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Patent # Description
US-1,020,8820 Railroad car brake shoe key
A railroad car spring type brake shoe key for connecting a brake shoe to a brake head, wherein the brake shoe key includes a body or shank and a head integrally...
US-1,020,8816 Anti-reverse rotation apparatuses, rotors for use therein, and related methods
This disclosure includes anti-reverse rotation apparatuses, rotors for use therein, and related methods. Some apparatuses include a stator defining an interior...
US-1,020,8615 Seal shoe for a hydrostatic non-contact seal device
A non-contact seal assembly is provided. This assembly includes a plurality of seal shoes, a seal base and a plurality of spring elements. The seal shoes are...
US-1,020,7897 Sliding guide shoe for an elevator
A sliding guide shoe for an elevator includes a two-part insert that can be inserted into a guide shoe housing for guiding an elevator car along a guide rail....
US-1,020,7769 Bicycle pedal
A bicycle pedal, including: a pedal axle; a fixed portion, rotatably connected to the pedal axle, including a pedal body and a first cleat securing member...
US-1,020,7476 Reinforced leather
Disclosed therein is a reinforced leather. The reinforced leather includes: a leather sheet layer made of a leather-like material; a bonded layer positioned on...
US-1,020,7439 Apparatus for injection molding rotor magnets
An apparatus or assembly for forming injection molded magnets in permanent magnet rotors or laminations for such rotors. The assembly includes a plurality of...
US-1,020,7399 Electric tools
An electric tool may include a tubular housing, a motor disposed within the housing, and a tool holder rotatably driven by the motor and capable of holding an...
US-1,020,6457 One-piece shoe insert for preserving and restoring the shape of pointed toe boxes
A one-piece, triangular shoe insert for use in pointed-toe shoes where the toe box extends beyond the tips of the toes. The insert is small enough to fit into a...
US-1,020,6452 Free weight exercise shoes
Embodiments are related to systems and methods that utilize shoes with an attachment member to couple with weights, wherein the attachment member may allow the...
US-1,020,6451 Cycling shoe
A clipless cycling shoe having an upper and a base plate. The base plate has a medial portion, a lateral portion and a medial sidewall. The medial portion has a...
US-1,020,6448 Wearable step-counting shoe
A wearable step-counting shoe includes a shoe body and a pedometer. The shoe body includes a shoe sole having opposite inner and outer sides, and a groove...
US-1,020,6386 Equine shoe
An easily attachable and detachable equine shoe that is made up of a solid member with fabric straps extending from at least two sides that can be secured to an...
US-D840,667 Shoe with lacing system
US-D840,666 Shoe
US-D840,665 Shoe
US-D840,664 Shoe
US-D840,663 Shoe
US-D840,662 Shoe
US-D840,661 Shoe
US-D840,660 Shoe upper
US-D840,659 Shoe upper
US-D840,658 Shoe upper
US-D840,656 Shoe upper
US-D840,655 Heel for shoe
US-D840,653 Shoe insert
US-D840,652 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D840,651 Shoe
US-D840,648 Shoe outsole
US-D840,647 Shoe
US-D840,644 Shoe cover
US-1,020,2061 Driver-free transport vehicle for the safe transportation of heavy loads
The invention relates to a driver-free transport vehicle and to a method for the safe transportation of heavy loads which are in the form of loaded carriages...
US-1,020,1210 Restraint configured to allow relative heel/forefoot motion
Shoes and/or shoe elements facilitate natural foot motion and/or reduce forces tending to fight natural foot motion. In at least some such structures, a...
US-1,020,1209 Miracle heel
A convertible shoe may include a lightly padded and flexible sole to facilitate a comfortable fit and steady footing and a removable heel. A new shoe having...
US-D840,144 Shoe
US-D840,142 Shoe outsole
US-D840,141 Shoe outsole
US-D840,139 Shoe
US-D840,137 Shoe midsole
US-D840,136 Shoe midsole
US-1,019,9886 Single phase brushless motor and power tool utilizing same
A single phase brushless motor and a power tool are provided. The single phase brushless motor includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes a stator core...
US-1,019,6777 Shoe press belt and method of manufacturing the same
A shoe press belt with excellent mechanical properties, in particular excellent wear resistance is provided, and a method of manufacturing the shoe press belt...
US-1,019,6308 Cementing methods and systems employing a smart plug
A cementing method includes positioning a bottom plug at a casing shoe, rupturing the bottom plug, signaling when a top plug reaches a target position, and...
US-1,019,6213 Device for conveying and sorting piece goods and method for sorting piece goods
Device for conveying piece goods along a conveying path includes a sorting device for sorting piece goods, track profile members extending transversely to a...
US-1,019,5696 Method and apparatus for increasing the quality of the weld seam in friction stir welding
Apparatus and method for increasing the quality of the weld seam in friction stir welding, with the following features: a) a receiving plate (1) with a drive...
US-1,019,5549 Backwash shoe method and apparatus that increases effective surface area of cloth filter media
Backwash shoes and methods of using backwash shoes are provided to increase the filtration area of a cloth filter media, the backwash shoe having a trailing...
US-1,019,4726 Utility handbag
A 2-in-1 handbag with an adjustable compartment system for providing a foundation handbag, an insulated secondary inner handbag with an adjustable compartment...
US-1,019,4716 Automated identification and assembly of shoe parts
Manufacturing and assembly of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by automated placement and assembly of shoe parts. For example, a part-recognition...
US-1,019,4715 Shoelace binding device
The present invention relates to a shoelace binding device and, more particularly, to a shoelace binding device that is more convenient by allowing shoelaces to...
US-D839,928 Plow blade wear shoe
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