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Patent # Description
US-D821,715 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D821,714 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D821,713 Shoe
US-D821,712 Shoe midsole
US-D821,707 Shoe
US-1,000,8040 Method and system for virtual shoes fitting
A method for virtual shoes fitting includes providing two augmented reality (AR) reference papers, each having a plurality of AR markers and a standard size...
US-1,000,4294 Slip resistant soles and footwear
A shoe including a slip resistant sole having a bottom face, wherein the sole includes a plurality of arcuate-shaped lugs having non-linear edges, each lug...
US-1,000,4292 Selectively applied adhesive particulate on nonmetallic substrates
The manufacturing of articles relies on the bonding of two or more components to form some forms of the articles, such as a shoe sole bonded with a shoe upper....
US-D821,077 Shoe outsole
US-1,000,1186 Electric actuator for S-cam brake
A drum brake assembly includes a brake spider having a central aperture configured to receive an axle extending therethrough and first and second brake shoes....
US-1,000,0220 Brake cylinder with integrated wear adjusting device for rail vehicles
A brake caliper for a disk brake or to a disk brake with a brake caliper for rail vehicles. A brake caliper has caliper arms at which at the ends brake shoes...
US-9,999,434 Brake mechanism and medical manipulator provided with same
A medical manipulator is provided with a brake mechanism. The brake mechanism is provided with a brake rotor and a brake shoe which can contact the outer...
US-9,999,278 Self-fitting, self-adjusting, automatically adjusting and/or automatically fitting shoe/sneaker/footwear
Provided is a self-fitting and automatically adjustable footwear wherein the shoe upper and/or shoe tongue have or are attached to a shape memory material...
US-9,999,276 Sole structures and articles of footwear having a lightweight midsole with segmented protective elements
Sole structures for articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include: (a) a lightweight foam midsole component for supporting the foot; and (b) a...
US-9,999,275 Golf shoe with an outsole having wave-like flex channels
A golf shoe has an upper, a midsole, and an outsole. The outsole includes a plurality of wave-like flex channels, surrounded by a hard base material. The hard...
US-9,999,274 Shoe having multiple sole members
A shoe comprises a sole and an upper. The sole comprises a lower sole member and an upper sole member. The lower sole member includes a plurality of sipes and a...
US-D820,580 Shoe
US-D820,579 Shoe
US-D820,578 Shoe upper
US-D820,577 Shoe upper
US-D820,576 Shoe upper
US-D820,571 Shoe
US-D820,570 Shoe sole
US-D820,569 Shoe outsole
US-9,995,714 Apparatus and arrangement for monitoring a condition of an elongated ferrous object having a longitudinal axis
There is provided an apparatus for monitoring a condition of an elongated ferrous object having a longitudinal axis, said apparatus including at least one...
US-9,995,401 Valve wedge for a slide valve
Valve wedge for a slide valve including a rough cast metal wedge core encapsulated in a soft seal encapsulation and having two guide members projecting...
US-9,995,127 Low-frequency pulsing sonic and hydraulic mining method
Enhanced method for borehole mining comprising: drilling a borehole using a low-frequency pulsing sonic, hydraulic mining system including a pulsed jet...
US-9,995,126 Low-frequency pulsing sonic and hydraulic mining system
An improvement to a sonic drilling system comprising a high-pressure, high-volume water pump connected to a fluid supply and a length of casing in a borehole;...
US-9,995,071 System and method for inhibiting window sash drift
A system and method for inhibiting inadvertent movement of a window sash out of a fully open position. Brake shoes travel in the guide tracks as the window sash...
US-9,994,425 Compact motor arrangement with integrated brakes and shaft bearings
A motor for use with an elevator system may include a housing, a motor shaft surrounded by the housing and having at least a first end extending outward from...
US-9,993,978 Systems and method for producing three-dimensional articles from flexible composite materials
The present disclosure encompasses three-dimensional articles comprising flexible-composite materials and methods of manufacturing said three-dimensional...
US-9,993,046 Shoe, in particular a sports shoe
A shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with a shoe upper and a rotary fastener for lacing the shoe on the foot of the wearer by at least one tensioning element,...
US-D819,954 Shoe fastener
US-D819,953 Cycling shoe
US-D819,952 Cycling shoe
US-D819,951 Shoe strap
US-D819,950 Shoe upper
US-D819,949 Shoe upper
US-D819,948 Shoe soles for flying disc sports
US-D819,946 Shoe outsole
US-D819,944 Shoe outsole
US-D819,943 Shoe exterior
US-D819,942 Shoe midsole
US-D819,940 Shoe with outpatch sole
US-9,991,755 Motor unit having insulation member
A motor unit having an insulation member is provided. The motor unit includes rotor cores formed in a radial direction on an exterior circumference of a motor...
US-9,989,131 Chain guide
A chain guide is provided that allows for stable running of a chain, causes less wear or damage on the inner surface of mounting holes or on mounting shafts,...
US-9,988,921 Circumferential seal with seal dampening elements
The present disclosure relates to sealing systems for gas turbine engines. In one embodiment, a circumferential seal for a gas turbine engine includes a first...
US-9,988,110 Guide rail for crawler track
A crawler mechanism includes a frame, a track including a plurality of shoes coupled together and supported for movement relative to the frame along a direction...
US-9,986,889 Vacuum-based cleaning apparatus and method
An apparatus and method for cleaning. The original motivation for the creation of the apparatus was the cleaning of shoes or bare feet, but the apparatus can be...
US-9,986,788 Automated assembly and stitching of shoe parts
Manufacturing of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by executing various shoe-manufacturing processes in an automated manner. For example, shoe parts may...
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