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Patent # Description
US-9,835,058 Continuous variable valve lift apparatus and engine provided with the same
A continuously variable valve lift apparatus may include a camshaft, a cam portion on which a cam is formed and to which the camshaft is inserted, a slider...
US-9,834,989 Ladder leg shoe hinges 90 degrees and slides up
Improvements to the leg extension of an adjustable ladder leveler and, more generally, improvements to ladder legs. A shoe with a claw that folds to be parallel...
US-9,834,368 Automatic shoe cover dispenser with shoe cover cartridge
A shoe cover cartridge includes two guiding arms and a plurality of shoe covers overlapped in a sequential manner to define a standby shoe cover and a...
US-9,833,842 Rail shoe assembly
A rail shoe assembly for mounting a drilling machine to a rail of a railway track, with the drilling machine including a drill, a cutter, and a support frame...
US-9,833,691 Card dealing shoe
A card dealing shoe with card reading capability for facilitating play of card games includes a control system configured to detect the existence of an alarm...
US-9,833,679 Securing device for golf having removable studs
The golf shoe holder with dismountable threaded cleats prevents the supporting foot of a person from moving when attempting to hit the golf ball with a golf...
US-9,833,043 Shoe garter
A shoe garter configured and designed to secure a shoe to a user's foot. The shoe garter device comprises a flexible strap with fastening means to secure the...
US-D804,154 Protective shoe cover
US-9,831,730 Wound stator for alternating-current generator
The present invention relates to a wound stator. The wound stator comprises: a stator and a plurality of wires. The stator comprises: an annular body and a...
US-9,829,267 Scuba diving accessory, monopod, sling, fishing spear, buoyancy stick, lobster tickling rod, eel rattle,...
A diving accessory is disclosed. The invention is comprised of a compact, lightweight fishing spear having two parts: a hollow main tube and a barbed spear....
US-9,826,995 Support catheters for use in crossing and treating an occlusion
A device and method for treating a patient with total or near total occlusion is provided. The device can be positioned in a blood vessel at a treatment site....
US-9,826,795 Removable spat for a shoe
A removable spat may be used with a shoe having a sole and an upper. The spat includes a boot portion having a back opening and a front end, and a sleeve...
US-9,826,794 Shoe sole mounting standard for bicycle cleat
The present invention is embodied in a mounting standard for mounting a cleat assembly to a shoe sole having a curved underside portion and a plurality of...
US-D802,906 Shoe upper
US-9,819,246 Electrical machine and controller and methods of assembling the same
An electrical machine includes a fan guard having a first air flow channel. A stator assembly is coupled to the fan guard and includes a stator yoke having a...
US-9,816,377 Hydraulic axial-piston device with features to enhance efficiency and power density
An axial piston device configuration that includes a drive shaft, a piston block, pistons, a constant velocity joint assembly, a drive plate coupled to the...
US-9,816,347 Non-metallic slip assembly and related methods
A downhole isolation tool includes a mandrel made of non-metallic material, the mandrel comprising an isolation region at a first end of the mandrel, a shear...
US-9,816,246 Pile with sound abatement for vibratory installations
A noise-attenuating pile comprising a pile driving shoe, an outer tube that engages the pile driving shoe, and an inner member that extends through the outer...
US-9,815,151 Box column assembly
Apparatus for assisting in weld assembling a box column from a tack-welded pre-assembly of planar plate components. The apparatus features (1) an elongate frame...
US-9,814,962 Remote control electric shoes
The present invention provides a remote control electric shoes. The electric shoes comprises shoes bodies and a remote control. A user can use the remote...
US-9,814,368 Doormat device for cleaning shoe sole
The present disclosure provides an automatic doormat device for detecting and replenishing contaminated surface to keep contaminants from entering the house. An...
US-9,814,281 Combination shoelace and hook and loop fasteners shoe tightening system with replaceable shoelaces
A shoe quick tightening system includes two shoelace segments with aglets at the ends threaded through openings on the shoe, a pull-tab is connected to an aglet...
US-D802,778 Leg supporting frame for rehabilitation shoe
US-D802,290 Shoe upper
US-D802,289 Shoe upper
US-D802,288 Shoe upper
US-D802,287 Shoe upper
US-D802,286 Shoe upper
US-D802,285 Shoe upper
US-D802,284 Shoe upper
US-D802,283 Shoe upper
US-D802,282 Shoe upper
US-D802,281 Shoe
US-D802,280 Shoe upper
US-D802,279 Shoe upper
US-D802,278 Shoe upper
US-D802,276 Shoe outsole
US-D802,275 Shoe outsole
US-D802,274 Shoe outsole
US-D802,273 Shoe outsole
US-D802,272 Shoe outsole
US-D802,271 Shoe outsole
US-D802,270 Shoe outsole
US-D802,269 Shoe outsole
US-D802,268 Shoe outsole
US-D802,267 Golf shoe outsole
US-D802,266 Shoe midsole
US-D802,265 Shoe
US-D802,264 Shoe
US-D802,263 Shoe
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