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Patent # Description
US-8,898,936 Footwear fastening aid
A shoe having a sole and an upper extending from the sole. The upper having an eyelet which carries a strap. The strap extends between a first end and a second...
US-8,898,933 Toe cap and toe cap embedded shoe
A structure of a toe cap and a shoe having the toe cap embedded which does not disturb foot movement such as walking while protecting a toe against lateral...
US-8,898,913 Masonry circular saw stabilizing and supporting shoe
A supporting and stabilizing shoe used with a masonry circular power saw. A shoe frame rigidly mounts to the saw's motor frame. A plate that is preferably...
US-D718,517 Shoe
US-8,895,938 Footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system exposing light-activated photocatalytic oxidation coating
Introducing ultraviolet (UV) light to activate a photocatalytic oxidation coating applied to interior portions of footwear alters the environment inside a shoe...
US-8,893,403 Sole construction having an air pumping device
The invention relates to a sole construction for a shoe, comprising an upper sole part, which has channels, a lower outsole part, and an air pumping device,...
US-D718,064 Shoe lace holder
US-D718,041 Shoe lace
US-D718,040 Shoe upper
US-D718,039 Shoe upper
US-D718,038 Shoe
US-D718,037 Shoe upper
US-D718,036 Shoe upper
US-D718,035 Shoe upper
US-D718,034 Shoe upper
US-D718,033 Shoe upper
US-D718,032 Shoe upper
US-D718,031 Shoe upper
US-D718,029 Footwear with grid pattern
US-D718,028 Shoe insert
US-D718,027 Set of shoe pads
US-D718,024 Shoe
US-8,892,244 Automated tile placement machine
Methods and apparatus are provided for the automated assembly of individual tiles on a surface in a predetermined pattern. In one exemplary embodiment, an...
US-8,892,243 Universal system and method of handling a container
A universal system and method for handling a container is disclosed. The system can include: a support structure (10) defining a bay (32), the support structure...
US-8,891,954 Light focusing device
A device for detachably coupling with a camera. The device includes a mount configured to detachably couple with a hot shoe of the camera. The mount includes a...
US-8,891,003 Imaging apparatus including hot shoe
An imaging apparatus includes a hot shoe to which one of a plurality of peripheral devices including an external strobe is selectively attachable. The imaging...
US-8,889,822 Copolymers comprising polyamide blocks and polyether blocks and having improved mechanical properties
The invention relates to a process for producing a shaped article having excellent mechanical properties, said article comprising a block copolymer PAX.Y/PE...
US-8,888,632 Double-sided driving silent chain and double-sided driving silent chain transmission using the same
A silent chain using double-sided driving link plates having symmetrical upper and lower teeth has a problem that it is unable to assure a required risky...
US-8,888,628 Transmission guide
The synthetic resin guide in accordance with the invention comprises an elongated synthetic resin shoe having a front surface for sliding contact with the...
US-8,888,484 Guide shoe for a guiding device of a plastic processing machine clamping unit
A guide shoe of a guiding device of a plastic processing machine clamping unit has an elongated main part in clamping direction for attachment of sliding and/or...
US-8,888,483 Molded article transfer device
An in-mold shutter (140) for embedding in an injection mold (100, 200, 300) is described herein. The in-mold shutter (140, 240, 340, 440, 540) includes a...
US-8,887,878 Variable position anchor assembly for adjusting brake shoes in a drum brake
An anchor assembly is provided that permits adjustment of the brake shoes in a drum brake to account for wear. The assembly includes first and second adjuster...
US-8,887,877 Drum brake with automatic shoe clearance adjustment apparatus
To provide the drum brake with the automatic shoe clearance adjustment apparatus to reduce the cost of the drum brake as reducing the number of components. The...
US-8,887,411 Athletic shoe having a segmented upper
A shoe having an improved upper, and method of manufacture are presented herein. The upper is generally comprised of a plurality of non-stretch panels...
US-8,887,409 Detachable shoe protector
A detachable, flexible shoe protector is disclosed cover for protecting shoes against inclement weather conditions and for protecting carpet and indoor flooring...
US-D717,535 Shoe
US-D717,529 Upper for a shoe
US-D717,526 Shoe for automobile driver
US-8,886,098 Apparatus and method to control media wrinkling through roll flaring
According to aspects of the embodiments, an electrophotographic system utilizing a belt roll fuser mechanism which inhibits or minimizes wrinkling or slipping...
US-8,885,094 Accessory, camera, accessory shoe, and connector
An accessory which is controlled by a control signal supplied from a camera, includes: a terminal section having a plurality of terminals located adjacent to...
US-8,882,393 Tool for longitudinally subdividing sewer pipes
The invention relates to a tool for longitudinally subdividing buried sewer pipes having an asymmetric, generally oval cross section, made substantially of a...
US-8,882,114 Wearable device
A wearable device configured to selectively provide roller transportation includes a shoe configured to at least partially accept a foot of a user of the...
US-8,881,431 Shoe with protrusions and securing portions
A shoe sole structure includes a midsole body that extends from the heel region to the forefoot region of a shoe and an outsole that is attached to the midsole...
US-8,881,429 Asymmetrical footwear having a configuration that is continuous from one shoe to another
An asymmetrical footwear assembly comprising a first article of footwear and a second article of footwear, said first and second articles of footwear being...
US-8,881,427 For a shoe, in particular for a sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe in which the specific characteristics of the midsole, namely the width, length, thickness and front/rear profile thereof,...
US-D717,083 Shoe-exhibit
US-D717,035 Shoe outsole
US-D717,033 Shoe outsole and insert
US-D717,031 Shoe sole
US-D717,030 Shoe sole
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