method includes the sequential pulsing of a...
US-RE47,324 Data encryption systems and methods
Data encryption systems and methods. The system includes a storage device storing data and an encryption/decryption module. The encryption/decryption module...
US-RE47,323 Cleaning member, charging device, transfer device and image forming apparatus
The present invention provides a cleaning member including melamine resin foam in at least a portion that contacts an object to be cleaned. A charging device...
US-RE47,322 Rapid evacuation and charging system, and apparatus and methods relating thereto
A system for performing rapid charging and evacuation of systems that contain a fluid, such as cooling systems on refrigeration products. In addition, the...
US-RE47,321 Bulk amorphous refractory glasses based on the Ni(-Cu-)-Ti(-Zr)-Al alloy system
Bulk amorphous alloys based on quaternary Ni--Zr--Ti--Al alloy system, and the extension of this quaternary system to higher order alloys by the addition of one...
US-RE47,320 Modulation of CD40 expression
Disclosed herein are antisense compounds and methods for decreasing CD40. Examples of disease conditions that can be ameliorated with the administration of...
US-RE47,319 Toy and hobby building blocks adhesive
A water soluble adhesive for use in assembling toy interlocking plastic building blocks is disclosed which add strength to assembled structures yet enables easy...
US-RE47,318 Pyrrole inhibitors of erk protein kinase, synthesis thereof and intermediates thereto
The present invention relates to compounds useful of inhibitors of protein kinases. The invention also provides pharmaceutically acceptable compositions...
US-RE47,317 Bag rack and dispensing system and method for packaging and dispensing items
A bag rack and dispensing system and method of packaging and dispensing items, such as food. The bag rack and dispensing system includes a rack that is formed...
US-RE47,316 Oral formulations of ospemifene
This invention relates to a liquid or semisolid oral drug formulation comprising a therapeutically active compound of the formula (I) ##STR00001## or a...
US-RE47,315 Displays for a medical device
Embodiments described herein relate to an analyte monitoring device having a user interface with a display and a plurality of actuators. The display is...
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