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Patent # Description
US-D671,302 Shoe
US-D671,301 Shoe bottom
US-D671,300 Shoe
US-D671,299 Shoe
US-8,314,882 Imaging apparatus with accessory shoe
An imaging apparatus includes an accessory shoe that includes an engagement member configured to be engaged with and hold an accessory unit that slides in an...
US-8,312,647 Shoe, particularly sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, particularly to a sports shoe, with a sole (1), wherein the sole (1) comprises at least one spring element (2), which spring...
US-8,312,644 Shoe-reinforcement material and barrier unit, composite shoe sole, and footwear constituted thereof
A shoe-reinforcement material (33) having a fiber combination (1) with a first fiber component (2) and a second fiber portion (4,5) having a second fiber...
US-8,312,638 Multiple laundry treating machine
A multiple laundry treating machine, in which an auxiliary laundry treating device (120) is coupled to a general laundry treating device (110), is disclosed....
US-D670,899 Shoe
US-D670,898 Shoe
US-D670,897 Shoe
US-D670,896 Shoe
US-D670,895 Shoe
US-D670,894 Shoe
US-D670,893 Shoe
US-8,308,665 Method and apparatus for improving human balance and gait and preventing foot injury
A method and wearable system and for enhancing human balance and gait and preventing foot injury through neurological stimulation of the foot and the ankle....
US-8,307,962 End stabilization for brake shoes extending beyond the ends of the brake head
Disclosed is an end stabilized backing plate for an extended length brake shoe for use in a railway braking system. The backing plate includes an elongated main...
US-8,307,862 Bag loader
The bag opening assembly (8) of an automatic bag loader includes a pair of contra-rotating air-pervious endless belts (9, 10). Opposing pinch portions (24, 25)...
US-8,307,774 Rowing boat footrest assembly
A rowing boat footrest assembly is provided with a base, a foot-rudder control member, a footrest member and a positioning structure. The foot-rudder control...
US-8,307,658 Flame holder for an afterburner duct of a jet engine with a spacer shoe, afterburner duct, and jet engine...
A flame holder for an afterburner duct of a jet engine, including an arm in the form of a gutter forming a cavity, a shield for protecting the cavity of the arm...
US-8,307,571 Ladies shoes having multiple different configurations
A shoe system for providing multiple usable shoes with a reduced inventory of shoes comprising one or more top shoes that are wearable by themselves essentially...
US-8,307,570 Attachment system for shoe uppers
A system for attaching a shoe upper to a shoe bottom through the use of elastic loops attached to the perimeter edge of the upper, the elastic loops being...
US-8,307,483 Waterproof footwear with elastic connecting band
Shoe upper having a lower end of the upper, an outer material with a lower end (19) of the outer material, a waterproof functional layer (16), which has a lower...
US-D670,492 Three-toed shoe
US-D670,491 Anti-slip sleeve for shoe
US-D670,489 Shoe outsole
US-D670,488 Shoe
US-D670,487 Shoe
US-D670,486 Shoe
US-D670,485 Shoe
US-D670,484 Shoe
US-D670,483 Shoe sole
US-D670,482 Shoe
US-D670,481 Shoe toe caps
US-D670,480 Shoe
US-D670,479 Shoe
US-8,304,462 Process for making polymer composites having thermoplastic properties
The present invention provides methods of making composite materials comprising combining particles of crosslinked rubber with one or more aqueous polymer...
US-8,304,461 Process for making polymer composites having thermoplastic properties
The present invention provides methods of making composite materials comprising combining particles of crosslinked rubber with coagulated aqueous polymer...
US-8,303,776 Shoe press belt
The invention relates to a shoe press belt comprising an elastomer polymer having nanoparticles attached therewith through covalent bonds.
US-8,303,523 Walking assist device
Provided is a walking assist device including a load transmit portion, a ground contacting portion capable of using a commercially available shoe, and a leg...
US-8,303,424 Shoe having a spring position limitation, or torsional oscillation damper having such a shoe
A shoe mounts an outer spring defining a longitudinal direction and an inner spring arranged within the outer spring. The outer and inner springs define...
US-8,302,985 Wheelchair footpad device
This invention relates to a footpad device that is removably attached to a wheelchair's footplate and more particularly to a footpad device specifically...
US-D670,075 Shoe accessory with transparent pocket
US-D670,074 Shoe pouch
US-D670,070 Shoe
US-8,299,147 Chemical resistant ionomers and protective coverings
This invention relates to novel chemical resistant, film forming, and moisture vapor permeable ionomers, including specialized polyurethane ionomers, polyurea...
US-8,297,692 Tiltable sun roof for vehicles
A vehicle sun roof device includes a panel for covering an opening in a roof of the vehicle. The panel can be moved horizontally to uncover the opening or...
US-8,297,380 Casing and liner drilling shoes having integrated operational components, and related methods
Casing shoes comprise a nose portion having an inner profile and an outer profile. At least one cutting structure is on the outer profile. A stem section...
US-8,296,972 Shoe and method of manufacturing the same
A shoe 1 of the present invention includes an upper 2 made of a stretchable fabric. The stretchable fabric is integrated with a sole 3 in a state of being...
US-8,296,969 Triple density gel heel cups
A triple density heel cup is disclosed which comprises a generally heel-shaped substrate having a length extending from a heel portion of an integral wall to a...
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