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Patent # Description
US-8,720,758 Shoe holder system for bicycle saddle
Embodiments of the disclosed systems are useful to participants in triathlons who wish to transport their own running shoes while bicycling. Athletic shoes are...
US-8,720,083 Waterproof vapor-permeable shoe
A waterproof vapor-permeable shoe, including an upper part that delimits a foot insertion region; a sole, made mainly of plastic material, provided with at...
US-D704,424 Shoe outsole
US-D704,423 Shoe outsole
US-D704,422 Shoe
US-D704,421 Shoe
US-8,715,549 Polyurethane-coated spandex fabric-fused midsole and apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to a polyurethane-coated (PU-coated) spandex fabric-fused midsole, and an apparatus and method for manufacturing the same, which...
US-8,715,422 Shoe sole cleaning system and method
A shoe sole cleaning device includes a housing for storing a plurality of sanitation wipes therein. The cleaning apparatus includes a separation platform for...
US-8,715,122 Blade tensioner with spring retaining features
A chain tensioner blade assembly shoe includes a first spring-receiving slot and a second spring-receiving slot. The first spring-receiving slot includes: (i) a...
US-8,714,512 Devisible climbing shoe of a climbing formwork
A climbing shoe (10) of a climbing formwork for fixing to a concreting section (14) of a building comprises a sliding shoe part (16) on which claws (50) are...
US-8,714,370 Systems and methods for securing footwear to a bag, back-pack, or other object
The invention generally relates to a footwear clamp bag accessory used to clamp a pair of shoes together and couple the clamped shoes to some other object using...
US-8,714,315 Parking brakes
A parking brake is described which has a backplate, first and second brake shoe portions mounted on the backplate, a drum encircling the brake shoe portions, a...
US-8,713,821 Athletic shoes having an upper whose fitting property is improved
The present invention relates to the upper U of an athletic shoe comprising a first opening 1 out of which the foot sticks upwards during wearing and a second...
US-8,713,818 Cushioned shoe construction
A shoe construction including a shoe upper, an intermediate composite structure and an outsole. The composite structure underlies at least a portion of the...
US-8,713,816 Ventilating shoe
A ventilating shoe including a removable deodorant and/or a perfumed pad includes a water resistant sole, an upper shoe portion and connecting means for...
US-D704,080 Home shoe sizer for children
US-D703,952 Shoe bag
US-D703,938 Shoe upper
US-D703,937 Shoe upper
US-D703,936 Shoe upper
US-D703,935 Shoe upper
US-D703,934 Shoe upper
US-D703,933 Shoe upper
US-D703,932 Shoe upper
US-D703,930 Golf shoe outsole
US-D703,929 Shoe outsole
US-D703,928 Shoe outsole
US-8,708,591 Golf club cleaner with detachable brush
A cleaning bottle has a detachable brush removably secured to the bottle. The cleaning bottle can have a spray head to spray liquid out of the bottle and...
US-8,708,310 Flooring installation tool with adjustable shoe
A flooring installation tool includes a base having a bottom surface configured to engage a top surface of a flooring material, and a shoe having a connection...
US-8,707,588 Traction cleat for footwear
A thinner shoe mounted receptacle results from a thin cleat attachment flange received in a shallow receptacle cavity. An angled interface between the cleat and...
US-8,707,586 Athletic shoe with athletic positioning cleat pattern
An athletic shoe includes an upper section and a sole section. The sole section includes a sole and cleats, which are grouped into a heel group, a ball-of-foot...
US-8,707,585 Removable footwear cleat with cushioning
A removable cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a disc with opposing faces. A shoe coupling element is attached to one face of the disc. The other disc face...
US-8,707,582 Energy storage and return spring
A spring shoe, and also in particular a spring, as well as a method of returning energy to a user, are provided. In one embodiment, a method and apparatus...
US-8,707,533 Single brake spring tool and method of removal of drum brake spring
A brake drum spring release tool includes a straight elongate rod member with a laterally projecting lever arm extending from one side and an extended hook...
US-D703,440 Shoe bag
US-D703,426 Shoe upper
US-D703,425 Shoe outsole with a surface ornamentation contrast
US-D703,424 Flip flop shoe
US-D703,422 Shoe
US-D703,421 Shoe
US-D703,420 Shoe
US-D703,419 Shoe
US-8,701,827 Climbing screen support system
A climbing screen support system comprising a support rail fixable to a surface adjacent an edge of a structure; a mounting arm slidably securable to the rail...
US-8,701,733 Shoe customization system having interchangeable platens
Heat press platens for a shoe customization/decoration system and a method of using the same are disclosed. The platens may be quickly interchanged to allow the...
US-8,701,731 Transfer ring having advantaged cam follower-camming groove aspect and method
A transfer ring suitable for use in the manufacture of vehicle tires including a skeletal cylindrical cage which houses an oscillatable circular drive member....
US-8,701,505 Peltier freeze-shoe sampler to recover aquifer sediment and groundwater
A groundwater sampling tool that includes an elongated hollow coring tube having a proximal end and a distal end for collecting groundwater and sediment; a...
US-8,701,310 Flexible footwear covering reducing friction and drag between shoes and floor surfaces
A flexible footwear covering that fits on a shoe, which has a lower coefficient of friction than the bottom of a shoe allowing for ease of motion on carpeted or...
US-D702,931 Shoe upper
US-D702,930 Shoe upper
US-D702,929 Golf shoe outsole
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