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Patent # Description
US-D568,039 Shoe upper
US-D568,038 Shoe upper
US-D568,037 Shoe upper
US-D568,036 Shoe upper
US-D568,035 Outsole for a shoe
US-D568,031 Shoe
US-7,364,643 Forming of a paper or board web in a twin-wire former or in a twin-wire section of a former
Fibrous stock is supplied by a paper or board machine headbox (1) between looped forming wires (11, 12). Water is removed in a first dewatering zone (Z1) formed...
US-7,364,057 Multiple magazine carrier and dispenser for firearms
The multiple magazine carrier and dispenser for firearms is configured for rapidly dispensing ammunition magazines in a proper orientation to facilitate rapid...
US-7,363,732 Weight sporters athletic shoe
Weight sporters is a shoe that *utilizes the rubber sole of the shoe to hold five weights of different circular sizes, by means of circular cavities manufactured...
US-7,363,731 Security footwear
A substantially transparent article of footwear includes a substantially transparent resilient sole having a gripping surface and a substantially transparent...
US-7,363,677 Shoe brush
A shoe brush is disclosed. An illustrative embodiment of the shoe brush includes a hitch bar, a brush unit provided on the hitch bar and at least one brush...
US-D567,498 Shoe upper
US-D567,494 Ornamented shoe
US-D567,493 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D567,490 Shoe bottom
US-D567,489 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D567,486 Shoe
US-D567,483 Shoe
US-D567,482 Shoe
US-D567,481 Shoe
US-7,360,631 Apparatus for operating parking brake
An apparatus for operating a parking brake that can reduce an operation stroke. A connecting member has shoe insert grooves with brake shoes inserted into both...
US-D566,960 Reinforcing heel cage for shoes
US-D566,941 Shoe outsole
US-D566,934 Shoe sole with round pattern
US-D566,933 Outsole for a shoe
US-D566,932 Shoe sole
US-D566,931 Outsole for a shoe
US-D566,930 Shoe
US-7,358,062 Method for diagnosing atrophic gastritis
The press device for a paper web, such as a calender, contains a flexible moving element (1a) forming an endless structure, said element forming the shell (1) of...
US-7,357,757 Self-regulating endless climbing wall
An improved simulated climbing wall provides a self-regulating endless climbing surface. The structure includes a form including upper and lower at least...
US-7,357,539 Proportional brake light display system
A proportional brake light system having an LED display carried on a motor vehicle and capable of instantaneously warning motorists following from behind whether...
US-7,357,182 Method and apparatus for completing lateral channels from an existing oil or gas well
A method and apparatus for completing a lateral channel from an existing oil or gas well includes a well perforating tool for perforating a well casing at a...
US-7,356,944 Drying rack for a laundry dryer
A drying rack for the stationary drying of articles to be dried, which can be installed in the drum of a clothes dryer. The articles can be knitwear or shoes...
US-7,356,930 Method and apparatus for removing dust from a workpiece
A duct mechanism for directing a flow of air onto a working member of a power cutting tool generally includes a housing, a motor in the housing, a working member...
US-7,356,868 Multi-purpose cleaning accessory for golf equipment
A multi-purpose golf equipment cleaning accessory releasably attachable to a golf bag or like structure for cleaning club heads, club grips, and golf shoes...
US-7,355,519 Body force alarming apparatus and method
A device and method to detect force and provide feedback to a runner or jogger so that the person can judge whether to adjust his or her stride in order to...
US-7,353,887 Control systems and methods for active controlled bottomhole pressure systems
An active differential pressure device (APD device) in fluid communication with a returning fluid creates a differential pressure across the device, which...
US-7,353,770 Visual wear indicator for footwear
A visual wear indicator is disclosed capable of giving a visual indication of the degree of wear on an athletic or other type of shoe. In general, the visual...
US-7,353,626 Shoe with slip-resistant, shape-retaining fabric outsole
An outsole for a shoe, especially a house slipper, has an outer layer constituted of a fabric material, and a backing layer constituted of a shape-retaining,...
US-7,353,625 Resilient cushioning device for the heel portion of a sole
A shoe includes a sole for cushioning a heelstrike. The sole includes a midsole, an optional outsole, and a resilient cushioning device. The resilient cushioning...
US-D566,217 Shoe fitting golf ball teeing device
US-D565,832 Outsole for a sole
US-RE40,215 Stabilizer athletic shoes
An athletic shoe is provided which contributes a dynamic stability of the shoe during several athletic activities. The athletic shoe comprises a tapered lateral...
US-7,353,137 Shoe-based weight measuring system
A shoe-based weight measuring system, comprising: a shoe; one or more weight sensitive detectors constructed and arranged with the shoe to sense weight of a...
US-7,352,180 Magnetic resonance detector for detecting non-authorized materials in footwear
The present invention relates to a device for detecting a non-authorized material in a zone with protected access, the device being characterized by the fact...
US-7,350,452 Firearm with improved salvo accuracy and similar device for a firearm
A fire arm with improved salvo accuracy, having a barrel and a casing mounted on a supporting frame, whereby the frame comprises a cradle provided with a slide...
US-7,350,321 Shoe upper and methods of manufacture
The present invention relates to a shoe and the manufacture thereof that includes an inner shoe with an upper side and a lower side and a stitch-free shell. The...
US-7,350,320 Structural element for a shoe sole
The present invention relates to a shoe sole including a cushioning element. The shoe sole can include a heel cup or heel rim having a shape that substantially...
US-7,350,240 Shoeing apron
An apron for use in shoeing horses or in other activities in which there is a likelihood that a tool might puncture the thigh portion of a person's clothing has...
US-D565,286 Outsole for a shoe
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