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Patent # Description
US-9,468,327 Method and system for dispensing shoe covers
A method and a system for dispensing shoe covers are disclosed. The shoe cover dispensing method comprises the following steps: propping a shoe cover open;...
US-9,468,264 Flexible stud
Described are studs for a shoe sole comprising at least a first stud portion and a second stud portion and at least one first strain section, which connects the...
US-9,468,254 Compact shoe wardrobe system implementing interchangeable vamps and bases
A compact shoe wardrobe system implementing interchangeable vamps and bases comprises a plurality of bases, wherein rear portions of the plurality of bases...
US-9,468,253 Adjustable shoe
The shoe (10) includes a sole (11), in particular having an upper part (12) on which a user's foot is intended to rest. The sole (11) includes a rear support...
US-D768,977 Shoe upper
US-D768,976 Shoe upper
US-D768,972 Shoe support
US-D768,970 Shoe insert
US-D768,969 Shoe midsole
US-D768,968 Shoe midsole
US-9,464,980 Turf testing apparatus and methods
Improved apparatuses and methods for testing turf or other surfaces, in one embodiment, a turf testing apparatus includes two actuators for moving a shoe...
US-9,464,843 Shoe dryer
In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a shoe drier, comprising: a structure (16) having an enclosed space into which shoes (28) are placed for...
US-9,463,258 Sanitizing device
The shoe sole sanitizer provides a UV radiation emitting system that kills microbial pathogens deposited on shoe sole surfaces. The system includes a housing...
US-9,462,844 Footwear having sensor system
A shoe has a sensor system operably connected to a communication port. Performance data is collected by the system and can be transferred for further use via...
US-9,462,797 Radiopaque elastomeric horseshoe
A horseshoe for attaching to a horse's hoof using an adhesive, such as glue. In one example, the horseshoe includes an elastomeric body containing a wear...
US-D768,375 Shoe upper
US-D768,374 Shoe upper
US-D768,373 Shoe upper
US-D768,372 Shoe
US-D768,371 Upper for a shoe
US-D768,370 Shoe crease prevention insert
US-D768,368 Shoe
US-D768,367 Shoe sole
US-D768,366 Shoe
US-D768,363 Shoe
US-9,458,694 System and method for a slotted liner shoe extension
A system and method for extending a slotted liner shoe is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a low density material is injected into a liner having a...
US-9,458,000 Pallet truck adapter
A pallet truck adapter having side by side shoes for fitting over pallet supporting tines, in which the shoes are of different heights. This facilitates...
US-9,457,961 Pre-angling of articles for sortation
A method of sorting articles using a positive displacement sorter having a plurality of slats arranged in parallel to define a conveying surface moving in a...
US-9,456,660 Odor impregnated shoe insert assembly
An odor impregnated shoe insert assembly includes a panel that has a size and shape to conform to and cover an insole of a shoe. The panel has an upper surface,...
US-9,456,653 Bicycle shoe support and bicycle shoe
A bicycle shoe support includes a rigid support frame and a flexible support member. The rigid support frame has a cleat attachment section, a heel section and...
US-9,456,549 Combine harvester with variable stroke cleaning shoe
A combine harvester having a sieve that is moveable by a sieve drive assembly to perform a reciprocating sieve movement having a sieving stroke and a sieve...
US-D767,873 Shoe upper
US-D767,872 Shoe upper
US-D767,871 Shoe upper
US-D767,870 Shoe upper
US-D767,869 Shoe upper
US-D767,868 Shoe upper
US-D767,867 Shoe upper
US-D767,866 Shoe upper
US-D767,865 Shoe upper
US-D767,864 Shoe upper
US-D767,861 Shoe sole
US-D767,860 Convertible shoe
US-9,452,891 System for conveying biomass for collection, transport, or processing
A system for conveying biomass is disclosed. The system is configured to convey biomass for collection, transport, or processing. The system contains a housing...
US-9,452,349 Modular dealing shoe for casino table card games
A playing card delivery shoe used in the play of the casino table card game of blackjack. The shoe may include an area for receiving a first set of playing...
US-9,452,348 Card dealing shoe
A card dealing shoe including a sloped base with an opening, a roller mounted for rotational motion on an axle connected at each of the opposing side walls, and...
US-9,452,347 Device to secure the mouth of a playing card shoe
The present disclosure is directed to a security apparatus for use on a playing card shoe to prevent the removal of playing cards from the splaying card shoe....
US-9,451,881 Gait-based biometric system for detecting weight gain or loss
Systems and methods for determining a user's static weight while standing as well as the user's load bearing weight. A sensor module with multiple sensors is...
US-9,451,810 Automated identification of shoe parts
Manufacturing of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by automated placement of shoe parts. For example, a part-recognition system analyzes an image of a...
US-D767,268 Shoe upper
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