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Patent # Description
US-8,397,822 Multiphase conductor shoe for use with electrical submersible pump
A system for producing wellbore fluids. The system includes a pumping system deployable into tubing disposed in a wellbore, the pumping system includes a pump,...
US-8,397,404 Health shoes
The present invention relates to a health shoe having an arc type stretching body to be formed apart from a front end and a rear end of a shoe sole with a...
US-8,397,402 Shoe having levered cushioning system
The present invention relates to a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with a cushioning system comprising a lower sole element and an upper sole element. The...
US-8,397,357 Shoelace retaining apparatus
A retaining apparatus that is attached to a toe portion of a shoelace section of a laced shoe for securing loops and loose ends of a shoelace. The apparatus is...
US-D678,080 Applicator
US-D677,876 Shoe upper
US-D677,875 Shoe upper
US-D677,874 Shoe upper
US-D677,867 Shoe sole
US-D677,866 Shoe
US-D677,865 Shoe
US-8,395,509 RFID tag assembly and method of managing a race
A race management system which includes an RFID tag located between an inner and outer layer and is removably secured to a participant's bib through a mounting...
US-D677,455 Shoe outsole
US-D677,454 Shoe outsole
US-RE44,060 Electric car control apparatus
An electric car control apparatus with which it is possible to make the size of equipment small. The control apparatus includes current detectors for...
US-8,388,243 Apparatus for holding a portable media device
An apparatus for holding a portable media device may include a body including: a pair of spaced apart and opposing handles, each handle comprising a flat bottom...
US-8,388,053 Roof apparatus
A roof apparatus includes a guide rail extending in a front-rear direction of a vehicle, a drive shoe slidable along the guide rail, a functional bracket...
US-8,388,050 Roof apparatus for vehicle
A roof apparatus includes an engaging groove being in communication with an inside of a guide rail at a rear portion, an engaging projection provided at a check...
US-8,387,287 Protective cover for a bicycle cleat
A protective cover for a bicyclist cleated shoe includes a thin flexible body member arranged in a generally cylindrical shape having a hollow interior and an...
US-8,387,285 Footwear with sole force distribution and sense enhancement
According to the present invention there is provided a sports shoe (10) having an upper part (12) configured to receive the foot (14) of a wearer and a sole...
US-8,387,284 Footwear, clothing and other apparel with interchangeable toe and heel members or other ornaments and related...
A method for providing changeable designs on clothing such as shoes by integrating a portion of the outer surface of an existing article of the shoe with a base...
US-8,387,280 Mechanical cushioning system for footwear
A midsole element is adapted for positioning on a medial or lateral side of a shoe. The midsole element, having a longitudinal direction and a transverse...
US-8,387,279 Shoe sole for increasing instability
A shoe sole and shoe are provided for offsetting a wearer's side-to-side balance to encourage a wearer's conditioning and toning. The shoe sole includes a...
US-8,387,278 Sole for footwear
A sole (12) for an item of footwear such as a shoe (10) includes a heel part (18) and a forefoot part (16), the forefoot part (16) including a rocker region...
US-8,387,276 Shoe with combined device for vapor permeation and forced air circulation
A shoe with a combined device for vapor permeation and forced air circulation including an assembly insole which is vapor-permeable or includes through holes,...
US-D677,045 Ornament for shoes
US-D677,042 Shoe sole
US-D677,041 Heel of a shoe sole
US-D677,040 Shoe
US-D677,037 Three-dimensional frog shaped shoe
US-8,386,032 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
A patch for a therapeutic electrical stimulation device includes a shoe connected to the first side of the patch, the shoe including a body extending in a...
US-8,382,694 Ankle-foot orthotic for treatment of foot drop
An ankle-foot orthotic is provided that treats steppage gate by preventing foot drop during movement. The orthotic having an ankle brace linked to a user's shoe...
US-8,382,688 Sensor device for gait enhancement
A foot sensor device and method for gait enhancement, the device including: (a) a sensor unit having a casing, the sensor unit for disposing within a shoe of a...
US-D676,649 Shoe upper
US-D676,648 Shoe upper
US-D676,647 Shoe upper
US-D676,646 Shoe upper
US-D676,645 Shoe upper
US-D676,644 Shoe upper
US-D676,643 Shoe upper
US-D676,642 Shoe upper
US-D676,641 Shoe heel
US-D676,637 Insole for shoe
US-D676,634 Split sole shoe
US-8,376,796 Step-in swim fin binding system
A diving fin system possessing two independent subunits, a fin subunit and a shoe subunit. The two subunits are reversibly fastened through a mechanism whereby...
US-8,375,881 Rowing boat footrest assembly
A rowing boat footrest assembly is provided with a base, a foot-rudder control member, a footrest member, a first pivot structure and a second pivot structure....
US-8,375,602 Shoe having lace fitting structure
A shoe having a lace fitting structure of the present invention includes, as its primary components, a first side panel 51 extending in an upward or diagonally...
US-8,375,501 Shoe-attached brush system for cleaning golf clubs
A brush system for attaching to a shoe having a base with a top surface, a bottom surface, and a side edge, a plurality of bristles extending upwardly from the...
US-8,375,471 Deposition of electronic circuits on fibers and other materials
Fibers, such as textile fibers, having electrical components deposited thereon. More particularly, one or more electrical components are formed directly onto...
US-D676,229 Shoe upper
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