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Patent # Description
US-D802,274 Shoe outsole
US-D802,273 Shoe outsole
US-D802,272 Shoe outsole
US-D802,271 Shoe outsole
US-D802,270 Shoe outsole
US-D802,269 Shoe outsole
US-D802,268 Shoe outsole
US-D802,267 Golf shoe outsole
US-D802,266 Shoe midsole
US-D802,265 Shoe
US-D802,264 Shoe
US-D802,263 Shoe
US-D802,262 Shoe
US-D802,261 Zipper shoe
US-D802,260 Baseball cap shoe
US-9,808,893 Apparatus for aligning sections of pipe
An apparatus for aligning sections of pipe includes a first clamp member and a second clamp member coupled with the first clamp member. The first and second...
US-9,808,123 Shoe assembly
The present invention support devices and shoe assembly are for an article that is adjacent to a sink margin, the present invention provides a storage solution...
US-9,808,047 Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them
Shoe uppers having smooth seams and methods for producing them are disclosed. In one embodiment the upper uses thermoplastic seam tape which forms bonds between...
US-D801,660 Shoe outsole
US-D801,653 Shoe outsole
US-9,801,568 Gait pattern analysis for predicting falls
A method for acquiring gait parameters of an individual is disclosed. The method includes capturing calibration images from foot marker placed on feet or shoes...
US-9,801,429 Instep cover and shoe upper
There is provided an instep cover in which various designs can be provided on a side surface portion of the instep cover even when a shoelace holding section is...
US-D801,035 Shoe upper
US-D801,030 Shoe upper
US-9,800,995 Distributed application functionality and user interface for multiple connected mobile devices
Providing a distributed application on a plurality of personal devices of a user includes providing a first portion of the distributed application on a first...
US-9,799,192 Intelligent shoe for the blind
Disclosed is an intelligent shoe for the blind, which includes a sole and an upper. At least a portion of the sole is provided with multiple pressure sensors...
US-9,799,063 Purchase good or service based upon detected activity and user preferences in wireless communication device
Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for accurately identifying one or more mobile thing motion activity (MTMAs; e.g., stationary, walking, running,...
US-9,795,182 Silicon rubber healthcare footwear article with silicon rubber insole and its manufacturing method
A healthcare footwear article includes an upper shoe body and a sole member provided underneath the upper shoe body and is connected with the upper shoe body to...
US-9,788,608 Shoe upper having multiple weld zones
A shoe having a shoe upper including multiple welds in selected locations on the shoe upper. The welds may be selectively located on the upper to provide...
US-9,788,606 Soles for sports shoes
Improved soles and insoles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. In an aspect, a sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with at least a...
US-9,788,601 Systems, devices, and methods for controlling fluid flow transfer in shoes
The present subject matter relates to systems, devices, and methods for controlling fluid flow transfer in footwear in which a front chamber has a first inlet...
US-9,788,599 Torsion control bridge for shoe
A shoe and method of manufacturing same, the shoe including: an upper configured to receive therein a foot of a wearer of the shoe, the upper comprising a...
US-9,788,598 Soles for sports shoes
Improved soles and insoles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. In an aspect, a sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with at least a...
US-D799,808 Shoe upper
US-D799,800 Shoe midsole
US-9,784,329 Composite brake drum with bands
The present invention discloses a brake drum comprising: a brake drum body, which comprises a mounting portion for connecting a wheel, a braking portion for...
US-9,783,390 Elevator
The invention relates to an elevator comprising a hoistway; an elevator car vertically movable in the hoistway; at least one rope connected to the car; a...
US-9,783,269 Release apparatus and method of manufacturing release apparatus
Some embodiments provide release apparatuses comprising: a body having first and second mating sections each connected to separate tethers; locking shoes each...
US-9,782,818 Die shoe assembly with bearing surface mechanism, and die for use therewith
An apparatus meant to contain a die portion of a punch and die set whether in a loading cartridge or in machine operating position, wherein a key is used with a...
US-9,781,976 Shoe treatment
In accordance with one aspect of the present description, a shoe treatment device is provided having a shoe interior engagement form expandable from a latched,...
US-9,781,974 Soles for sports shoes
Improved soles and insoles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. In an aspect, a sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with at least a...
US-9,781,973 High heel shoe
There are disclosed high heel shoes where separate components combine to create load balancing internal footwear technology. A two-piece system includes...
US-9,781,971 Integrated medical shoe device
This invention generally relates to a shoe in which an orthopedic adjustment has been integrated into the construction of the shoe itself. The invention entails...
US-9,781,970 Cushioning element for sports apparel
Improved cushioning elements for sports apparel, in particular for soles for sports shoes, are described. A cushioning element for sports apparel with a first...
US-9,781,968 Apparatus for a shoe
An apparatus removably attachable to a shoe with laces and a sole. The apparatus comprises a front side and back side, lower and upper opposite ends and...
US-D799,554 Snowplow blade shoes
US-D799,192 Shoe upper
US-D799,190 Shoe upper
US-D799,188 Shoe upper
US-D799,185 Shoe outsole
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