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Patent # Description
US-D774,741 Shoe sole
US-D774,740 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D774,737 Shoe
US-9,524,618 Card reading device and tabletop game system
A card reading device includes a card shoe part in which cards are housed, a card reading part that reads information on the cards drawn out, a control part...
US-9,523,413 Chain tensioner
To provide a simple design chain tensioner that enables formation with fewer components and simplifies assembling process, and is capable of driving a chain...
US-9,521,902 Shoe carousel device
A shoe carousel device that includes in one embodiment a base for stabilization and support, a support stem attached to the base and extending upwards therefrom...
US-9,521,878 Functional shoe for automatically preventing slip
Provided is a functional shoe that automatically prevents a slip, the function shoe including a rotation body part fixed to an outsole of the functional shoe to...
US-D774,294 Shoe upper
US-D774,290 Shoe
US-D774,288 Shoe
US-D774,287 Shoe
US-D774,286 Shoe
US-9,518,576 Peristaltic pump
A peristaltic pump includes a rotating member operably coupled to a drive. The rotating member includes a plurality of rollers arranged in a circular...
US-9,517,920 Elevator provided with a guide shoe arrangement
The object of the invention is an elevator provided with a guide shoe arrangement, which elevator comprises at least an elevator car, which is configured to...
US-9,517,855 Laser capsule marking system and method
A laser capsule marking system and method may comprise at least two indexing wheels, a feeding mechanism, a laser marker, a first inspection system, a rejection...
US-9,517,738 Grounding shoe and vehicle
A grounding shoe is provided in a vehicle so as to face a grounding rail provided on a track. The grounding shoe includes a collector unit that has an...
US-9,517,406 Interactive gaming apparel for interactive gaming
Apparel is disclosed that can be worn to assist an interactive game in tracking the movement of the wearer. More particularly, the apparel may include one or...
US-9,516,935 Shoe bag
A shoe bag for transporting a pair of shoes comprising two individual compartments. The compartments are detachable from one another and include an interior...
US-9,516,920 Footwear structure
A footwear structure comprising a shoe having sidewalls and including gaps provided in the sidewalls extending from the sole and positioned on either side of...
US-9,516,914 Self-closing ventilation insert and method for producing it
The subject of the patent application is a self-closing ventilation insert for ventilating textiles, shoes or articles made up of at least two air-permeable...
US-9,516,912 Shoe with removable magnetic toe cap
A shoe having a magnetically removable toe cap, where the shoe includes an upper, a heel secured to the upper, a sole secured to the upper, the sole having an...
US-D773,795 Shoe upper
US-D773,794 Shoe upper
US-D773,793 Shoe upper
US-D773,791 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D773,790 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D773,789 Shoe
US-9,514,487 Internal measurement collection system and method of using same
A system for measuring dimensions and/or other internal properties of a shoe, garment or other object of interest is described. The system includes a fixture...
US-9,512,891 Brake shoe for drum brake having offset cam followers
A brake shoe for a drum brake is provided that improves the direction of the brake actuating forces to reduce stress, improve efficiency and permit thicker...
US-9,512,689 Combination plug and setting tool with centralizers
A series of down hole plugs are made from a common subassembly including, in some embodiments, a mandrel, a slips/seal section, a setting assembly and a mule...
US-9,512,610 Column shoe
A column shoe for securing building elements of concrete such as concrete columns to a base is provided. The column shoe includes a bolt housing, wherein the...
US-9,510,776 Shoe insole sensor for walk diagnosis and shoe insole flexible board combined with the same
A shoe insole sensor includes a body including a plurality of recessed regions formed at respective locations corresponding to vertexes of N-polygon, where N is...
US-9,510,648 Lace joining and exchanging system
The invention relates to the joining together of laces and laces with detachable applications and, in particular, to lace systems (100) for exchanging laces,...
US-9,510,647 High heel shoe
There are disclosed high heel shoes where separate components combine to create load balancing internal footwear technology. A two-piece system includes...
US-9,510,644 High foot mobility shoe
Natural mobility footwear, including a sole and an upper which together, define separate seats for toe or toe groups, the thin sole comprises at a bottom at...
US-9,510,643 Sport orthotics
A pair of sport shoe inserts may be shaped differently to provide support to different areas of the feet during movement while participating in a sporting...
US-9,510,642 Shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable upper and sole
A shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable upper and sole, including: an upper assembly including, in a stratified manner, a vapor-permeable or perforated outer...
US-9,510,640 Ventilating sole element for a shoe as well as sole assembly and waterproof, breathable shoe comprising the same
A ventilating sole element (173) for a shoe according to the present invention comprises a side wall (608). A channel structure (178) is formed in the...
US-D773,168 Shoe upper
US-D773,167 Shoe upper
US-D773,166 Shoe upper
US-D773,165 Nonskid pad for shoes
US-D773,164 Shoe outsole
US-D773,163 Shoe outsole
US-D773,162 Golf shoe outsole
US-D773,161 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D773,160 Shoe sole
US-D773,159 Shoe midsole
US-D773,158 Shoe
US-D773,156 Shoe
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