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Patent # Description
US-D835,392 Shoe
US-D835,391 Shoe
US-D835,390 Shoe
US-D835,389 Shoe
US-D835,388 Toe cap halo ring for a shoe
US-1,014,7010 Smart shoe
Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to the field of shoe production. There provides a smart shoe which has an identification function. The smart shoe...
US-1,014,5377 Canned motor pump thrust shoe heat shield
A heat shield for a thrust bearing assembly of a pump. The heat shield includes a member having an inner surface and an outer surface. A raised flange is formed...
US-1,014,5370 Double-headed piston type swash plate compressor
A double-headed piston type swash plate compressor includes a rotation shaft, a housing, a swash plate, two cylinder bores, a double-headed piston, and two...
US-1,014,5041 Method for knitting shoe upper and shoe upper
A method for knitting a shoe upper capable of forming a new stretch preventing section different from a conventional stretch preventing section, and a shoe...
US-1,014,3269 Shoe charm holder device
A charm holder device for attaching charms to a shoe is shown and described. The charm holder device allows a charm to be selectively attached to and detached...
US-1,014,3267 Shoe bottom surface having attached particles
Provided is a shoe that includes a sole that: (i) has a bottom surface that is adjacent to the ground in normal use, and (ii) is comprised of both a base...
US-1,014,3265 Shoe and sole
The present invention relates to shoe, in particular a sports shoe. The shoe includes a sole plate having in a forefoot area a plurality of leaf spring...
US-1,014,3264 Shoe and sole
The present invention relates to shoe, in particular a sports shoe. The shoe includes a sole plate having in a forefoot area a plurality of leaf spring...
US-1,014,3263 Shoe-forming member, method for producing shoe-forming member, and shoe
There is provided a shoe-forming member comprising a rubber composition containing a styrene-butadiene rubber, a butadiene rubber, silica, a silane coupling...
US-1,014,3261 Shoe with magnetic attachment mechanism
A system and method for customizing footwear with interchangeable straps and soles is provided. In one embodiment, an article of footwear includes an upper...
US-D834,802 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D834,801 Shoe outsole
US-D834,800 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D834,794 Shoe
US-1,013,9090 Rechargeable illuminating shoes
The system of the present application includes a battery structure, a control board, a charging port, a switch, and a light. The battery structure is configured...
US-1,013,8996 Gearshift lever and gearshift pedal
A gearshift lever for a single-track or multi-track motor vehicle comprising a lever arm and at least one gearshift pedal. The gearshift pedal is for the...
US-1,013,8967 Braking system
The invention concerns a braking system, especially for wedge-actuated drum brakes, comprising a brake shoe and a wedge unit, wherein the brake shoe comprises a...
US-1,013,6698 Shoe insole
An insole providing cushioning and control of foot motion. The insole includes a stability cradle and an extended heel pad secured to the underside of the base...
US-1,013,6697 Contoured support insole
A contoured insole especially advantageous for users with medium to high arches is disclosed. It comprises a generally foot-shaped base extending from a heel...
US-D834,297 Shoe
US-D834,295 Shoe
US-D834,294 Shoe
US-D834,293 Shoe
US-D834,292 Shoe
US-D834,291 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D834,290 Shoe device
US-1,013,2646 Measuring device for ambulation data
Disclosed is a measuring device for ambulation data including a bending sensor installed in a bottom of a shoe to sense a bending signal transmitted by bending...
US-1,013,0867 Table game system
A card shoe apparatus having a control unit. The control unit functions to store a uniquely identifiable shuffled card ID of shuffled playing cards, identify...
US-1,013,0144 Method for making a shoe in a three dimensional manner
A method for making a shoe in a three dimensional manner includes: a step of sewing and weaving, a step of prototyping, a step of inserting an insole, a step of...
US-1,013,0139 Orthotic insole for a woman's shoe
A women's high-heel shoe and a non-removable insole to be incorporated therein, the insole having an arch fill, a 3-degree rearfoot post and a layer of a...
US-1,013,0073 Protective shoe for birds
A protective shoe to accommodate a foot of waterfowl having toes with nail tips includes a shoe body, an ankle cuff, and a closure tab. The shoe body is in...
US-D833,731 Shoe
US-D833,730 Shoe upper
US-D833,729 Portion of a shoe
US-D833,728 Shoe upper
US-D833,726 Shoe insole
US-D833,724 Shoe outsole
US-D833,723 Shoe outsole
US-D833,722 Shoe outsole
US-D833,721 Shoe outsole
US-D833,719 Water shoe
US-1,012,6052 Bi-directional pick-up shoe
An apparatus for removing fluid, such as condensate, from the inside of a rotating cylinder 10. The apparatus comprises a syphon shoe 50 proximate to an inside...
US-1,012,5830 Wedge actuated drum-in-hat parking brake
An actuator for use in a drum-in-hat parking brake includes a wedge. A pair of tappets oppositely disposed from each other such that a tappet is positioned...
US-1,012,5572 Casing or liner barrier with remote interventionless actuation feature
A tubular string is run into a wellbore with a remotely actuated valve near a lower end adjacent a cementing shoe. The valve is triggered to operate without...
US-1,012,5549 Cutting element support shoe for drill bit
A drill bit in which a cutting element support shoe is mounted to a drill bit member so that it covers a portion of a number cutting elements while leaving the...
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