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Patent # Description
US-D625,909 Portion of a shoe insole
US-D625,908 Shoe
US-D625,907 Shoe
US-D625,906 Shoe
US-7,815,493 Apparatus and method for positioning a device near a workpiece during machining operations
An apparatus mounted to a machine for positioning a device near a workpiece during a machining operation, during which the workpiece is movable relative to a...
US-7,815,477 Swimming flipper
Swimming flipper comprising a shoe part from which two ribs extend laterally, and a fin part, characterised in that said fin part is connected at one end to said...
US-7,815,262 Track belt assembly
A track chain assembly (22) has a track shoe (25) and a pair of parallel links (26) that are fixed to a non ground-engaging surface of the track shoe (25) with...
US-7,815,020 Wheel brake caliper
A crane wheel brake having a pair of brake shoes at opposite sides of a crane wheel. Each of the brake shoes has a brake pad, a brake pad guide roller, and a...
US-7,815,019 Braking mechanism
The present invention provides a braking mechanism comprising a brake cable set, a spring, a connector, a pair of brake shoes, a brake band, a base, and a brake...
US-7,814,944 Forced air ventilation system for footwear
A shoe ventilation system for footwear that includes a shoe and a shoe ventilation device. The shoe includes a fitting for connecting to a pressurized air or gas...
US-7,814,688 Device for high-heeled shoes and method of constructing a high-heeled shoe
A device for insertion in a high-heeled shoe has a first crescent shaped raised area in a region underlying the forward edge of a wearer's heel bone and a second...
US-7,814,685 Shoe heel cover
A shoe heel cover is disclosed. An illustrative embodiment of the shoe heel cover includes a resilient cover body having a generally convex back portion, a pair...
US-7,814,684 Shoe insole apparatus
A shoe insole apparatus includes a panel that has a top side, a bottom side and a peripheral edge. The panel has a shape for being positioned within a shoe. The...
US-7,814,683 Health footwear having improved heel
Disclosed is a midsole (22) for a healthy shoe, which is easily and simply manufactured and comprises a tunnel portion (28) or an airbag (128) formed therein so...
US-D625,505 Shoe upper
US-D625,504 Shoe upper
US-D625,503 Shoe upper
US-D625,501 Shoe insert
US-D625,500 Shoe sole
US-D625,499 Shoe sole
US-D625,498 Shoe
US-D625,497 Shoe
US-D625,496 Shoe
US-D625,495 Shoe
US-D625,491 Shoe
US-7,811,493 Joiner panel system
A joiner panel system is formed from a composite material and includes a panel attached to a deck by a coaming or shoe and attached at its upper edge by a...
US-7,811,419 Press apparatus for removing water from a web
A press apparatus (10) is disclosed for removing water from a web (W). The apparatus includes a rotatable roll (12) which defines a peripheral surface (14). An...
US-7,810,696 Internal pipe clamp alignment guides with purge backup
This invention relates to an apparatus for clamping adjacent ends of pipe sections to be welded, the apparatus comprising a plurality of clamping members movable...
US-7,810,254 Shock attenuation system for the insoles of shoes
An adjustable shock attenuation system for an insole of a shoe includes an insole body and a pressure controller. The pressure controller uses two pressure...
US-7,810,253 Vamp with edging
The invention provides for a vamp bound by an edging that allows the vamp to be attached to a base member of an interchangeable shoe forming assembly without...
US-D625,124 Shoe and accessory rack
US-D625,097 Shoe upper
US-D625,096 Upper for a shoe
US-D625,095 Upper for a shoe
US-D625,094 Shoe upper
US-D625,093 Shoe insert
US-D625,090 Shoe
US-D625,089 Shoe
US-D625,086 Shoe sole cover
US-7,807,083 Method of making a concrete block
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-7,806,386 Winch and braking device thereof
A braking device for a winch comprises a braking bush, a brake driving shaft having one end connected to an output shaft of the motor and another end of the...
US-7,806,194 Mechanical shoeing for hoof, which is intended, in particular, for sport horses
A mechanical shoeing and, more specifically, a shoe which is intended to be mounted to the hoof of a sport horse that comprises: a front central part (3) or toe...
US-7,806,012 Attachment assembly and drive unit having same
A drive unit includes a gear set driving a drive pulley that in turn drives a flexible drive member which is attached to a driven member by an attachment...
US-7,805,859 Therapeutic shoe sole design
A therapeutic device includes a supporting member that continuously and flexibly supports and bounds a plurality of small sized hard surfaced force members that...
US-D624,745 Shoe upper
US-D624,744 Shoe upper
US-D624,743 Shoe upper
US-D624,742 Shoe upper
US-D624,741 Shoe upper
US-D624,740 Shoe upper
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