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Patent # Description
US-D767,267 Shoe toe cap
US-D767,266 Shoe outsole
US-D767,263 Fillable shoe sole
US-D767,259 Shoe
US-9,450,459 Pole shoe arrangement for a machine element of an electrical machine
A pole shoe element for an electrical machine is described. The electrical machine has a stator, a rotor and an air gap between the stator and the rotor. The...
US-9,447,827 Clutch with built-in torsional vibration damper
A torsional vibration damper equipped clutch (20) for a combustion engine (E) includes a clutch drum (32), coupled with a cutter blade (3) through a drive shaft...
US-9,447,661 Gravel pack and sand disposal device
An apparatus and method allow gravel pack slurry to be placed in a borehole annulus from the toe towards the heel to reduce the pressure acting upon the heel of...
US-9,447,532 Automated assembly and stitching of shoe parts
Manufacturing of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by executing various shoe-manufacturing processes in an automated manner. For example, shoe parts may...
US-9,446,877 System and apparatus for applying labels to cable or conduit
A system for applying labels to cable or conduit including at least one label and a label applicator. The label applicator including at least one guide roller,...
US-9,446,805 Track assembly having arcuate crawler shoes
A crawler shoe is disclosed for use with a mobile machine having a track assembly with a sprocket. The crawler shoe may have a ground engaging surface, and...
US-9,446,774 Railway car truck with friction damping
A three piece railway freight truck is comprised of two laterally spaced side frames between which a bolster extends. Suspension load springs support the...
US-9,445,647 Footwear cleat with cushioning
A removable cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a disc with opposing faces. A shoe coupling element is attached to one face of the disc. The other disc face...
US-9,445,546 Shoe load and distribution sensing for combine harvester
In one embodiment, a combine harvester sensing system comprising a shoe; a thresher rotor; and a sensor disposed between the shoe and the thresher rotor, the...
US-D766,568 Shoe upper
US-D766,567 Shoe upper
US-D766,566 Shoe upper
US-D766,565 Shoe upper
US-D766,560 Shoe insole
US-D766,559 Shoe insert
US-D766,558 Golf shoe outsole
US-D766,557 Shoe
US-D766,556 Men's shoe
US-9,441,707 Release apparatuses with locking surfaces formed at contact angles and methods of manufacturing release apparatuses
Some embodiments provide release apparatuses comprising: a body comprising a first mating section and a second mating section connected to first and second...
US-9,440,626 Drum brake type electric parking brake apparatus
There is provided a drum brake type electric parking brake apparatus includes an electric actuator unit, a backing plate and a knuckle. The electric actuator...
US-9,439,476 Decorative ornament
A decorative ornament has a disc shaped plate member which is configured to fit into the top slit pocket opening of a "penny loafer" type shoe or an accessory...
US-9,439,475 Method for producing shoe upper and shoe upper
There is provided a method for producing a shoe upper capable of producing a shoe upper having a double structure with high productivity. A tubular inner side...
US-9,439,473 For a shoe, in particular for a sports shoe
A shoe including a sole having specific characteristics, namely a width, a length, a thickness and a front/rear profile, where the sole is made with materials...
US-D766,378 Playing card dealing shoe
US-D765,964 Shoe upper
US-D765,962 Shoe sole tread
US-D765,961 Outsole for a shoe
US-D765,960 Outsole for a shoe
US-D765,959 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,958 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,957 Shoe accessory
US-D765,956 Shoe
US-D765,955 Upper for a shoe
US-D765,954 Shoe
US-9,435,408 Tensioner for a camshaft-camshaft chain drive
A tensioner, for a camshaft-camshaft chain drive with a drive chain and camshaft bearing bridge for fastening camshaft bearings to an engine block, comprises a...
US-9,435,327 Shoe
A shoe 5 includes a spherical portion 5A in sliding contact with a sliding surface 4a that is a hemispherical concave portion of a piston 4, an end surface...
US-9,434,428 Track pad wear indicator
A track pad is disclosed for use for a track type mobile machine having a sprocket and an idler wheel. The track pad may have a first link with a rail surface...
US-9,434,277 Passenger seat having a bucket seat structure and adjustable position
A seat for a passenger cabin of a vehicle includes a bucket seat (10), the bucket seat including a seat pan (11) and a back rest (12) attached to the seat pan...
US-9,433,838 Shoe holder arranged for attachment to a golf bag
A shoe holder is arranged for attachment to a golf bag. The shoe holder includes a basket in which a pair of shoes may be retained. The basket includes a cavity...
US-9,433,248 Protective clothing to keep a user clean when using yard care power tools
The present invention comprises a protective covering for keeping a user's leg clean while using power tools such as grass and weed trimmers or sprayers for...
US-9,433,197 Fishing reel having centrifugal brake system
Disclosed herein is a fishing reel having a centrifugal brake system. The fishing reel includes a frame, a shaft, a spool and a centrifugal brake system. The...
US-D765,394 Shoe tote
US-D765,386 Shoe upper
US-D765,385 Shoe upper
US-D765,384 Shoe upper
US-D765,383 Shoe upper
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