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Patent # Description
US-D723,775 Shoe outsole
US-D723,774 Shoe bottom
US-D723,773 Shoe outsole periphery
US-D723,772 Shoe sole
US-D723,771 Strap for a shoe
US-D723,770 Shoe
US-8,970,054 Foot-powered energy harvesting mechanisms for insoles and shoes
The energy harvesting mechanism solves the problem of running out of battery life in remote or inconvenient locations. This invention has been designed to...
US-8,969,453 Method of manufacturing footwear using adhesive films and composite of adhesive films
A composite of an adhesive film contains a thermoplastic elastomer selected from rubber-based thermoplastic elastomer or rubber series material,...
US-8,968,227 Knee Brace
Disclosed and claimed herein is an improved leg brace having a thigh frame, a shank frame, a knee assembly rotatably coupling the thigh frame to the shank...
US-8,968,166 Sports performance enhancement system
A sport performance enhancing system includes a left glove, a right glove, a vest, a belt, a left shoe, a right shoe, and a plurality of resistance bands. The...
US-8,967,742 Roof shoe storage attic
A shoe storage system disposed on ceiling or roof. The system comprises a multiple compartment shoe attic and a mounting base. The mounting base has a base...
US-8,966,788 Set of podiatric articles
A set of podiatric articles each of which is placeable into a respective one of a pair of shoes. Each article includes: an arch area with a cross-sectional...
US-8,966,775 Digital bite line creation for shoe assembly
A system and method may simultaneously apply a limited visibility bite line to a temporarily assembled shoe upper and shoe sole while also generating a digital...
US-D723,295 Shoe rack
US-D723,258 Golf shoe upper
US-D723,257 Golf shoe upper
US-D723,254 Shoe outsole
US-D723,253 Shoe sole
US-D723,252 Decorative shoe
US-D723,251 Pair of shoes
US-8,960,782 Drive mechanism and open roof construction provided therewith
A drive mechanism includes a guide channel and a slide shoe. The guide channel comprises a first part extending in a substantially horizontal direction for...
US-8,959,804 Footwear sole sections including bladders with internal flexibility sipes therebetween and an attachment...
A shoe or other footwear, including a footwear or orthotic sole, including a sole section with an outer bladder having a uppermost surface curved concavely in a...
US-8,959,799 Shoe having lace fitting structure
A shoe having a sole, an upper including a first opening and a second opening, and shoelace means, the upper including: a first side edge portion having a...
US-8,959,798 Shoe sole element
A midsole element to be mounted to the lower surface of an insole of a shoe as a heel, wherein the midsole element has a upper surface adapted to be mounted on...
US-8,959,796 Footwear
A shoe that includes a shoe sole having a medial side and a lateral side, a top insole surface for placement of the foot sole and toes thereon and a bottom...
US-8,959,691 Weaving method of three-dimensional vamp
A weaving method of a three-dimensional vamp includes the steps of: weaving yarn by a warp-knitting machine to form a top vamp by a first part needle bar of the...
US-D722,760 Golf shoe upper
US-D722,759 Golf shoe upper
US-D722,758 Golf shoe upper
US-D722,754 Shoe midsole
US-D722,753 Shoe outsole
US-D722,750 Shoe
US-D722,748 Shoe sole
US-8,958,901 Automated manufacturing of shoe parts
Manufacturing of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by executing various shoe-manufacturing processes in an automated fashion. For example, information...
US-8,955,814 Seat slide apparatus for vehicle
A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes: a lower rail that is fixed on a vehicle floor and extends in a front-rear direction of the vehicle; and an upper...
US-8,955,733 Internal pipe line-up clamping module
A clamping module for a pipe line-up system uses bell crank linkages to transmit pipe alignment and clamping forces between radially moving clamping feet and a...
US-8,955,722 Assembly of a tapping keg with a neck and a connecting device and parts therefor
An assembly (1) of a tapping keg (2) with neck (5) and a connecting device (15) for placement on said neck (5). In the neck is at least one valve (20, 22). The...
US-8,955,652 Apparatus and method of manufacturing brake lining
A manufacturing apparatus 10 for manufacturing a brake lining 41 is provided with a support portion 33 for supporting a brake shoe 43, a compressing portion 20...
US-8,955,454 Rowing boat footrest assembly
A rowing boat footrest assembly includes a stationary support member and a footrest member. The stationary support member is configured and arranged for...
US-8,955,237 Detachable post-operative protective device for the toes and forefoot
A protective member having a substantially flat base portion, and a substantially cup-shaped member extending from a forward end of the base portion. The base...
US-D722,428 Shoe sole
US-D722,427 Shoe bottom
US-D722,426 Shoe
US-D722,425 Shoe
US-D722,424 Post-operative shoe
US-8,950,648 Box column assembly
Apparatus for assisting in weld assembling a box column from a tack-welded pre-assembly of planar plate components. The apparatus features (1) an elongate frame...
US-8,950,232 Hydraulic swage press
A swaging press (30) includes a piston member (16) and a plurality of die shoes (18), the piston member (16) in use driving the die shoes (18) inwardly during a...
US-8,950,085 Shoe sole that allows breathability of the foot
The present invention concerns the footwear sector and more specifically it concerns a sole obtainable through compression or injection moulding that allows...
US-D722,226 Shoe upper
US-D722,225 Shoe upper
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