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Patent # Description
US-D643,196 Shoe outsole
US-D643,195 Shoe bottom
US-D643,194 Shoe bottom
US-D643,193 Shoe
US-D643,192 Shoe
US-D643,191 Shoe
US-D643,190 Shoe
US-D643,187 Shoe
US-RE42,607 Clipless bicycle pedal
A clipless bicycle pedal employing a clamping mechanism which engages a binding plate on the bottom of a rider's shoe. The clamping mechanism includes two units...
US-7,993,078 Method and apparatus for installing an underground pipe
A method of installing an underground pipe includes a step of placing a leading end of a pipe section at an entry point for the underground pipe. An arcuate...
US-7,992,709 Container with flattened cap
A biodegradable tube comprises a mom-rigid paper tubular body defining a lumen for containing a semi-solid composition; a paper tubular cap that slidably mates...
US-7,992,691 Parking brake and method for operating same
A parking brake having an actuator, wherein the actuator is driven with a direct current motor which can be operated in two directions and which moves a piston...
US-7,992,414 Automatic threading device
A strand forming and chopping apparatus includes a bushing for forming a continuous strand, a size applicator for applying a size to the strand, a chopping...
US-7,992,326 Sports shoe, in particular an alpine ski shoe
The invention relates to a sports shoe (1), in particular an alpine ski shoe (2), with an adjusting means (3) for varying the stiffness of the sole system (4)...
US-7,992,325 Flexibly rigid personal protective equipment components
The subject invention improves traditional safety equipment intended to protect the lower leg, ankle, foot, and toes applicable in industrial and commercial as...
US-7,992,324 Stable footwear that accommodates shear forces
A shoe sole is described that provides both cushioning and stability. The sole has a plurality of layers, including a transition layer which allows relative...
US-7,992,323 Structure of ventilating insole
An improved structure of ventilating insole, which is composed of a shoe-shaped lower insole, an air permeable layer (cloth or leather) in shoe-shaped and a...
US-7,992,243 Custom fit system with adjustable last and method for custom fitting athletic shoes
A system for custom fitting athletic shoes to an individual wearer includes a foot measurement device, an adjustable footform and an infrared activation...
US-D642,787 Shoe upper
US-D642,786 Shoe upper
US-D642,785 Shoe upper
US-D642,784 Shoe upper
US-D642,783 Shoe upper
US-D642,782 Shoe upper
US-D642,780 Shoe upper
US-D642,779 Shoe upper
US-D642,778 Shoe upper
US-D642,777 Shoe sole
US-D642,774 Noise dampener for shoes
US-7,988,825 Web-forming section and method for manufacturing multi-layer web
A web-forming section of a paper or board machine has a first web-forming unit with a first fiber layer (W.sub.1) formed on a first wire (10); a second...
US-7,988,510 Flipper
A flipper for swimming or underwater activities or muscular training, includes a blade and a shoe, the ends of which facing one another are dynamically and...
US-7,988,394 Hollow fastener element, electrical connections and component assembly
The invention relates to a method for creating an electrically conductive connection between an electric terminal device having a cavity, such as a cable shoe,...
US-7,988,180 Ski binding with a positioning and fixing mechanism for its binding piece bodies
The invention describes a ski binding with guide elements for a front and a rear binding piece body oriented in the binding longitudinal direction, which...
US-7,987,723 Copying apparatus
There is provided a copying apparatus that copies a workpiece, includes a shoe that is brought into contact with the workpiece, an air cylinder that enables...
US-7,987,619 Shoe with writing surface
A shoe is provided with a writing surface so that temporary expressive indicia can be applied to the shoe. The writing surface is preferably in the form of a...
US-7,987,618 Shock absorbing device for shoe sole
A shock absorbing device for a shoe sole includes: an outer sole 2; a midsole M; and a deformation element 3 placed between the outer sole 2 and the midsole M....
US-D642,371 Shoe upper
US-D642,370 Shoe upper
US-D642,369 Shoe upper
US-D642,368 Shoe upper
US-D642,363 Shoe insert
US-D642,362 Shoe outsole
US-D642,360 Shoe
US-7,986,230 Apparatus and method for finding a misplaced object using a database and instructions generated by a portable...
The basic invention uses a portable device that can contain a camera, a database, and a text, voice or visual entry to control the storage of an image and its...
US-7,985,452 Coated fabrics with increased abrasion resistance
A silicone coating is applied to fabrics to increase the abrasion resistance while enhancing the natural absorbency and breathability. These fabrics can be used...
US-7,985,143 Boxing ring corner mat
A boxing ring corner mat includes a mat body having a mat upper surface; and a pan recess in the mat upper surface and a liquid collecting pan retained within...
US-7,984,763 Full bore lined wellbores
Embodiments of the invention relate to an assembly for forming a cased well. The assembly may include an undercut drillable cementing shoe with a casing string...
US-7,984,572 Snow shoes of the type whose webbing includes a stretched fabric in the interior of a frame
A snowshoe (1) whose webbing includes a flexible wall (4) maintained in tension inside a framework (2) by portions of the flexible mounting wall which define...
US-7,984,570 Sports shoe, such as a ski boot, snowboarding boot, trekking boot or suchlike
A sports shoe comprising an upper or casing, to cover a tarsal zone and a metatarsal zone of the user's foot, and a tongue associated with the casing, to be...
US-D641,968 Shoe upper
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