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Patent # Description
US-1,024,4683 Drive system for combine harvester processor and method of providing such
A combine harvester including an axial flow crop processor fed by a tangentially impelling feed beater mounted for rotation on a substantially transverse axis,...
US-1,024,4682 Conveyor belt and agricultural harvester with a conveyor belt
A conveyor belt has one or more conveyor belt segments made of an elastomeric material layer and a reinforcement layer of steel ropes disposed in the...
US-1,024,4681 Dual cam controlled reel tines
A dual-cam linkage system controls the orientation of tines on a reel of a crop harvesting header. The dual-cam linkage system includes a stationary,...
US-1,024,4680 Automatic calibration system for header height controller with operator feedback
Method of calibrating a header height controller responsive to signal outputs from a plurality of height sensors mounted to a header, the signal outputs are...
US-1,024,4679 Flow rate control for a combine harvester unloading system
In a grain unloading system for a combine harvester a grain bin includes a frame, the frame has a floor with a trough disposed therein. An unloading auger is...
US-1,024,4678 Blade guard for a robot lawnmower
An autonomous robot lawnmower includes a chassis, a drive supporting the chassis above a lawn and configured to maneuver the robot lawnmower about the lawn, and...
US-1,024,4677 Hand tools having a protective hand guard
Hand tools having a hand guard for protecting a user's working hand. In one embodiment, the hand tool may be a hand rake that includes a rake body having a...
US-1,024,4676 Self-propelled agricultural product application implement
A self-propelled agricultural product application implement such as high clearance sprayer and/or spreader is provided that includes a product container that is...
US-1,024,4675 Field robot
Autonomous mobile field robots may be used to maintain fields. An autonomous mobile field robot may perform soil mechanics with environment sensors at a...
US-1,024,4674 Multiple agricultural product application method and systems utilizing a drum metering system
A method and system for planting one of a plurality of seed types, hybrids and/or varieties is provided. A planter is provided with a plurality of row units....
US-1,024,4673 Agricultural air cart blower fan arrangement
An agricultural implement comprising a chassis, a plurality of wheels coupled to the chassis, and a pneumatic distribution system coupled to the chassis, the...
US-1,024,4672 Metering system for an agricultural machine
A metering system for a row unit for individual dispensing of grains comprises metering devices having a chamber for carrying grains, whereby a defined pressure...
US-D844,929 Bear coffin
US-D844,928 Dish caddy adjusting lever
US-D844,927 Winch housing
US-D844,926 Cart
US-D844,925 Container-storage enclosure
US-D844,924 Laundry rack
US-D844,923 Paint tray with rounded edges
US-D844,922 Paint tray
US-D844,921 Bucket container with handle
US-D844,920 Cleaning tool
US-D844,919 Cleaning tool
US-D844,918 Vacuum cleaner
US-D844,917 Vacuum cleaner
US-D844,916 Vacuum cleaner
US-D844,915 Vacuum cleaner
US-D844,914 Vacuum cleaner
US-D844,913 Handheld vacuum
US-D844,911 Decontamination applicator
US-D844,910 Sucker for conduit dredge
US-D844,909 Square pet toy
US-D844,908 Pet toy
US-D844,907 Combination collar and leash for an animal
US-D844,906 Bottle for a birdfeeder
US-D844,905 Bale feeder
US-D844,904 Bird cage
US-D844,903 Glove
US-D844,902 Safety helmet
US-D844,901 Bath scrubber
US-D844,900 Illuminated tweezers
US-D844,899 Razor handle
US-D844,898 Combined razor guard and docking
US-D844,897 Razor
US-D844,896 Hair removal device
US-D844,895 Soap bar
US-D844,894 Tablet
US-D844,893 Dispenser for cosmetics
US-D844,892 Cannabis container
US-D844,891 Flameless electric lighter
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