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Patent # Description
US-D659,954 Shoe
US-D659,953 Shoe
US-8,179,233 UHF timing system for participatory athletic events
A participatory athletic event timing system based on backscattering modulation in the UHF band and including wirelessly encoding writable data tags with...
US-8,178,591 Carbon dioxide blown low density, flexible microcellular polyurethane elastomers
Microcellular polyurethane flexible foams having densities no greater than 0.3 g/cc which are suitable for use as lightweight shoe sole components are produced...
US-8,177,653 Wearable swing training apparatus
A swing training apparatus includes a first plate, a second, plate, a moveable joint, and an angular resistance mechanism. The movable joint connects the first...
US-8,177,383 High intensity narrow spectrum light emitting shoe for photodynamic inactivation of floor borne staphylococcus
A shoe which emits a high intensity narrow spectrum light out the bottom of the sole and sanitizes the floor directly underneath from staph bacteria.
US-8,177,240 Roller skate
The invention relates to a roller skate (2), in particular an inline roller skate, comprising a plurality of rollers (4, 6, 8, 10). In order to simplify braking...
US-8,177,001 Earth-boring tools including abrasive cutting structures and related methods
A drill bit includes a bit body having a face on which two different types of cutters are disposed, the first type being cutting elements suitable for drilling...
US-8,176,659 Protective footwear
A shoe, especially a boot, which has a protective function against toxic chemical agents, especially chemical warfare agents, and a multilayer layered...
US-8,176,658 Women'S shoes, including sandals, with interchangeable fashion inserts
A shoe, including a sandal, with a transparent plastic film visible display within a permanent pouch or detachable showcase, constructed to receive, retain and...
US-D659,449 Shoe fence
US-D659,375 Shoe upper
US-D659,374 Shoe upper
US-D659,373 Shoe upper
US-D659,371 Shoe upper
US-D659,366 Shoe insole
US-D659,365 Absorption liner for shoes
US-D659,364 Shoe sole
US-D659,363 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D659,362 Shoe sole
US-D659,361 Shoe sole
US-D659,360 Shoe sole
US-D659,359 Shoe sole
US-D659,358 Shoe sole
US-D659,357 Shoe sole
US-D659,356 Shoe sole
US-8,175,931 Product customization system and method
A product customization system and method are provided in which a consumer can insert user content, such as images or text, onto a product, such as a shoe, and...
US-8,174,393 RFID tag assembly and method of managing a race
A race management system which includes an RFID tag located between an inner and outer layer and is removably secured to a participant's bib through a mounting...
US-8,172,970 Method for the production of an upper shoe part
The invention relates to a method for the production of at least one layer (1) of a shoe upper or of a part of a shoe upper, wherein a nonwoven fabric (2) made...
US-8,172,730 Stilt devices with common leg support assemblies
A stilt device having a front extendible strut and a cooperating rear extendible strut pivotally connected to a base member and a shoe plate, the front and rear...
US-8,172,494 Adjustable decking system for supporting freight
A beam assembly is formed from a hollow beam member which has a pair of slidable channel units installed therein and extend from the opposite ends thereof. The...
US-8,172,232 Non-contact seal for a gas turbine engine
A seal comprises the combination of a primary seal and a secondary seal each of which acts on at least one shoe that is installed with clearance relative to one...
US-8,172,176 Integral composite slider for aircrafts
A slider apparatus integral with a slidable member and a method for integrating the slider apparatus with the slidable member. The slider apparatus integrated...
US-8,171,904 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
A valve timing control apparatus for an internal combustion engine, includes a housing body, a vane rotor, a first plate, and a second plate. The housing body...
US-8,171,657 Pivoting sole energy-return shoe system
An application for a pivoting sole for use in an energy-return shoe system includes a shoe portion with a bottom surface. An upper toe sole is affixed to the...
US-8,171,656 Sole structure of a sports shoe
A sole structure of a sports shoe includes an outsole and an intermediate sole having a number of portions that is flexible and supports the foot during...
US-8,171,589 Individually formed footwear and a related method
Individually formed footwear such as shoes and insoles for correcting the feet position and alleviate related problems. The shoe or insole includes at least one...
US-D658,907 Shoe box
US-D658,870 Shoe upper
US-D658,869 Shoe upper
US-D658,868 Three-toed shoe
US-D658,859 Shoe stabilizer
US-8,170,705 Interactive on-demand orthotic vending machine and method of producing orthotic including disc version
An orthotic vending machine may comprise a measuring apparatus and an orthotic fabricating apparatus. The measuring apparatus may comprises a plurality of...
US-8,170,323 Card shoe with card block
A playing card delivery shoe is used in the play of the casino table card game of baccarat or blackjack or any game where cards are pulled one at a time from...
US-8,168,257 System and method for printing a pattern on footwear
The invention provides a method for applying a pattern onto the upper of a shoe or other footwear. The footwear is preferably made by injection molding where...
US-8,167,598 Filling shoe for rotary tablet presses
A filling shoe for rotary tablet presses, comprising a filling shoe housing with at least one discharge opening for a starting product which is to be compressed...
US-8,167,116 Reducing drag on the web of a positive displacement sorter
A method of reducing drag on the web of a positive displacement sorter is used with a web made up of a plurality of parallel slats interconnected at their...
US-8,167,111 Sort gap control
A sortation conveyor includes a method of calibrating the control system to provide a calibration value indicative of the spacial correlation between the sort...
US-8,167,059 Casing and liner drilling shoes having spiral blade configurations, and related methods
A casing bit, which may comprise a composite structure, for drilling a casing section into a subterranean formation, and which may include a portion configured...
US-8,166,675 Shoe tongue centralizer
The shoe tongue centralizer assembly includes a binding post and a centralizer band which, together prevent the tongue of any type of laced shoe, boot, or other...
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