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Patent # Description
US-1,041,5771 Wearable tubular light generating item with kinetic generator having a slideable magnetic disposed within tube
Provided are wearable lights or lights that can be attached to accessories when carrying out activities in low-light or no-light conditions. The wearable lights...
US-1,041,5413 Floating non-contact seal vertical lip
A seal assembly includes an annular base, a spring, a shoe, a first channel, a seal cover, and a seal. The spring includes a beam and is connected to the...
US-1,041,5287 Counterbalance system for tilt-in window having a shielded brake shoe structure
A counterbalance system for a window sash that engages a guide track in a vinyl tilt-in window. At least one ribbon spring coil is used to create the...
US-1,041,4593 Transport apparatus for conveying shoe vamp
A transport apparatus is for conveying a shoe last along a conveying direction, and includes a rail unit, a transport device and a transfer device. The rail...
US-1,041,3980 Reciprocating saw, such as a jigsaw
A jigsaw includes a housing having a body portion and a handle portion. The body portion has a forward end and a rearward end. The jigsaw also includes a motor...
US-1,041,3775 Foot harness for resistance exercise
A foot harness for resistance exercises. The foot harness may comprise: a top strap, a bottom strap, a heel strap, and one or more attachment points. A first...
US-1,041,3774 Leg exercise weighted shoe assembly
Disclosed are weighted shoe assemblies that allows easy selection of different weights and the ability to accommodate a variety of foot or shoe sizes. This...
US-1,041,3018 Footware securing device
A footwear securing device is provided. The device includes a front strap, a mid strap, a rear strap, an ankle strap, a connector strap, and a base plate; the...
US-1,041,3017 Milled leather shoe upper
The present invention relates to a part of a shoe, in particular a shoe upper, a shoe with such a part and a method for the manufacture. According to an aspect...
US-D859,806 Shoe upper
US-D859,805 Shoe upper
US-D859,804 Patriotic shoe
US-D859,799 Shoe
US-D859,796 Shoe
US-D859,795 Shoe
US-D859,793 Shoe
US-D859,792 Demi-point ballet shoe
US-D859,791 Shoes with a butterfly
US-1,041,1365 Ground connection for an aluminium component
A ground connection for an aluminum component has grounding bolt which is fastened to the component, with an adapter over the surface, and which is composed of...
US-1,040,8365 Tubing bundle supports and support systems
Tubing bundle supports comprise body parts clamped around split rotatable sleeves. In one embodiment, spring mounted peripheral shoes and rotatable tubing...
US-1,040,8311 Chain-tensioning rod
A chain-tensioning rod, for an internal combustion engine with an overhead camshaft valvetrain to keep in tension a timing chain, includes a shoe, which is...
US-1,040,8289 Parking brake torque locking mechanism
A brake system including a motor; a rotary to linear stage mechanism; and a torque locking mechanism. The rotary to linear stage mechanism in communication with...
US-1,040,5852 Push-twist suture-passing laparoscopic knot tying instrument
This is a laparoscopic instrument intended to facilitate intra-corporeal tying of knots in a free strand of suture. The shafts of two small diameter...
US-1,040,5779 Shoe-based analysis system
In one example, an apparatus includes a shoe having a sole with at least a portion of foam replaced with a composite polymeric foam, at least one probe disposed...
US-1,040,5603 Augmented heel cup protective insert device for shoes
In general, certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide an augmented heel cup protective insert device for shoes. The insert device includes a...
US-1,040,5601 Cycling shoe
A cycling shoe includes a sole, a heel counter mounted to the sole, and a toe cap mounted to the sole. The cycling shoe also includes a forefoot strap that...
US-1,040,5600 Accessorizable shoe and accessories for the shoe
A customizable combination shoe and accessory include: (a) a wearable mule or slide type shoe having: (i) a sole portion having an insole and an outsole, (ii) a...
US-D858,976 Shoe
US-D858,962 Shoe
US-D858,952 Toddler shoe
US-D858,947 Football wedge shoe
US-1,040,1090 Method and arrangement for measurement of electrode paste in an electrode column of an electric arc furnace
A method and an arrangement measures electrode paste in an electrode column of an electric arc furnace. The electrode column has a steel casing, is provided...
US-1,040,1056 Hydrothermal geothermal development method of multilateral well closed circulation
The present disclosure provides a hydrothermal geothermal development method of multilateral well closed circulation, comprises the steps of: dividing a...
US-1,039,8193 Electrically conductive footwear utilizing earthing technology for enhancing human performance
A shoe for enhancing human performance and improving health by establishing a two-way electrical conduit between body and ground by way of a conductive rubber...
US-D858,083 Shoe
US-D858,082 Shoe
US-D858,081 Shoe
US-D858,080 Shoe upper
US-D858,079 Shoe
US-D858,078 Shoe
US-D858,077 Shoe
US-D858,076 Shoe
US-D858,075 Shoe
US-D858,074 Shoe
US-D858,073 Shoe upper
US-D858,072 Shoe upper
US-D858,071 Shoe upper
US-D858,070 Shoe
US-D858,068 Shoe
US-D858,067 Shoe insole
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