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Patent # Description
US-D747,859 Shoe sole
US-9,238,704 Polyether polyurethanes exhibiting enhanced slip resistance under wet conditions
A polyurethane foam is prepared by combining a polyether triol with a hydroxyl value of from 25 to 30 and a molecular weight from 5000 to 7000 g/mol; a...
US-9,238,491 Crawler shoe having wear measurement features
A crawler shoe for a mining vehicle includes a first wear surface, a second wear surface positioned opposite the first wear surface, a recess formed within the...
US-9,238,419 Conductor rail
A conductor rail assembly for use in transit rail transportation systems to transmit electrical power to rail cars comprising a first and second support...
US-9,237,780 Conditionally visible bite lines for footwear
A conditionally visible bite line may be demarcated on a shoe upper using one of a fluorescent material and an Infrared (IR) material. Such a conditionally...
US-9,237,779 Shoe upper having multiple unwelded flex zones
A shoe having a shoe upper including multiple unwelded flex zones in selected locations on the shoe upper. The flex zones may be selectively located on the...
US-9,237,778 Cycling shoe
A cycling shoe can include a hook that, when used together with another device, such as with a rubber band, can position the shoe on a bicycle in a desired...
US-D747,600 Shoe sidewall
US-D747,599 Shoe upper
US-D747,597 Non-slip shoe protector
US-D747,596 Shoe sole
US-D747,595 Single-sole shoe with stripe, midsole, blue sole, and contrasting upper
US-9,233,442 Guiding system for machine tools that is held by means of cooling bars
A guiding system for machine tools of the type having first machine parts with guiding rails fastened thereto and second machine parts supported by shoes on the...
US-9,232,911 Gait analysis system and methods
Systems and methods for analyzing the gait of an individual are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods can be configured to acquire data from a first...
US-9,232,858 Stabilizer bracket for a rack for supporting objects
The invention concerns a stabilizer shoe (13) intended for a shelf (1) for storing objects, which has on its corner points vertical longitudinal posts (2) with...
US-9,232,831 Heel counter structure for a shoe
The heel counter structure includes a sole plate provided at least at the heel region of the shoe and having a peripheral portion. The peripheral portion is...
US-D747,090 Shoe upper
US-D747,089 Shoe upper
US-D747,088 Shoe upper
US-D747,084 Shoe bottom
US-D747,083 Shoe midsole
US-9,227,391 Dual function shoe upper printing jig
A printing jig system that includes a maintaining jig able to maintain an article for a first processing step and that is also used to maintain and align the...
US-9,226,547 Heel changer apparatus
In one embodiment of the invention, heel changer apparatus includes: a shoe including a shoe hole; a locking mechanism configured to removably couple a first...
US-9,226,546 Shoe bottom having interspersed materials
A shoe (and fabrication techniques therefor) on which is provided a bottom portion that includes a sole portion and a heel portion and that has a bottom surface...
US-9,226,544 Vapor-permeable shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable sole
A vapor-permeable shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable sole, including: an upper assembly; a sole joined to the upper assembly and including a body made of...
US-9,226,543 Transforming shoe with rotating, sliding; and pivoting panels
A multi-functional transforming shoe that can be taken apart and reassembled in a high-top shoe configuration, a low-top shoe configuration, and an open-back...
US-9,226,541 Silicon rubber healthcare footwear article with silicon rubber insole and its manufacturing method
A healthcare footwear article includes an upper shoe body and a sole member provided underneath the upper shoe body and is connected with the upper shoe body to...
US-9,226,527 Sock
Socks with ribs, channels and padding positioned to facilitate moisture movement from the interior of the sock upwardly and outwardly from a shoe or boot to aid...
US-D746,578 Shoe upper
US-D746,577 Shoe upper
US-D746,576 Shoe upper
US-D746,575 Shoe upper
US-D746,574 Shoe upper
US-D746,573 Shoe upper
US-D746,572 Shoe upper
US-D746,571 Shoe upper
US-D746,570 Shoe upper
US-D746,569 Shoe insole
US-D746,567 Shoe outsole
US-D746,566 Shoe outsole
US-D746,565 Shoe outsole
US-D746,564 Shoe outsole
US-D746,563 Set of traction elements for a shoe outsole
US-D746,562 Shoe outsole
US-D746,561 Shoe
US-D746,560 Shoe sole
US-9,219,389 Permanent magnet rotating electrical machine
A permanent magnet rotating electrical machine includes a stator and a rotatable, approximately cylindrical rotor. The rotor includes a shaft, rotor cores,...
US-9,212,656 Piston-to-shoe interface lubrication method
Methods and apparatus are provided for lubricating a piston-to-shoe interface in a hydraulic motor or pump. Piston assemblies are installed in a housing that...
US-9,211,783 Sunroof apparatus
A sunroof apparatus includes: a movable panel mounted on a roof of a vehicle and adjusted to open and close an opening; a guide rail extending on the roof in...
US-9,211,352 Sanitizing device
The shoe sole sanitizer provides a UV radiation emitting system that kills microbial pathogens deposited on shoe sole surfaces. The system includes a housing...
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