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Patent # Description
US-7,882,668 Wall shoe
A wall shoe includes a generally rectangular body that is placed beneath a wall covering to protect the wall covering from water damage; the wall shoe providing...
US-7,882,585 Footwear incorporating a light source and methods for manufacturing the same
An embodiment of the present invention is a method that includes the steps of: incorporating at least one light source, having a light emitting source that is...
US-D632,067 Upper for a shoe
US-D632,066 Upper for a shoe
US-D632,065 Upper for a shoe
US-D632,063 Shoe upper
US-D632,062 Shoe
US-D632,061 Shoe
US-D632,060 Shoe
US-7,877,977 Master link for a track chain
A master link for a chain assembly is provided. The master link includes a body member with a first side, a second side positioned opposite the first side, a...
US-7,877,905 Plastic shoe provided with decoration and method of manufacturing using casting mold
A plastic shoe provided with a decoration, a method of manufacturing the shoe, and a casting mold for manufacturing the shoe, is disclosed. The decoration is...
US-7,877,904 Cleat assembly for clipless pedal
An improved cleat assembly is disclosed, the assembly containing one or more spring clips configured for releasably securing the assembly to a bicycle pedal or...
US-7,877,903 Interchangeable shoe-forming assembly
The invention provides a shoe having conveniently interchangeable components, such as a vamp and an ankle strap constructed for releasable attachment to the...
US-7,877,901 Slip on athleisure shoe
A construction of an oxford type, lace up athleisure shoe enables the shoe to be slipped on the wearer's foot and held securely on the foot without the need for...
US-7,877,899 Shock absorbing device for shoe sole in rear foot part
The present invention provides a shock absorbing device for a shoe sole in a rear foot part which can restrain the inclination of the foot toward the medial side...
US-7,877,897 Shoe
A shoe having a toe region, a middle region, a heel region, and a multi-layer, multi-density midsole wherein an upper layer of the midsole has a bottom surface...
US-7,877,830 Method and apparatus for attaching a heel to a shoe
A method and apparatus for more accurately fastening a raised heel to a shoe outsole includes a shoe support column having an impact head at an upper end...
US-D631,647 Transparent shoe heel
US-D631,646 Shoe sole
US-D631,644 Overshoe for athletic shoes
US-7,875,152 Torn paper web capture system
A torn paper web capture system that is a mechanism for securing a band, tape or strap, preferably composed of paper, across a paper roll as the roll is...
US-7,874,885 Rowing boat foot support assembly
A rowing boat foot support assembly is provided with a support member, a shoe attachment member and a release trigger mechanism. The support member is configured...
US-7,874,085 Plow blade and moldboard shoe
The present disclosure provides a plow blade edge device for mounting to a moldboard of a plow comprising at least one adapter blade including a bottom edge...
US-7,874,083 Sole wear protection system
A sole wear protection system for minimizing wear to a sole of a shoe includes a shoe being worn on a foot. The shoe includes an upper positioned over the foot...
US-D631,240 Athletic shoe cleat
US-D631,239 Pair of infant shoe soles
US-D631,238 Pair of infant shoe soles
US-D631,237 Shoe sole
US-D631,236 Shoe sole
US-D631,234 Mens golf shoe
US-7,871,389 Structural element for a sports shoe, such as a ski boot, snowboarding boot, trekking boot, or such like
A structural element for a sports shoe provided with a casing able to be selectively configured between a first rigid condition and a second flexible condition....
US-7,870,938 Collector shoe device
An object of the present invention is to realize a structure able to well retain contact performance between an overhead line and a slider 7b, across the entire...
US-7,870,773 Inserted wiper die for high-pressure tube-bending and method of using same
The present invention is a wiper die assembly that combines the performance of a solid-body wiper die with the economy of a inserted wiper die for high-pressure...
US-7,870,627 Method and apparatus to stretch shoe uppers
An improved shoe stretching apparatus is configured to facilitate ready operation of the apparatus inside a shoe while minimizing the hand strength required to...
US-D630,831 Golf shoe upper
US-D630,830 Shoe sole
US-D630,829 Roll-up dance shoe
US-D630,826 High heel shoe protector
US-D630,825 Shoe
US-7,868,077 Athletic training shoe inserts and method of fabrication
An athletic training shoe weighted insert including a metallic powder filled thermoplastic elastomer is formed. A method of manufacturing the athletic training...
US-7,867,184 System and method for correcting clubfoot problems in children
A system and method for comfortably restraining a child's feet undergoing the Ponseti method for treatment of clubfeet, using a foot and ankle abduction...
US-7,866,672 Skate propulsion mechanisms
Skate propulsion mechanisms are provided. In some embodiments, skate propulsion mechanisms comprise: a base plate; a drive wheel couple to the base plate; a shoe...
US-7,866,636 Stanchion base shoe support for railings
A stanchion base shoe support for railings. The stanchions are set into a concrete slab or curb during the construction. Only the top surface of a mounting plate...
US-7,866,391 Shoe for wellbore lining tubing
This invention relates to a shoe for wellbore lining tubing and to a method of locating wellbore lining tubing in a wellbore. In one embodiment, a shoe (30) is...
US-7,866,227 Vehicular power transmission system
A transmission M of a vehicular power transmission system has a first shifting part and a second shifting part which shift a power of an internal combustion...
US-D630,425 Shoe decoration
US-D630,423 Shoe outsole
US-D630,421 Shoe sole
US-D630,420 Shoe sole
US-D630,418 Shoe
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