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Patent # Description
US-D582,658 Shoe
US-D582,642 Golf shoe cleat
US-D582,640 Shoe outsole
US-D582,639 Shoe outsole
US-D582,636 Shoe
US-7,462,789 Rotary type encoder
In a rotary encoder, a range of operable angle is divided into four large sections. A plurality of signal contact shoes come into contact with signal conductive...
US-7,462,085 Swim fin with adjustable web
A swim fin having a web portion pivotably attached to a shoe portion that is rotatable to a first position substantially perpendicular to the shoe portion for...
US-7,461,976 Flexible shoe assembly
A flexible shoe assembly for use in a molding system. The clamp unit of a molding system includes a moving platen and a stationary platen supported by a frame....
US-7,461,470 Shoe footbed system and method with interchangeable cartridges
The present invention provides an interchangeable shoe footbed cartridge system. The system includes a footbed such as a midsole, insole or a sockliner. A...
US-7,461,469 Shoe with improved Opanka construction
The invention relates to a shoe that has a socklining with a periphery, a sole with a periphery, an upper placed above the socklining and extending downwardly...
US-7,461,467 Safety crampon with generality put on
Disclosed is a safety crampon with generality put on, which encircles front/rear/left/right sides of shoes around a spike pad to elastically press and grip them...
US-D582,148 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D582,147 Woman's shoe
US-D582,136 Shoe
US-D582,133 Shoe
US-7,458,950 Ankle foot orthosis
An ankle foot orthosis for remediation of foot drop symptoms includes a flexible cuff formed of a panel having an inner foam substrate to which is bonded an...
US-7,458,422 One trip cemented expandable monobore liner system and method
A liner is inserted in the casing and is preferably expanded into sealing contact with the mounting location on the casing. After expansion a cement retainer...
US-D581,654 Open toe pump shoes liner hosiery
US-D581,641 Shoe
US-D581,637 Shoe
US-D581,636 Shoe
US-7,457,724 Shoes and garments employing one or more of accelerometers, wireless transmitters, processors, altimeters, to...
A shoe is improved by including: at least one accelerometer for generating acceleration signals and a processor configured to process the acceleration signals to...
US-7,455,606 Mechanical chain tensioner with a rotational ratcheting device
A blade tensioner comprising a blade shoe with a proximal end pivotally attached to the bracket and a distal end of a clevis shape having a raised portion and a...
US-7,455,041 Reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine
A reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine has a crank drive and a transmission lever indirectly coupled with the piston and intersecting the cylinder...
US-7,455,008 Swash plate compressor
A first swash plate 18 is coupled to a drive shaft 16 to be rotatable integrally with the drive shaft 16. Single head pistons 23 are coupled to the first swash...
US-7,454,849 Anti-slipping and shock-absorbing element for shoe soles and shoe sole incorporating such element
The invention refers to an element (2) in the form of a stud (1) incorporating anti-slipping and shock-absorbing means, which is foreseen as generally...
US-7,454,848 Shoe with improved construction
The invention relates to a shoe having an outsole with an inside surface and an outside surface. The shoe also has an upper placed above the inside surface and a...
US-D581,146 Golf shoe outsole
US-D581,144 Woman's bowling shoe
US-D581,141 Shoe
US-D581,139 Sport shoe
US-7,452,343 Ankle support
An ankle support utilizes a strap having a first end and a second end. The first end forms a loop adapted to go around a user's foot and the second end is...
US-7,452,252 Rowing- and sculling-boat electric-switch operation
Operation of an electric microswitch 14 for timing or other purposes during rowing is brought about by the rower moving the heels 8 of his/her shoes 3 in...
US-7,451,671 Porta jack for flooring
An improved method and apparatus for urging a flooring strip into close or tight engagement with the adjacent flooring strip, which has already been fixed into...
US-7,451,556 Shoe sole and cushion for a shoe sole
The present invention relates to a cushion (20) for use in a shoe sole. The cushion (20) includes a medial chamber (26) for cushioning a medial portion of a...
US-7,451,553 Clean room safety shoe article with removal steel toe housing and method for treating the shoe
A clean room shoe article, e.g., shoe, boot, safety shoe, safety boot. The article has a sole region. The article has an upper particle free polymer material...
US-7,451,529 Colorable elastomeric composition
Transparent and colorable elastomeric compositions are provided. The transparent elastomeric compositions can be covulcanized with rubbers such as polybutadiene,...
US-7,451,511 Shoe sole and method
An outsole (1) for a shoe has a backing member (4) of thermoplastic rubber and on an area of the exterior surface of that backing member an intermediate layer...
US-D581,109 Shoe and glove dryer
US-D580,647 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D580,646 Portion of a shoe
US-D580,641 Cleat for a shoe
US-D580,638 Outsole for a shoe
US-D580,636 Portion of a shoe
US-7,448,521 Automatic shoe cover dispenser
An automatic shoe cover dispenser that includes a machine body, a traction and extension mechanism, a separation and hooking mechanism, a turning mechanism, a...
US-7,448,150 Insert with variable cushioning and support and article of footwear containing same
The invention is a support and cushioning system for an article of footwear. The system includes a resilient insert disposed within the sole of the shoe...
US-7,448,149 Cushioning assembly in an athletic shoe
An athletic shoe includes a sole assembly and a cushioning arrangement disposed within the sole assembly. The cushioning arrangement includes a cushioning...
US-D580,172 Shoe storage cabinet organizer
US-D580,159 Shoe
US-D580,139 Outsole for a shoe
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