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Patent # Description
US-8,544,847 Card shoe apparatus accurately identifying card information of card
The following members are included: a storage unit 2 which stores a card 50; a guide path 10 which guides the card 50 drawn out from the storage unit 2 to a...
US-8,544,615 Method and device for brake dust collection
A method and device for capturing particulates produced by a brake shoe of a motorized vehicle are provided. A strip of material is attached to an inner planar...
US-8,544,569 Offset rock bit with pull back adapter
An offset rock bit (12) has a steering face (28) and a shoe (30) provided by a recess formed into the steering face (28). A slot (66) formed into the shoe (30)...
US-8,544,196 Shoe charm holder device
A device for a shoe with a sole assembly including at least an outer sole and an insole connected to a heel through a shank and a heel breast. The device...
US-8,544,195 Method and apparatus for interconnecting traction cleats and receptacles
A thinner shoe mounted receptacle results from a thin cleat attachment flange received in a shallow receptacle cavity. An angled interface between the cleat and...
US-8,544,191 Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them
Shoe uppers having smooth seams and methods for producing them are disclosed. In one embodiment the upper uses thermoplastic seam tape which forms bonds between...
US-8,544,190 Shock absorbing device for shoe sole in rear foot part
The present invention provides a shock absorbing device for a shoe sole in a rear foot part which can restrain the inclination of the foot toward the medial...
US-D690,500 Shoe upper
US-D690,499 Shoe upper
US-D690,489 Shoe outsole
US-D690,488 Shoe
US-8,540,915 Concrete block and method of making same
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-8,540,654 Therapeutic massage sock
A pneumatic or hydraulic massage sock including a unitary molded insole formed with one or more internal pump chambers for generating fluid pressure throughout...
US-8,540,544 Novelty band for storing and displaying toy figures
A novelty assembly that is used to retain and display toy figures. The assembly utilizes a band having a first surface and a second surface. The band can be...
US-8,540,502 Adjustable shoe mold set
A shoe mold set includes a mold, a movable block and an adjustment unit. The mold is connected to the movable block, and both are slidably between two rail...
US-8,539,698 Footwear safety apparatus, device, and method
A footwear traction device is disclosed that enhances regular or slip-resistant shoes during a slip-in-progress. The traction device includes an adhesive layer...
US-8,539,697 Suspension heel
A suspension heel is provided for use with footwear, such as high heeled shoes, to provide cushioning to the wearer. The suspension heel includes a heel shaft...
US-8,539,692 Construction for a permeable flexible liner for a modular preserver system
A construction for a permeable liner within a modular shoe preserver system having interchangeable components. The preserver adapted to snugly fit within a shoe...
US-8,539,653 Footwear accessory
A strap for a shoe has a first resilient and flexible fabric element extending from a first end to a second end and a clear flexible element substantially fixed...
US-D690,101 Shoe tote bag
US-D690,094 Shoe upper
US-D690,093 Athletic shoe
US-D690,092 Shoe upper
US-D690,091 Shoe upper
US-D690,090 Shoe outsole
US-D690,089 Golf shoe outsole
US-D690,088 Shoe midsole
US-8,535,187 Motorcycle camshaft drive tensioner
A cam drive tensioner for use with an engine includes a main body mounted to a component of the engine; a shoe movably mounted to the main body, for movement in...
US-8,534,969 Apparatus and method for packing concentrated mass loads for transport by container, box truck and van trailer
A load equalizing pallet apparatus for transporting a concentrated load and for use with load binders comprises a load equalizing base and a plurality of shoes....
US-8,534,749 Roof apparatus for vehicle
A roof apparatus for a vehicle includes a shoe member including a body member integrally including first and second sliding portions and a seat portion, the...
US-8,534,585 Centrifugal brake device for dual-bearing reel
A centrifugal brake device for a dual-bearing reel is provided. The centrifugal brake device is configured to brake a spool. The centrifugal brake device...
US-8,534,213 Skid shoe assembly for loading and transporting large structures
A system comprising a floating vessel comprising a deck having a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis; a plurality of support structures in an array spaced...
US-8,533,977 Shoe
In order to provide an athletic shoe that does not get caught even when a strong effort to hold on is made when sliding sideways, and that allows for light...
US-8,533,955 Universal adjustable bracket apparatus for supporting air conditioners and other devices
An apparatus for a universal bracket support including an L frame including a short arm coupled at a substantially right angle to a long arm with each having a...
US-8,533,901 Self-contained cleaning device for shoe soles
A cleaning device for shoe soles is disclosed. The cleaning device provides a surface having a plurality of bristles designed to engage the sole of a shoe. The...
US-8,533,888 Shoe cleaning doormat device
A shoe cleaning doormat device is provided for cleaning and disinfecting the soles of shoes and feet prior to a user's entry into a dwelling or building. The...
US-D689,914 Digital camera
US-D689,686 Shoe upper
US-D689,685 Shoe upper
US-D689,684 Shoe upper
US-D689,683 Shoe upper
US-D689,682 Shoe upper
US-D689,681 Shoe with dimpled upper
US-D689,680 Shoe outsole
US-D689,679 Outsole for a shoe
US-D689,678 Outsole for a shoe
US-D689,677 Footwear sole
US-D689,675 Shoe midsole
US-D689,674 Shoe
US-D689,673 Shoe
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