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Patent # Description
US-D603,597 Golf shoe upper
US-D603,596 Golf shoe upper
US-D603,594 Outsole for a shoe
US-D603,593 Shoe
US-D603,592 Shoe
US-D603,591 Shoe outsole
US-D603,590 Outsole for a shoe
US-D603,589 Outsole for a shoe
US-D603,588 Outsole for a shoe
US-D603,587 Shoe
US-7,613,588 Shoe shape selection method, shoe shape selection system and shoe tip shape selection method
A shoe shape selection method selects an appropriate shoe shape from a plurality of kinds of shoe shapes prepared beforehand, based on a plurality of items of...
US-7,611,749 Method and apparatus for applying flocking to the outsole of shoe under pressure
Flocking fibers are applied to the outsole of a shoe by placing the fibers in a chamber within a housing and placing the outsole over an opening in the housing...
US-7,611,608 Press belt, process for producing the same and shoe press roll using the press belt
A press belt having superior cracking resistance, wear resistance and pressure deflection resistance and an excellent traveling property and a method of...
US-7,611,547 Airbag dyeing compositions and processes
A process for dyeing a thermoplastic elastomeric substrate comprising immersing the substrate into a dye system comprising at least one metal complex dye and a...
US-7,611,477 Toe lift strap
The Toe Lift Strap is a foot support system primarily for stroke victims that do not have muscular control of their foot. This loss of muscular control allows...
US-7,611,125 Valve and method for producing a valve
A valve and a method for producing a valve, in particular for coolant circuits, having a valve seat (2) including a valve seating element (1) for a valve body...
US-7,610,941 Methods, rack and device for preparing samples for analysis
In a solid phase extraction (SPE) device, once all the columns of the SPE plate are filled with liquid, the needles cooperate with engagement formations on a...
US-7,610,696 Adjustable fit insole system for shoes
An adjustable fit insole system for shoes includes an insole member formed of flexible, resilient cushioning material that is removably inserted within the...
US-7,610,695 Shoe sole with foot guidance
A sole for a shoe with a foot guiding mechanism which has the particularity that the sole comprises a sole body which has, on an outer face thereof, at least one...
US-7,610,694 Shoe with upper and heel developed ventilation
The present invention relates to shoe construction to alleviate perspiration of user's feet and to get a more confortable walking:inner ventilation air is...
US-7,610,688 Shoes with leveling instrument
A shoe with a leveling instrument for detecting a relative height and a gradient of a ground to step thereon with the shoe, includes an outsole disposed at a...
US-D603,151 Shoe sole
US-D603,150 Shoe sole
US-D603,149 Shoe outsole
US-D603,147 Pair of spiked shoe protectors
US-7,608,360 Rechargeable battery and method for its production
The present invention relates to a rechargeable battery having a plurality of cells each having a plurality of positive and negative electrode plates, the...
US-7,608,165 Multi-layer web formation section
A multi-layer web formation section has at least two successive wire units (300, 310). First and second headboxes (100, 110) supply pulp suspension jets to the...
US-7,607,895 Fluid circulation pump with synchronous motor, equipped with heating means of the fluid, in particular for...
A fluid circulation pump (10) with synchronous motor (14), equipped with fluid heating device (40), particularly for washing machines or the like, of the type...
US-7,607,242 Footwear
A shoe (1), having a toe section (2), and a heel section (3). The heel section (3), either totally or partly detachable from the toe section (2). Once at least...
US-D602,716 Stacked shoe organizer
US-D602,715 Mesh shoe organizer
US-D602,685 Belted shoe top
US-D602,684 Portion of a shoe
US-D602,683 Shoe sole
US-D602,681 Shoe
US-7,604,271 Shoe, boot and skate holder
A shoe, boot and skate holder includes a handle, a stem extending from the handle, and a locking mechanism operatively connected to the stem. An eyelet rod is...
US-7,603,797 Portable shoe
A portable shoe comprises a shoe body and a toe-separating massager, wherein the shoe body having a shoe sole and a vamp, and a front end of the top surface of...
US-7,603,794 Rear balance walking shoes
The present invention relates to a rear balance walking shoe having a sole in which double earth axes are formed on the sole at a rear side with respect to the...
US-D602,237 Shoe sole
US-D602,235 Sports shoe
US-D602,234 Shoe
US-7,602,929 Method of connecting an accessory to a hearing aid and the combination of an adapter and an accessory
A combination unit for attachment to a hearing aid includes an adapter and an accessory, having mating guideways, respective assembly pressure faces (14,29)...
US-7,600,334 Stripe changes for footwear
A changeable stripe for footwear, that can be applied to any segment of the shoe, or other clothing, or even a purse or backpack, and includes a changeable...
US-7,600,333 Golf shoe cleat
The present invention is directed to a three-component releasable mounted cleat assembly for interlocking into a receptacle of a golf shoe. A locking component...
US-7,600,330 Shoe structure
The present invention provides an improved shoe structure to improve the sport efficiency and the wearing comfort of the user. The shoe structure comprises a...
US-D601,792 Decorative shoe accessory
US-D601,791 Decorative shoe assembly
US-D601,790 Decorative shoe accessory
US-D601,785 Outsole for a golf shoe
US-D601,783 Shoe
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