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Patent # Description
US-1,025,1336 Drip irrigation system
The drip irrigation system allows for the irrigation of soil with carbon dioxide-infused water. The drip irrigation system includes a pipe having first and...
US-1,025,1335 Wheel forming an improved agricultural tool
An agricultural machine tool includes a wheel body which includes a hub, a rim and at least two arms which each connect the hub and the rim to each other. At...
US-1,025,1334 Quick depth adjustment for parallel arm openers
A parallel arm furrow opener assembly defines upper and lower front pivot axes and upper and lower rear pivot axes oriented horizontally and perpendicular to a...
US-1,025,1333 Agricultural system
A hydraulic control system for controlling the down force on an agricultural implement comprises a hydraulic cylinder containing a movable ram, a source of...
US-1,025,1332 3-way seed flow splitter for planters
A row crop planter has a pneumatic system for conveying seeds to individual row units employing three-way splitters above certain master row units for supplying...
US-1,025,1331 Automated deployment of autonomous devices performing localized environment altering actions
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, computer program product, and a computer system for automated deployment of autonomous devices performing...
US-1,025,1330 Latch assembly for a folding toolbar wing
The latch assembly for the wings of a folding tool bar includes catches on each wing wing and a pair of pivotal latch arms on the tool bar tongue. An actuator...
US-1,025,1329 Planning and control of autonomous agricultural operations
An agricultural control system includes a controller comprising a memory and a processor. The controller is configured to determine a first segment of an...
US-1,025,1328 Electronic sensor assembly for monitoring smoothing tools of a harrow
An agricultural tillage implement is provided which includes an electronic sensor assembly supported by a harrow frame and in communication with a hydraulic...
US-1,025,1327 Agricultural implement hydraulic rephasing unit and method
An agricultural system includes a frame, a hydraulic system, a controller and a plurality of sensors. The hydraulic system is coupled to the frame and has a...
US-1,025,1326 Row unit assembly with clamp mount for an agricultural implement
A row unit assembly may generally include a clamp mount configured to be coupled to a frame member of an agricultural implement. The clamp mount may include a...
US-1,025,1325 Vertical tillage system
A vertical tilling implement to be pulled behind and agricultural vehicle having a number of gangs of fluted-concave disc blades, rolling baskets, and wheels...
US-1,025,1324 Agricultural field preparation device
An agricultural device associated with reduced tillage techniques in a field includes a frame and a separator supported by the frame. The separator is...
US-1,025,1323 Agricultural tillage implement with soil finishing system having multiple bar harrow and hydraulic down...
An agricultural tillage implement is provided with a soil finishing system that includes a multi-bar harrow and a down pressure-controlled finishing tool that...
US-1,025,1322 Agricultural implement with a scraper internal to a rolling basket
An agricultural implement having a rolling basket is disclosed. The rolling basket includes a plurality of elongated members arranged in a substantially...
US-1,025,1321 Shovel
There is provided a shovel apparatus including a body with a bottom and two sides. Each side is fixedly coupled to a side edge of the bottom, and includes a...
US-D845,579 Mailbox
US-D845,578 Blower cart with handle
US-D845,577 Waste container lid
US-D845,576 Trash can
US-D845,575 Bag caddy
US-D845,574 Dust pan
US-D845,573 Iron
US-D845,572 Paintbrush holder
US-D845,571 3-in-1 floor tool
US-D845,570 Stainless steel pot pan scrubber
US-D845,569 Spa vacuum
US-D845,568 Pad holder for polishing apparatus
US-D845,567 Vacuum cleaner
US-D845,566 Vacuum cleaner
US-D845,565 Plunger
US-D845,564 Dishwasher
US-D845,563 Jewelry steamer
US-D845,562 Pet toy ball
US-D845,561 Doggy tennis ball
US-D845,560 Circular pet toy
US-D845,559 Triangular pet toy
US-D845,558 Pet leash handle
US-D845,557 Adjustable animal garment
US-D845,556 Support for swine
US-D845,555 Automatic pet feeder
US-D845,554 Small animal carrier
US-D845,553 Motorcycle helmet
US-D845,552 Decanter
US-D845,551 Cosmetic compact
US-D845,550 Hair dryer holder
US-D845,549 Cosmetic utensil holder
US-D845,548 Flosser pick
US-D845,547 Nail clippers
US-D845,546 Footcare appliance
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