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Patent # Description
US-D700,429 Shoe upper
US-D700,428 Shoe upper
US-D700,427 Shoe upper
US-D700,426 Shoe upper
US-D700,425 Shoe upper
US-D700,424 Shoe upper
US-D700,423 Shoe upper
US-D700,422 Shoe upper
US-D700,421 Shoe outsole
US-D700,419 Shoe
US-8,657,580 Blade retainment system
A blade retention system for retaining a foot of a turbine blade in a shoe of a turbine disc of a turbine wheel includes: a hook on a heel end of the blade foot...
US-8,657,287 Intelligent table game system
A card dealing system incorporating playing cards with rank and suit information encoded thereon via micro-dots, and a shoe capable of reading such micro dots...
US-8,657,124 Shoe hanging rack system
A shoe hanging system is provided. The system includes a frame, where the frame is encapsulated by a cover. The cover is firmly attached to a spine. The spine...
US-8,657,110 Shoe kit having removable and interchangeable heel assemblies
A kit containing a shoe body having a heel base and a plurality of assorted removable and interchangeable heels. The heel assembly includes the heel base and a...
US-8,657,076 Vibration isolator for the sliding rail guide of an elevator or the like
An elevator car sliding guide includes a shoe configured to slide on one or more rails, a first bracket connected to the shoe, a second bracket for connecting...
US-8,657,036 Tubing shoe
A tubing shoe is disclosed with a body adapted to be connected to a section of tubing to be emplaced in a wellbore and a nose provided on the body, wherein the...
US-8,656,613 Article of footwear having articulated sole member
The invention is a shoe with an upper and a sole member. The sole member has multiple individual pieces connected to each other by connectors. The connectors...
US-8,656,607 Soles for shoes or other footwear having compartments with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least two computer controlled...
US-D699,935 Shoe upper
US-D699,934 Shoe upper
US-D699,933 Shoe upper
US-D699,930 Sandal sole
US-8,654,922 X-ray-based system and methods for inspecting a person's shoes for aviation security threats
The present application discloses a system for scanning a shoe for illegal materials. The system includes an X-ray source for projecting a beam of X-rays onto...
US-8,653,157 Polyurethane compound and shoe soles made therefrom
A polyurethane compound is disclosed, comprising the reaction product of an isocyanate and one or more polyols including at least one polytetramethylene ether...
US-8,653,151 Articles prepared using recycled materials and methods of preparation thereof
The present invention is directed to articles of manufacture having at least a portion prepared using recycled material, including but not limited recycled...
US-8,651,353 Gym locker organizer backpack
A utility bag having shoulder straps which allows the bag to be used as a backpack to carry clothing, shoes, wet items, personal grooming items, etc. to a gym....
US-8,651,193 Horse shoe shielding device
A horse shoe shielding device comprising: a shielding member comprising a concave portion adapted to receive the heel of a horse shoe when worn on a horse such...
US-8,650,777 Illuminant shoe
An illuminant shoe has a body, an outsole and an illuminating device. The body has a putting segment, a lifting cover and an insole. The putting segment has a...
US-D699,429 Shoe upper
US-D699,426 Shoe insert
US-D699,424 Shoe insert
US-D699,423 Shoe sole
US-D699,422 Outsole for a shoe
US-D699,421 Outsole for a shoe
US-D699,420 Shoe periphery
US-D699,419 Shoe
US-8,647,561 Composite cutting inserts and methods of making the same
Embodiments of the present invention include methods of producing a composite article. A method comprises introducing a first powdered metal grade from a feed...
US-8,647,460 Shoe having a bottom with bonded and then molded-in particles
Provided is a shoe having a bottom surface that is adjacent to the ground in normal use. A sole, which is sufficiently durable and/or strong for long-term...
US-8,647,419 Sorption filter material and use thereof
The invention relates to a sorption filter material, in particular an adsorption filter material, which is suitable in particular for producing protective...
US-8,646,779 Device and method for handling, shuffling, and moving cards
Card-handling devices include a card-holding area and a card output shoe. The card output shoe includes a card-way for passage of cards from the card-holding...
US-8,646,680 Sheet and folding method for self-latching clamshell folded box
Suitably configured sheets of material and related folding methods provide self-latching clamshell folded boxes that may be used, for example, to securely...
US-8,646,582 Vertical retractable rail clamp
The rail clamp includes a carriage having an actuator frame mounted to its base so as to extend upwardly from the base. Springs are mounted in the actuator...
US-8,646,466 Interchangeable headband cover
The Interchangeable Headband Cover is an easily applied and removed material covering that sit on a C Shaped or Horse Shoe Shaped headband. A C Shaped or Horse...
US-D699,028 Shoe
US-D699,027 Shoe bottom
US-D699,025 Outsole for a shoe
US-D699,024 Footwear
US-8,644,743 Method and apparatus to improve belt roll fusing stripping latitude by strip shoe position adjustment
According to aspects of the embodiments, there is provided apparatus and methods of improving the self-stripping capabilities of a printing system employing a...
US-8,641,651 Foot abduction apparatus
An improved foot abduction apparatus allowing movement in a horizontal and vertical plane. The embodiments allow a user to more easily manipulate the apparatus...
US-8,641,353 System for storing and retrieving shoes
The system for storing and retrieving shoes includes a cabinet defining a housing enclosing storage units. The housing defines a central shaft for raising and...
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