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Patent # Description
US-D762,357 Shoe upper
US-D762,354 Shoe
US-9,399,894 Friction reducing downhole assemblies
A friction reducing assembly has a substantially cylindrical body member having an outer surface and friction reducing elements, such as ball transfer units or...
US-9,399,558 Cleanable diverter with vertical plate
A cleanable shoe-type diverter belt having pegs that travel across the width of the diverter belt. Guides extending diagonally across the width of the belt...
US-9,399,255 Device and method for producing a green compact from a powdered or granular material
A device and method for producing a green compact from a powdered or granular material by successive application and compression of the material, is disclosed....
US-9,398,788 Method for measuring inside dimensions of shoes and measuring tool therefor
Disclosed is a method for measuring inside dimensions of shoes. In this method a foot model can be obtained after the processes of a plastic filling material...
US-9,398,787 Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least one removable midsole section...
US-9,398,786 Split-sole footwear
A shoe comprising an upper forming an interior portion for a foot, the interior portion including toe and heel cavities, is provided. The shoe further comprises...
US-9,398,785 Shoe, especially sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe (1), especially to a sports shoe, having a shoe upper (2) and a sole (3) which is connected with the shoe upper (2), wherein the...
US-D762,338 Shoe drying rack
US-D762,056 Shoe element
US-D762,055 Shoe upper
US-D762,052 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D762,051 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D762,050 Purple sole and midsole assembly for a single-sole shoe
US-D762,049 Shoe
US-9,393,874 Trolley-type truck
A trolley-type truck is provided with a pantograph and travels in a trolley mode under electric power from an overhead wire and a non-trolley mode without...
US-9,392,844 Composite footwear having a programmable visual display
Novel footwear is disclosed. The footwear includes two deployable sidewalls, a deployable tongue and heel section. In the preferred embodiment, these all are...
US-9,392,837 Interchangeable shoe heels
A shoe system incorporates an open toe design having a receptacle in a heel that receives various heel designs and a toe spring for attaching various toes to...
US-D761,547 Golf shoe attachment
US-D761,546 Upper for a shoe
US-D761,543 Shoe insole
US-D761,542 Shoe bottom
US-D761,541 Shoe sole
US-D761,540 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D761,539 Yellow sole and midsole assembly for single-sole shoe
US-D761,538 Dual-sole shoe with outpatch sole
US-D761,537 Single sole shoe with orange sole
US-D761,536 Single sole shoe with green sole
US-D761,535 Single-sole shoe
US-D761,534 Orange sole and mid-sole assembly for a single-sole shoe
US-D761,533 Green sole and mid-sole assembly for a single-sole shoe
US-D761,532 Single sole shoe with yellow sole
US-D761,531 Single-sole shoe with orange stripe and orange sole
US-D761,530 Single-sole shoe with green stripe and green sole
US-D761,529 Single-sole shoe with purple stripe and purple sole
US-D761,527 Shoe upper
US-D761,526 Shoe
US-9,389,416 Optical resonance scanner
An optical resonance scanner has a spring-elastic bending element (10) excitable to effect rotational oscillations about a longitudinal axis (A-A) using a...
US-9,389,107 Magneto inductive flow measuring device having a measuring tube including at least one planar area on which a...
A magneto inductive, flow measuring device including a measuring tube and, arranged on the measuring tube, at least one magnet system, which includes a pole...
US-9,387,749 Sunroof apparatus
A sunroof apparatus includes: a movable panel that can open or close an opening formed in a roof of a vehicle; a deflector disposed along a front edge portion...
US-9,387,602 Method of making a concrete block
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-9,387,569 Leather head finishing system having plurality of apertures and angled shoe rails
A single and multiple abrasive structure support system has a multiple support structure which facilitates use of snail lock and Frankfurt shoe adaptive support...
US-9,386,875 Combination shoe horn and sock donning and doffing apparatus
Disclosed is a combination shoe horn and sock donning and doffing apparatus. The device includes an elongated rod that is composed of anodized aluminum so that...
US-9,386,822 Decorative shoe lace cincher
The present disclosure relates to a decorative cincher comprising a decorative element, a cincher, and a post, the cincher being useful in securing one or more...
US-9,386,820 Pressure relief system for footwear
Systems and methods are described for a shoe sole for relieving pressure from a wearer's metatarsal heads. In one aspect, a shoe sole comprises a shoe outer...
US-9,386,819 Insole with heating element
An insole for a shoe includes at least a plate of thermoplastic material and a heating element. The thermoplastic plate is fully customizable. Fully...
US-D761,024 Lock for a handbag and shoes
US-D761,006 Upper portion of a shoe
US-D761,005 Jazz shoe with heel
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