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Patent # Description
US-D796,809 Shoe outsole
US-D796,808 Shoe sole
US-D796,807 Shoe outsole
US-D796,806 Shoe outsole
US-D796,805 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D796,804 Shoe midsole
US-D796,803 Shoe midsole
US-D796,802 Shoe sole
US-D796,800 Shoe midsole
US-D796,799 Shoe midsole
US-D796,797 Shoe
US-D796,796 Shoe
US-D796,795 Sun visor shoe
US-D796,179 Shoe upper
US-D796,173 Shoe outsole
US-9,747,781 Shoe-based wearable interaction system
A system and method of initiating a command in a computing system having a processor. A pair of wearable items are detected as being in close proximity and a...
US-9,745,682 Multiple laundry treating machine
A multiple laundry treating machine, in which an auxiliary laundry treating device is coupled to a general laundry treating device, is disclosed. The multiple...
US-D795,562 Shoe upper
US-D795,559 Shoe upper
US-D795,546 Shoe outsole
US-D795,543 Shoe outsole
US-9,739,324 Brake lining assembly
The invention relates to a brake lining assembly, particularly for drum brakes, comprising a brake shoe having an outer contour, a brake lining having an inner...
US-9,739,104 Conveyor apparatus
A conveyor apparatus (2), so-called injector head, to enable feeding of e.g. continuous tubing (7) or coiled tubing through the conveyor apparatus (2) to or...
US-9,738,443 Vented trash receptacle
A trash receptacle with foot pedal actuated vented shoes that eliminate the vacuum created from a full flexible trash liner. Closeable side vents are actuated...
US-9,738,334 Track shoe having increased service life useful in a track drive system
A track shoe for a track drive system, which comprises a shoe base, one or more drive lugs attached to the shoe base, and a wear plate attached to the shoe...
US-9,738,178 Guide track for track-based vehicle, and traffic system
A guide track includes a guide rail having a guide groove opened upward in which guide wheels are inserted, and formed with guide surfaces for causing each of...
US-9,737,785 Sporting device having a sliding body and a drive for a circulating belt
The invention relates to a sporting device (1), in particular a touring ski assembly. The sporting device (1) comprises a sliding body (2) on which a bottom...
US-9,737,705 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
A patch for a therapeutic electrical stimulation device includes a shoe connected to the first side of the patch, the shoe including a body extending in a...
US-9,737,237 System, method and apparatus for determining the thickness of orthotics needed to correct for differences in...
The present invention is a system, method, and apparatus that relates to providing a quick measurement the difference, if any, of a person's left and right leg...
US-9,737,163 Shoe changing support assembly
A shoe changing support assembly includes a body portion defining a support surface. The shoe changing support assembly defines a shoe removal opening along a...
US-9,737,112 Shoe heel device
Shoe heel devices comprising a longitudinally compressible and transversely expandable shock absorber within a bore.
US-9,737,111 Removable shoe insert for corrective sizing
A ball-of-foot type shoe insert has two regions with different compressibility characteristics, illustratively created by using polyurethane foam of difference...
US-9,737,080 Moulding device, and method for moulding food products
Molding device for molding three-dimensional food products from a mass of foodstuff which can be transferred by pumping, for example a meat mass of minced meat....
US-9,735,653 Rotary electric device for power working machine
In a rotary electric device for a power working machine capable of being braked by a brake mechanism, a cover having a bottomed cylindrical shape and covering a...
US-9,732,886 Modular pipe-shoe, pipe-support system
A modular system for supporting, on an underlying framework, and at plural pipe-underside locations, an elongate linear pipe. The system includes (a) for each...
US-9,732,809 Electro-magnetic and centrifugal clutch
A clutch includes a first race, a second race, a pawl, a post, and a shoe. The second race defines a cam surface. The pawl is supported in the first race to...
US-9,732,750 Metering pump made of plastic
A disposable metering pump is made of plastic for products having solid fractions. The disposable metering pump has two rotors (10) which are coupled to each...
US-9,732,470 Shoe press belt for papermaking
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a shoe press belt which exhibits improvement in mechanical characteristics such as crack resistance, wear...
US-9,731,188 Adjustable roller skate
An adjustable roller skate is provided with a lower frame including a toe stop; a wheel assembly secured to the lower frame; an upper frame including a groove,...
US-9,730,492 Dually adjustable, anchored, parallel lacing technology
A lacing system having multiple anchor types, i.e., interior anchors, end anchors, and dynamically adjustable anchors, that, in combination with parallel lacing...
US-9,730,485 Shoe
A shoe (A) provided with an internal side (LI) and an external side (LE) and comprising a sole (I), an intermediate sole (3) and a reinforcement insert (4)...
US-D794,712 Shoe identification label
US-D794,310 Shoe upper
US-D794,296 Shoe outsole
US-D793,711 Shoe upper
US-D793,710 Shoe upper
US-D793,704 Shoe upper
US-D793,686 Golf shoe outsole
US-D793,684 Shoe outsole
US-9,717,304 Sole for a flexible shoe
In a sole for a flexible shoe having a soft-elastic midsole which comes in contact with the ground at least partially during running, which has laterally open,...
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