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Patent # Description
US-9,861,157 Shoe covering
A shoe covering may include an interior member and an exterior member. The interior member may be configured to be positioned adjacent a shoe outsole during...
US-9,861,156 Circuit device for luminous shoe
A luminous shoe of the disclosure includes a sole and a light-emitting device located at the sole. The light-emitting device includes a control box, a...
US-9,861,036 Skid shoe for a header of an agricultural harvester
A header for an agricultural harvester including a skid shoe that is resistant to penetration into soil. The skid shoe includes a central portion having a fore...
US-D807,021 Shoe
US-D807,020 Shoe upper
US-D807,019 Shoe upper
US-D807,018 Shoe upper
US-D807,017 Shoe upper
US-D807,016 Shoe upper
US-D807,015 Shoe upper
US-D807,014 Shoe upper
US-D807,013 Shoe upper
US-D807,012 Shoe upper
US-D807,011 Shoe upper
US-D807,010 Shoe
US-D807,009 Shoe upper
US-D807,008 Golf shoe upper
US-D807,007 Upper for shoe with removable straps
US-D807,006 Upper for shoe with removable straps
US-D807,004 Shoe
US-D807,003 Shoe insole
US-D807,002 Shoe outsole
US-D807,001 Shoe
US-D807,000 Shoe outsole
US-D806,996 Shoe
US-D806,994 Shoe cover
US-9,857,014 Internal restraint device
A restraint or gripping device for anchoring within the interior of a pipe comprises a pair of end plates adapted to be urged towards each other and a plurality...
US-9,856,933 Debris eradicating brake head for a truck mounted brake system
A debris eradicating brake head for use in a side frame mounted braking system in a railway vehicle. The brake head being mounted on an end of a brake beam and...
US-9,856,599 Coated yarn and method for manufacturing coated yarn using thermoplastic polyurethane compound
The present invention provides a coated yarn and a method for manufacturing a coated yarn having outstanding physical properties, the method comprising:...
US-9,856,408 Ice-phobic substrates and coatings and methods for their preparation and use
Ice phobic coatings and substrates and methods of making and using them are described. Some embodiments provide for an ice-phobic coating including a...
US-9,855,862 Spacer for lateral slide removable seat
A rail and carrier system for first and second removable seats for a motor vehicle includes two lower rails fixedly attached to and positioned laterally along a...
US-9,855,678 Method of making a concrete block
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-9,855,489 Wearable mobility device
A wearable mobility device comprising a base for the placement of a shoe, the base including a heel-support section, a battery pack, a tail reflector, and a...
US-9,854,875 Easy access articles of footwear
Articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, may include: (a) an upper including an opening through which a leg of a wearer extends, wherein the upper...
US-9,854,867 Shoe, sole assembly for a shoe, method for manufacturing a sole assembly, and method for manufacturing a shoe
A shoe according to the invention comprises an upper assembly comprising an upper portion (10) having an outer material (11) for surrounding a foot and a lower...
US-D805,744 Shoe
US-9,845,191 Ejector track for refuse vehicle
An ejector for a refuse vehicle including a structural frame, a first shoe, and a second shoe. The structural frame includes a first side plate offset from a...
US-9,844,341 Patient interface for reusable optical sensor
A disposable patient interface includes a reusable sensor that removably mounts within a shoe of the disposable patient interface when at least one protrusion...
US-9,844,186 Drive linkage for cleaning shoe
A cleaning shoe for an agricultural machine includes a chaffer supported for movement relative to a chassis, a sieve positioned below the chaffer and supported...
US-9,841,071 Brake
A brake includes a brake shoe moveable between an engaged position and a disengaged position and defining an axis of rotation of an associated brake drum. The...
US-9,840,027 Reversible blade guard assemblies
Reversible blade guards are disclosed for concrete saws that can be mounted on either side of the saw, and are equipped to quickly be reconfigured depending...
US-9,839,261 Easy access articles of footwear
Footwear, including athletic footwear, opens very wide, e.g., by moving an ankle containing portion of a footwear upper laterally/sideways with respect to the...
US-9,839,259 Adhesive, washable, antimicrobial insert liner for shoes and method of manufacturing the same
A shoe insert liner or no-show sock configured to detachably adhere to an interior cavity of a shoe is provided. In one embodiment, the shoe insert liner...
US-9,839,258 Vibrating foot massager
The application provides for a vibrating foot massager that resembles a common shoe. This vibrating foot massager has a number of vibrating motors which can be...
US-9,839,257 Flexible skateboard shoe protector overshoe
A flexible one size fits all overshoe that is placed over the shoe which covers all areas of the shoe damaged during skateboarding. This overshoe is made of a...
US-9,839,256 Sports shoe, particularly for soccer use and the like
A sports shoe, particularly for soccer use and the like, comprising an upper and a sole which is provided with one or more studs, each stud being associated...
US-D804,804 Shoe upper
US-D804,803 Shoe
US-D804,802 Shoe upper
US-D804,801 Shoe upper
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