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Patent # Description
US-D571,542 Shoe outsole
US-D571,541 Jelly shoe
US-7,388,502 Safety shoes, protective shoes, working shoes for professional use, equipped to allow identification and to...
Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety, protective or working shoe for professional use and the like equipped with a transponder designed to identify...
US-7,387,711 Shoe press belt having a grooved surface
A belt for use in a long nip press having an arcuate pressure shoe. The belt has at least one layer having a polymer resin coating on at least one surface...
US-7,387,710 Shoe press
A shoe press 1 for applying pressure to a fibrous web W has a concave press shoe 2 adapted to be juxtaposed with a backing member 6. A plurality of articulated...
US-7,386,948 Flexible hinged cleat
A flexible hinged cleat for a shoe includes a base, a hinge section and a traction section formed as a one-piece mechanism. The flexible hinged cleat is capable...
US-7,386,945 Sole for increased circulation
A sole for a shoe to increase circulation in the wearer's foot during forefoot intensive activities. The sole includes a midsole having at least one protrusion...
US-D571,097 Decoration for shoe
US-D571,096 Shoe
US-D571,095 Crystal-covered shoe toe cap
US-D571,094 Shoe upper
US-D571,093 Shoe outsole
US-D571,090 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D571,086 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D571,085 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,384,516 Belt with variable grooves
A belt for use in a papermaking process, such as in a long nip press having a cylindrical press roller and an arcuate pressure shoe which define a nip. The belt...
US-7,383,908 Motorized walking shoes
The present invention aims to provide incremental automotive transportation to a person wearing a pair of identical motorized shoes. Each shoe houses in its sole...
US-7,383,719 Automated passenger screening system
A screening system for screening passengers is disclosed. The system includes a floor grating having underlying rotating brushes that are installed in access...
US-7,383,646 Athletic shoe cover
A cover for an athletic shoe includes an elastic fabric upper member sized to snugly conformally fit over an athletic shoe covering at least the mid-foot region...
US-7,383,614 Door checker for automobile
A door checker includes: a check lever 6 formed, at the proximal end thereof, with a boss 10 connected to a bracket 7 via a shaft 8; a case 1 having through...
US-D570,592 Portion of a shoe
US-D570,590 Shoe upper
US-D570,589 Shoe upper
US-D570,588 Shoe upper
US-D570,587 Shoe upper
US-D570,586 Shoe upper
US-D570,585 Shoe upper
US-7,380,801 Ice skate blade runner holder and blade runner and method of manufacture
A method of manufacturing a blade of an ice skate includes the steps of providing a T-shaped stock piece of material having a plate and a leg extending from a...
US-7,380,508 Suspending-rail permanent magnetic levitation train system
A compensation type suspending-rail permanent magnetic levitation system includes a track unit and a vehicle unit, the track unit includes a suspending arch...
US-7,380,354 Shoe that fits to a foot with belts
A shoe with belts according to the present invention comprising an upper, a sole S that has a first and second roll-up portions S11, S10 rolling upwards along...
US-7,380,352 Shoe insole for diabetics
A shoe insole (111) for diabetics is provided with a sole base body (136), a sole covering layer (137) and with a number of cushion-like layers (112, 113, 114,...
US-7,380,351 Helium injected footwear with adjustable shoe size upper and adjustable firmness sole
An improved sole and upper for use with all types of footwear which provides adjustable shoe sizing, adjustable sole firmness for differing activities, allows...
US-7,380,350 Athletic shoe with bottom opening
A shoe having an open interior, a plate positioned between the bottom of the shoe and a portion of the upper, and at least one opening extending from the bottom...
US-D570,091 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D570,089 Shoe upper
US-D570,088 Shoe strap
US-D570,087 Shoe upper
US-D570,086 Shoe upper
US-D570,085 Shoe upper
US-D570,084 Shoe upper
US-D570,083 Shoe upper
US-D570,081 Shoe sole
US-D570,079 Sole for shoe
US-7,377,754 Compressor
A compressor includes a swash plate, and a shoe connected to an outer periphery of the swash plate. A surface of the swash plate slides upon a flat surface of...
US-7,377,601 Detachable crawler
A detachable crawler (1, 20) capable of increasing the durability thereof on a rubber belt part (4) body side, wherein each of a metal core (6) and a track shoe...
US-7,377,524 Roller skate
A roller skate includes a shoe body and a wheel portion comprising a front wheel assembly and a rear wheel assembly. The front wheel assembly and the rear wheel...
US-7,377,371 Rope brake
A rope brake for an elevator installation for braking a rope coupled to a car is provided, which has a stop that is immovable in the longitudinal direction of...
US-7,377,057 Stable footwear that accommodates shear forces
A shoe sole is described that provides both cushioning and stability. The sole has a plurality of layers, including a transition layer which allows relative...
US-7,377,056 Shoe construction
A shoe with increased flexibility in a forefoot portion that includes an upper, an upper lining, an outsole, a footbed and a flexible insole. The flexible insole...
US-7,377,055 Sole for shoes particularly for practicing sports
A sole for shoes, particularly for practicing sports, including a sole body that forms, at at least one perimetric portion, a recessed region for detachably...
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