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Patent # Description
US-9,140,498 Method for manufacturing a bundle of plates for a heat exchanger
A method is provided for manufacturing a bundle of plates for a heat exchanger made up of a stack of plates. The method includes reducing by machining the...
US-9,140,248 Method and device for assembling swash plate-type fluid machine
A method of assembling a swash plate-type fluid machine, comprising: bringing, with each of a plurality of pistons suspended by a swash plate, a shaft assembly...
US-9,139,274 Removable shoe attachment system
An attachment system for attaching shoes having toe and heel areas to a wide variety of sports equipment, in particular to a rowing boat or a rowing machine....
US-9,138,971 Method and apparatus for adhesive bond curing
Portable apparatus for curing a part includes a wheeled frame having sliding part supports that move the part from a loading position to a curing position. A...
US-9,138,127 Illuminatory power band for a shoe cleaning device
A shoe cleaning device 10 comprises a rotatable cleaning disc 12, a housing 14 for mounting the cleaning disc 12 on, a motor 16 for driving the disc 12...
US-9,138,052 Portable storage apparatus
One feature provides a portable storage apparatus that comprises a frame, a hanger rod, a shoe shelf, and a drawer. The hanger rod, the shoe shelf, and the...
US-9,138,028 Shoe, sole assembly for a shoe, method of manufacturing a sole assembly and method of manufacturing a shoe
A shoe according to the invention comprises an upper assembly comprising an upper portion (10) having an outer material (11) for surrounding a foot and a lower...
US-D739,628 Shoe drying rack
US-D739,625 Rotatable, dual wiping pad shoe sole wiping system
US-D739,135 Shoe upper
US-D739,133 Shoe insole
US-D739,127 Shoe
US-9,133,681 Protected retaining bands
An improved downhole tool apparatus for limiting the extrusion of a sealing elements in downhole tools that use segmented retaining assemblies, retaining shoes...
US-9,133,656 Inverted constant force window balance for tilt sash
A window balance may include a shoe body with an elongate portion and an enlarged portion. The elongate portion may include at least one carrier section for...
US-9,132,430 System and method for processing multiple polymer component articles for recycling
A system and method for separating polymer components of a multi-component article, such as a shoe, is presented. The described system and method exploits the...
US-9,131,751 Shoe having elastic tongue-securing straps
Provided are, among other things, shoes having elastic tongue-securing straps. In one representative embodiment, a shoe includes: (a) a sole; (b) an upper,...
US-9,131,747 Shoe sole
A shoe sole which assists in and enables correct walking. The shoe sole includes an outsole, a main midsole, a lower midsole and an upper midsole. The main...
US-9,131,701 Dough rounder
A compact, rounding machine, or rounder, for quickly rounding dough units discharged from a divider into substantially round dough balls used to make products...
US-D738,607 Shoe upper
US-D738,603 Shoe heel
US-D738,600 Shoe midsole with heel
US-D738,599 Shoe
US-D738,598 Shoe
US-9,129,513 Floor mat system
A floor mat system features a mat base. A mat top surface is designed to interface with a foot or a shoe sole of a user, and a mat bottom surface is designed to...
US-9,127,474 Railing system
A railing system for mounting a panel or series of panels to form a railing. The railing system is comprised of the following base components: a shoe, which may...
US-9,126,103 Card-handling devices and systems
Playing card-handling devices, such as shufflers, dealing shoes, discard racks and verification systems, are rotatably secured to a gaming table to allow for...
US-9,126,095 Touring or cross-country ski binding
The present invention relates to a touring or cross-country binding comprising: an engagement section (2.1) for pivotal engagement of a ski shoe engagement pin...
US-9,125,595 System and insole for measuring information from the foot of a user and related method of providing same
An insole can include: an upper conductive ground plane layer; an upper compressible insulating layer physically coupled to the upper conductive ground plane...
US-9,125,453 Shoe outsole having tubes
A shoe sole structure includes an outsole having a plurality of cushioning members formed with the bottom surface of the outsole that can extend at least...
US-9,125,452 Cleats, cleated sole structures, molds, and molding methods for in-molding articles
Cleat structures, e.g., for golf shoes, may include a flat and flexible interior surface and/or a generally disk-shaped perimeter area that includes features to...
US-D738,097 Shoe upper
US-D738,096 Shoe upper
US-D738,095 Shoe upper
US-D738,094 Shoe upper
US-D738,093 Shoe upper
US-D738,092 Shoe upper
US-D738,091 Shoe upper
US-D738,090 Shoe upper
US-D738,089 Shoe upper
US-D738,088 Shoe
US-D738,087 Shoe upper
US-D738,086 Shoe upper
US-D738,085 Shoe upper
US-D738,084 Golf shoe upper
US-D738,081 Shoe insert
US-D738,080 Shoe outsole periphery and bottom
US-D738,079 Shoe
US-D738,078 Shoe outsole periphery and bottom
US-D738,077 Shoe
US-D738,076 Shoe
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