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Patent # Description
US-D858,062 Shoe
US-D858,061 Shoes
US-D858,060 Shoe
US-D858,059 Shoe
US-D858,058 Shoe
US-D858,057 Shoe
US-D858,054 Shoe
US-D858,053 Shoe
US-D858,051 Shoe
US-D858,050 Shoe
US-D858,049 Shoe
US-1,039,7454 Multipolarized signal terminal connector for accessory, accessory shoe device, image pickup apparatus, and...
A multipolarized signal terminal connector for an accessory, which is applied to an accessory shoe device having a defined shape. The signal terminal connector...
US-1,039,4272 Joystick center lock
A joystick including a main housing with a first control surface and a second control surface. A ball rotationally engages the first control surface. A shaft...
US-1,039,3512 Automated 3-D modeling of shoe parts
Manufacturing of a shoe is enhanced by creating 3-D models of shoe parts. For example, a laser beam may be projected onto a shoe-part surface, such that a...
US-1,039,3201 Actuating device for an internal shoe brake having an automatic adjusting device
The invention relates to an actuating device for an internal shoe brake, including an automatic adjusting device with an adjusting lever which includes a guide...
US-1,039,0587 Device for high-heeled shoes and method of constructing a high-heeled shoe
Provided is a device for insertion into a high heel shoe, having a rear region positioned to underlying a wearer's calcaneal tuberosity, the rear region being...
US-1,039,0585 Shoe
A shoe that grows comprises a sole having a toe, medial side, lateral side, and heel. The toe of the sole extends outwardly to form a toe cap. A vamp member is...
US-1,039,0491 Cleaning shoe venting through chopper rotor assembly
A combine harvester includes a housing having a rear hood and defining an interior, a blower for generating an air stream in a substantially rearward direction,...
US-D857,371 Shoe upper
US-D857,370 Shoe upper
US-D857,369 Shoe upper
US-D857,368 Shoe upper
US-D857,367 Shoe upper
US-D857,366 Shoe upper
US-D857,363 Shoe upper
US-D857,362 Shoe
US-D857,357 Shoe
US-D857,355 Shoe
US-D857,351 Top cap for a shoe
US-D857,350 Sports shoe
US-D857,348 Water shoe
US-D857,347 Water shoe
US-D857,346 Shoe
US-D857,345 Shoe
US-1,038,6402 Shoe and method for detecting electrical leakage using the same
A method for detecting an electrical leakage includes acquiring a voltage of a source of the electrical leakage detected by a voltage detector of a shoe when a...
US-1,038,6249 Wearable inductive-force sensor
A wearable inductive-force sensor, which provides high-sensitivity dynamic measurements of both normal force and shear force, utilizes three spiral planar force...
US-1,038,6154 Air gun with cocking linkage shoe
Techniques and componentry are disclosed for an air gun with a cocking linkage shoe. The air gun includes a barrel pivotally attached to a cylinder. Attached to...
US-1,038,5938 Brake shoe having a wear indicator
The invention relates to a brake shoe (1) for disk or drum brakes, which comprises a supporting plate (2) with a friction pad (3) attached thereto and at least...
US-1,038,5715 Floating, non-contact seal with angled beams
Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a floating, non-contact seal comprising: a shoe, a first beam coupled to the shoe, and a second beam coupled to the...
US-1,038,4301 Sliding component, method for producing sliding component, and device for producing sliding component
A piston shoe as a sliding component includes a base section, which is made of steel, and a sliding section having a sliding surface, which is made of copper...
US-1,038,3993 Pump shoe for use in a pumping system of a dialysis machine
The specification discloses a portable dialysis machine having a detachable controller unit and base unit with an improved reservoir heating system. The...
US-1,038,3405 Digital last
A method and corresponding apparatus is disclosed for generating a digital last for the manufacture of a shoe for a person. The method comprises obtaining a...
US-1,038,3402 Double sided adhesive tape with release tab for enhanced shoe adherence to skin and removal
A tape is provided for adhering skin to a shoe having: a substrate; an insole side of the substrate having an insole adhesive; an insole adhesive liner covering...
US-1,038,3400 Visco-elastic insert
The present invention relates to visco-elastic inserts, in particular to shoe inserts, and in particular to heel supports having a main body with regions of...
US-1,038,3395 Force mitigating athletic shoe
In every athletic event, each athlete generates and subjects their lower extremities to forces that are unique to that athlete's mass, speed and strength. These...
US-1,038,3394 Sole structure with bottom-loaded compression
A running shoe includes an upper coupled to a sole structure. The sole structure includes a compressible midsole and an outsole. The midsole possesses a first...
US-1,038,3391 Shock absorbing structure and shoe to which the shock absorbing structure is applied
A shock absorbing structure formed by including a column member, a ring member that is provided by being fitted onto the column member and has elasticity, a...
US-D856,657 Shoe
US-D856,656 Shoe upper
US-D856,655 Shoe upper
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