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Patent # Description
US-D616,193 Shoe upper
US-D616,192 Shoe upper
US-D616,188 Shoe sole
US-D616,186 Shoe outsole
US-D616,183 Portion of a shoe upper
US-7,717,650 Roof truss shoe having wedge retention device and method of using the same
A truss shoe for a mine roof truss comprises a base having a pair of ends, a curved side extending between the ends, a top side, and a bearing surface. The shoe...
US-7,717,439 Skate device having turnable wheels
A skate device that has one or more turnable wheels. In one group of embodiments, the turnable wheels may be linked such that when one wheel turns another wheel...
US-7,717,427 Playing card dealing shoe with automated internal card feeding and card reading
A distinct dealing shoe having no shuffling functionality receives shuffled, randomized or ordered group of cards. The cards may be mechanically moved one at a...
US-7,717,250 Tunable centrifugal clutch
A centrifugal clutch is disclosed including a driver adapted to engage and to be rotated by an input shaft, a drum adapted to engage a driven component, a...
US-7,717,236 Elevator and elevator brake
An elevator may include a hoisting machine, a set of hoisting ropes, a traction sheave, an elevator car, elevator car guide rails, and a brake. The hoisting...
US-7,716,856 Chalk shoe
The present disclosure relates to a shoe with a piece of removable chalk embedded into the front toe portion of a shoe's sole. The forefront sole of the shoe...
US-7,716,852 Climate configurable sole and shoe
Disclosed are articles of footwear and soles therefor, in particular sports shoe soles that include openings for ventilation and vapor exchange. The soles...
US-7,716,851 Waterproof and breathable sole for shoes
A waterproof and breathable sole for shoes, having a structure including a supporting layer which, at least in a preset macroportion, is made of net, felt or...
US-D615,737 Shoe
US-D615,734 Shoes
US-7,715,583 Microphone assembly
A microphone assembly comprising a housing in which a transducer element is positioned. In the housing, an upper and a lower chamber are defined, the lower...
US-7,715,058 System and method for improved engraving of gravure cylinders by adjusting engraving signal responsive to...
An engraver having a shoe sensor system for sensing a movement of the shoe and for adjusting an engraving signal in response thereto.
US-7,713,173 Exercise management function providing system and method
An exercise management function providing system and method is disclosed having a shoe with built-in sensors for sensing a user's exercise. User exercise...
US-7,713,001 Pipe extractor apparatus and method of extracting pipe
The pipe extractor includes a main frame supported by wheels mounted on the main frame. The wheels are vertically movable, relative to the main frame, by a...
US-7,712,749 Footwear
A footwear includes a main shoe body provided with a recess on a bottom thereof; an upper body fixed to the recess and having a plurality of magnets arranged at...
US-7,712,510 Tire installation tool
An installation tool for mounting a tire to a wheel, the tire and wheel defining a central axis, the tire having opposing annular sides and two circumferential...
US-7,712,231 Shoe
A midsole of a shoe has a low elastic part 20, a high elastic part 22 and an inclined surface 24. The low elastic part 20 and the high elastic part 22 include...
US-7,712,229 Air-circulating shock absorbing shoes
Disclosed is an air-circulating and shock-absorbing shoe that protects the backbone and knee joints and provides smooth air circulation for pleasant wearing of...
US-D615,289 Shoe upper
US-D615,288 Shoe
US-D615,286 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D615,285 Bicycle shoe strap
US-D615,284 Shoe
US-7,709,570 Surface modification of triblock copolymer elastomers
Thermoplastic elastomers may be manufactured by mixing together plasticizing oil, a triblock copolymer and one or more additives, e.g., an antioxidant, an...
US-7,709,075 Internal material of sole, shoe insole and boot
A web comprising a matrix fiber containing a non-elastic polyester based short fiber and an elastic composite fiber which is made of a thermoplastic elastomer...
US-7,708,060 One trip cemented expandable monobore liner system and method
An apparatus to protect the mounting area of casing and a locating profile and optionally a sliding sleeve valve and a flow path from the outside of the valve to...
US-7,707,750 Bicycle shoe with ventilating sole
The ventilated shoe comprises an outer sole and at least two interchangeable inner soles. The inner sole in disposed in contact with and over the outer sole. The...
US-7,707,748 Flexible foot-support structures and products containing such support structures
Support structures for footwear and the like include a contacting member (e.g., an outsole) that includes at least two recessed segments extending in a...
US-7,707,747 Footwear of shoe structure
A footwear shoe structure for sports and general outdoor activity, having excellent benefits with respect to hallux vulgas, has an internal half-size tabi...
US-7,707,742 Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
This invention relates generally to footwear with a shoe sole, including at least one insertable midsole orthotic. The insertable midsole orthotic is removably...
US-7,707,694 Positioning mechanism for positioning means, in particular of a shoe
The invention relates to a positioning mechanism (1) for releasably fixing at least one position of a positioning means (3) which can be displaced more or less...
US-7,707,673 System and method for hardening ballet shoes
Systems and methods for hardening portions of ballet pointe shoes include applying quantities of a mixed two-part epoxy resin to broken-down or ...
US-D614,857 Shoe tree
US-D614,855 Shoe lace system
US-D614,854 Flap on shoe tongue
US-D614,853 Flap on shoe tongue
US-D614,852 Shoe upper
US-D614,851 Shoe upper
US-D614,850 Shoe upper
US-D614,849 Shoe midsole
US-D614,848 Shoe upper
US-D614,846 Shoe upper
US-D614,841 Shoe sole
US-D614,840 Shoe sole
US-D614,839 Shoe sole
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