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Patent # Description
US-D825,170 Shoe
US-D825,168 Shoe
US-D825,166 Shoe insert
US-D825,165 Shoe
US-D825,164 Shoe
US-D825,163 Shoe
US-D825,162 Shoe
US-D825,161 Shoe
US-D825,160 Blue sole and midsole assembly for single-sole shoe
US-D825,159 Shoe
US-D825,158 Shoe midsole
US-D825,157 Shoe
US-D825,156 Single-sole shoe with stripe
US-D825,155 Single-sole shoe with green sole
US-D825,154 Shoe
US-1,004,3589 Display device
A display device has a scale in the shape of a circular arc. On an axis driving an indicator axis, a rotatably mounted gear wheel is arranged in a rotatably...
US-1,004,1332 Dual isolation well assembly
A working string is used to actuate a first valve of a completion string in a well to seal a float shoe of the completion string from a remainder of the...
US-1,004,0620 Shoe cover dispensing systems
Disclosed shoe cover dispensers function in conjunction with a cartridge of pre-stacked shoe covers utilizing an improved loading process, making the process...
US-1,004,0507 Ergonomic adjustment system for a clip-less bicycle pedal
An ergonomic adjustment system for clip-less bicycle pedal has the cleat and pedal body are so shaped that they form exactly complementary shapes that are based...
US-1,003,9956 Stilts
A stilt comprises a floor platform, a shoe platform, parallel supports extending between the platforms, a leg support extending above the shoe platform, and a...
US-1,003,9941 Cowl neck barrier gown with attachments
This invention offers a fully protective cowl neck garment with various fasteners designed to attach additional protective gear, such as gloves and shoe...
US-1,003,9346 Three-way shoelace structure
A three-way shoelace structure has a first lace, a second lace, and a third lace. When a first three-way shoelace structure and a second three-way shoelace...
US-1,003,9342 Co-molded 3D elements
Describes are support elements for a sole of a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, a sole and a shoe with such a support element, as well as a method for the...
US-1,003,9340 Shoe with a high heel to low heel conversion
A convertible shoe may include a sole portion and a plurality of interchangeable heel portions, each selectively attachable to the sole portion. The heel...
US-1,003,9339 Shoes for ball sports
Described are shoes for ball sports including an upper having an outer surface. An actuator is configured to change at least one surface property of a portion...
US-1,003,9290 Device for folding at least one dough piece, folding shoe for use in such device and dough line
Device for folding at least one dough piece, comprising at least one folding shoe, for folding a dough piece conveyed along the folding shoe about a folding...
US-1,003,9158 Pressure ring assembly for contact shoes in an electrode system
Provided is a pressure ring assembly for contact shoes in an electrode system of an electric arc furnace provided with at least one electrode column assembly....
US-1,003,6120 Shoe press belt
There is provided a shoe press belt for a papermaking machine, comprising one or more resin layers. At least a part of the resin layers comprises a polyurethane...
US-1,003,5894 Coloured TPU foam material, preparation method and use thereof, as well as method for preparing shaped body,...
Disclosed are a colored TPU foam material, a preparation method and a use thereof, as we as a method for preparing a shaped body, a sheet and a shoe material by...
US-1,003,5618 System and apparatus for applying labels to cable or conduit
A system for applying labels to cable or conduit including at least one label and a label applicator. The label applicator including at least one guide roller,...
US-1,003,5180 Guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies
A guided keeper assembly includes a base, at least one marginal fastener aperture to detachably mount the base to an associated die shoe, and a central guide...
US-1,003,4622 In-shoe foot monitoring utilizing an insert
An in-shoe monitoring system has a shoe insert including a flexible substrate, force sensors secured to the flexible substrate, a position sensor and a motion...
US-1,003,4520 Sports shoe with cleat
A sports shoe with a sole comprising a novel cleat. A sports shoe may comprise a first cleat at the ball area of the sole and a second cleat at the heel area of...
US-1,003,4519 UV curable lattice microstructure for footwear
An upper for a sports shoe may include a component such as a vamp or a rear portion. The shoe component may include a UV curable microlattice structure with a...
US-1,003,4513 Footwear / shoes
Footwear (1) having a vamp (2), an insole, a midsole (3) and an outsole (4). A plurality of spaced apart magnets (5) located adjacent the outsole (4) so that in...
US-D824,159 Shoe
US-D824,158 Shoe upper
US-D824,157 Shoe upper
US-D824,156 Golf shoe upper
US-D824,155 Shoe upper
US-D824,154 Shoe upper
US-D824,153 Shoe
US-D824,152 Shoe outsole
US-D824,150 Dual-sole shoe with color stripe and outpatch sole
US-D824,149 Single-sole shoe with yellow stripe and yellow sole
US-D824,148 Single-sole shoe with orange stripe and orange sole
US-D824,147 Shoe
US-1,003,4332 Arrangement for sealing a bellows cylinder in a pressure block of a pressure ring assembly
Provided is an arrangement for sealing a bellows cylinder in a pressure block of a pressure ring assembly. The bellows cylinder is located in a cavity formed in...
US-1,003,0729 Return spring of a brake shoe including wear play compensation means, disk brake and replacement kit
A spring (48) includes successively a portion (50) for fixing the spring to the disk brake, a rigid branch (B2) connected to the fixing portion (50) by a bend...
US-1,003,0531 Seal shoe for a hydrostatic non-contact seal device
A non-contact seal assembly is provided. This assembly includes a plurality of seal shoes, a seal base and a plurality of spring elements. The seal shoes are...
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