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Patent # Description
US-D584,036 Shoe sole
US-D584,035 Pair of shoe soles
US-D584,033 Shoe
US-D584,032 Shoe upper with detachable and flexible heel strap
US-7,471,593 Device for adapting a wrist watch for wearing on a shoe
A device for adapting a wrist watch for securing onto and wearing upon an upper portion of laced footwear is disclosed. The device, used in pairs, secures a...
US-7,471,497 Electrostatic discharge prevention device
The present invention provides a device that can be readily installed in any type of footwear, and that when installed enables a semi-continuous grounding path...
US-7,470,164 Swim fin with adjustable web
A swim fin having a web portion pivotably attached to a shoe portion that Is rotatable to a first position substantially perpendicular to the shoe portion for...
US-7,469,775 Disc brake, particularly for a commercial vehicle
The invention relates to a disc brake, particularly for a goods vehicle, comprising a brake caliper, which has a brake disc that can be brought into active...
US-7,469,490 Adjusting device used to adjust size of sliding sports shoe
This invention discloses an adjusting device used to adjust the size of a sliding sports shoe, which is composed of an adjusting member for shoe size and a...
US-7,469,487 Device for drying shoes, gloves or garments
The invention relates to a device for drying shoes, gloves or garments comprising a fan which produces an airflow and which is accommodated in a housing. The...
US-D583,547 Shoe upper
US-D583,546 Shoe upper
US-D583,545 Shoe upper
US-D583,541 Shoe sole
US-D583,540 Shoe outsole
US-D583,539 Shoe midsole
US-7,467,766 Acoustic dampening pipe shoe
Pipe shoe can include pipe retained by clamp attached to top plate. Acoustic isolation block is disposed for compression between top plate and bottom plate. Top...
US-7,467,647 Process for manufacturing shoe laces having designated features
The process includes steps for using raw yarn; dying the yarn; drying the dyed yarn by heating it; using the yarn in an appropriate loom machine such as a...
US-D583,141 Shoe upper
US-D583,140 Shoe upper
US-D583,139 Outsole for a shoe
US-D583,138 Outsole for a shoe
US-D583,136 Shoe sole
US-D583,134 Decorative features for a shoe
US-7,465,264 Axially compliant pressure roller utilizing non-newtonian fluid
A compliant pressure roller (10) for creating uniform pressure at a nip comprises a stationary inner core (12). A plurality of shoes (14) is pivotally mounted to...
US-7,465,143 Load control system for a roll off trailer
A load control system for a roll off trailer for effectively controlling the velocity of a load during unloading. The load control system for a roll off trailer...
US-7,464,914 Robust consumer lifting device-power unit
A power unit includes a rectangular frame base having a left shoe and a right shoe having a longitudinal track on their inner sides, a forward end having a...
US-7,464,491 Packaged shoes
A pair of casual shoes such as flip-flops are packaged for sale so as to have the general appearance of an essentially spherical ball. Each shoe has a flexible...
US-7,464,487 Shoe cover
A Shoe Cover is disclosed. Also disclosed is a cover that allows a user to decorate their athletic footwear with an outer cover. The cover has an open bottom...
US-7,464,428 Sole elements of varying density and methods of manufacture
The invention relates to sole elements and methods for manufacturing sole elements for shoes, in particular for sport shoes, with a specific density distribution...
US-7,464,427 Method for producing shoes and a shoe obtained by this method
A method for producing shoes includes the following steps: obtaining an assembly (T,T1), formed by a shoe upper (2) and an elastic element, fastened to the shoe...
US-D582,658 Shoe
US-D582,642 Golf shoe cleat
US-D582,640 Shoe outsole
US-D582,639 Shoe outsole
US-D582,636 Shoe
US-7,462,789 Rotary type encoder
In a rotary encoder, a range of operable angle is divided into four large sections. A plurality of signal contact shoes come into contact with signal conductive...
US-7,462,085 Swim fin with adjustable web
A swim fin having a web portion pivotably attached to a shoe portion that is rotatable to a first position substantially perpendicular to the shoe portion for...
US-7,461,976 Flexible shoe assembly
A flexible shoe assembly for use in a molding system. The clamp unit of a molding system includes a moving platen and a stationary platen supported by a frame....
US-7,461,470 Shoe footbed system and method with interchangeable cartridges
The present invention provides an interchangeable shoe footbed cartridge system. The system includes a footbed such as a midsole, insole or a sockliner. A...
US-7,461,469 Shoe with improved Opanka construction
The invention relates to a shoe that has a socklining with a periphery, a sole with a periphery, an upper placed above the socklining and extending downwardly...
US-7,461,467 Safety crampon with generality put on
Disclosed is a safety crampon with generality put on, which encircles front/rear/left/right sides of shoes around a spike pad to elastically press and grip them...
US-D582,148 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D582,147 Woman's shoe
US-D582,136 Shoe
US-D582,133 Shoe
US-7,458,950 Ankle foot orthosis
An ankle foot orthosis for remediation of foot drop symptoms includes a flexible cuff formed of a panel having an inner foam substrate to which is bonded an...
US-7,458,422 One trip cemented expandable monobore liner system and method
A liner is inserted in the casing and is preferably expanded into sealing contact with the mounting location on the casing. After expansion a cement retainer...
US-D581,654 Open toe pump shoes liner hosiery
US-D581,641 Shoe
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