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Patent # Description
US-9,510,647 High heel shoe
There are disclosed high heel shoes where separate components combine to create load balancing internal footwear technology. A two-piece system includes...
US-9,510,644 High foot mobility shoe
Natural mobility footwear, including a sole and an upper which together, define separate seats for toe or toe groups, the thin sole comprises at a bottom at...
US-9,510,643 Sport orthotics
A pair of sport shoe inserts may be shaped differently to provide support to different areas of the feet during movement while participating in a sporting...
US-9,510,642 Shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable upper and sole
A shoe with waterproof and vapor-permeable upper and sole, including: an upper assembly including, in a stratified manner, a vapor-permeable or perforated outer...
US-9,510,640 Ventilating sole element for a shoe as well as sole assembly and waterproof, breathable shoe comprising the same
A ventilating sole element (173) for a shoe according to the present invention comprises a side wall (608). A channel structure (178) is formed in the...
US-D773,168 Shoe upper
US-D773,167 Shoe upper
US-D773,166 Shoe upper
US-D773,165 Nonskid pad for shoes
US-D773,164 Shoe outsole
US-D773,163 Shoe outsole
US-D773,162 Golf shoe outsole
US-D773,161 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D773,160 Shoe sole
US-D773,159 Shoe midsole
US-D773,158 Shoe
US-D773,156 Shoe
US-9,506,456 Hydrostatic axial piston machine and retention plate
An axial piston machine has a cylinder connected to a shaft and a multiplicity of pistons guided by the cylinder and supported by sliding shoes on a swashplate....
US-9,506,318 Cementing well bores
A method and system of cementing a well bore with vibration of a casing string as a fluid cement mixture is forced into the annulus between the casing string...
US-9,505,452 Wear shoe assembly for a track-type machine
A wear shoe assembly is disclosed. The wear shoe assembly may have a wear shoe extending from a wear shoe front end to a wear shoe rear end. The wear shoe may...
US-9,505,384 Device and method for removing rust on motor vehicle wheel brakes
A device for removing rust on a brake disk of a wheel brake includes a control unit which automatically activates a brake actuator in order to apply brake shoes...
US-9,504,592 Ankle-foot orthosis
An Ankle-Foot Orthosis, or AFO, has a vertical portion and a horizontal portion joined together. The horizontal portion is fixed to a shoe, which is selected by...
US-9,504,293 Outsole with extendable traction elements
An outsole element may include a first side configured for attachment to a midsole or other shoe component and an exposed second side opposite the first side. A...
US-9,504,290 Walking shoe
A walking shoe that senses a fall and urges a user of the shoe to perform movement for fall prevention. When the walker stumbles or almost falls, a ...
US-D772,557 Shoe upper
US-D772,556 Shoe upper
US-D772,555 Shoe upper
US-D772,554 Shoe upper
US-D772,553 Shoe upper
US-D772,552 Shoe upper
US-D772,551 Shoe upper
US-D772,550 Shoe upper
US-D772,547 Shoe upper
US-D772,541 Shoe
US-9,500,627 Method for ultrasonic inspection of irregular and variable shapes
A system and a method for enabling ultrasonic inspection of multiple or varying radii of a composite part without making mechanical adjustments to compensate...
US-9,500,311 Directional insertion tool
A device and method for inserting a tool into a pipeline transporting a fluid. The device includes a housing that is attachable to a vertical fitting applied on...
US-9,500,245 Springs for shoes
A spring for a spring shoe, the spring including a conical disk, the conical disk having a flexible flange around the perimeter of the conical disk. A spring...
US-9,498,698 Adjusting assembly comprising a retaining link and a blocking device for keeping a shoe on a sports apparatus
The invention relates to an adjusting assembly designed to retain a shoe on a sports apparatus comprising a retaining link (8) and a blocking device (12), this...
US-9,498,105 Anti-slip shoe accessory for court sports
A traction-enhancing cleaning kit for allowing sports players to clean and dry the soles of their court shoes while in-play. The cleaning kit comprises a...
US-9,498,022 Shoe upper and method for producing shoe upper
There is provided a shoe upper with high productivity in which a reinforcing section can be easily formed at the position of the heel or the toe, and a method...
US-9,498,019 Impact absorbing shoe
Improved impact absorbing shoe constructions are provided which include a composite sole and an attached upper. The sole includes a section of artificial turf...
US-9,498,018 High heel shoe
Embodiments of an improved high heel shoe are disclosed herein. According to various embodiments, the improved high heel shoe can include an upper, a sole at...
US-9,498,017 Power generation device and shoe equipment having power generation device
A power generation device includes a first pivot arm having a shank extendable in a predetermined direction, and a rack arranged along the predetermined...
US-9,498,016 Lighting shoe
A lighting shoe includes a power generating device. When a user steps on or presses the lighting shoe, the power generating device bears an external force and...
US-D771,934 Removable upper element for a shoe
US-D771,933 Removable heel element for a shoe
US-D771,932 Shoe upper
US-D771,931 Shoe upper
US-D771,930 Shoe upper
US-D771,929 Shoe upper
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