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Patent # Description
US-8,591,142 Apparatus for shaping pavement
An apparatus for shaping pavement, the apparatus comprising a pavement-shaping member for receiving a flow of shapeless pavement material and generating a flow...
US-8,591,071 L.E.D. light emitting assembly with spring compressed fins
A light emitting assembly includes an extruded heat sink (20) divided into a pair of elongated sections (64) with a plurality of light emitting diodes (88)...
US-8,590,896 Card-handling devices and systems
Playing card-handling devices, such as shufflers, dealing shoes, discard racks and verification systems, are rotatably secured to a gaming table to allow for...
US-8,590,717 Railroad freight car draft gear
A railroad freight car multipiece spring seat assembly including a spring seat, a top plate, and a spring. The spring seat is adapted to operably engage one end...
US-8,590,179 Shoe with protrusions and securing portions
A shoe sole structure includes a midsole body that extends from the heel region to the forefoot region of a shoe and an outsole that is attached to the midsole...
US-8,590,176 Shoe bottom having interspersed materials
A shoe (and fabrication techniques therefor) on which is provided a bottom portion that includes a sole portion and a heel portion and that has a bottom surface...
US-8,590,121 Elastomeric fastener
An elastomeric fastener is configured for securing various articles. The elastomeric fasteners include one or more locking mechanisms. In various embodiments,...
US-8,590,086 Wear resisting span lock system
A wear resisting span lock system for bascule bridges includes a normally-inactive hydraulic lockbar shoe expander operable to minimize sliding engagement of...
US-D694,137 Shoe ruler
US-8,584,771 Machine tool having an electric drive motor
A machine tool, in particular a powered hand tool, has an electric drive motor to which pole shoes are assigned in order to conduct a magnetic field....
US-8,584,382 Insole and shoe comprising an electronic chip
The present invention relates to an insole, in particular for a sports shoe, and shoe comprising an electronic chip. In order to provide a shoe, in particular a...
US-8,584,378 Outsole and sports shoe
The present invention relates to an outsole for a shoe, the outsole including a sole plate, extending from a heel part, via a midfoot part, into a forefoot part...
US-D693,644 Water bottle
US-D693,556 Shoe upper
US-D693,554 High-heel shoe insoles
US-D693,553 Outsole for a shoe
US-D693,552 Shoe sole
US-D693,551 Shoe
US-D693,550 Shoe
US-D693,549 Outsole for a shoe
US-D693,548 Sole for a shoe
US-D693,547 Shoe
US-D693,546 Water shoe
US-8,581,731 Circuits, systems, and methods for monitoring and reporting foot impact, foot placement, shoe life, and other...
Various embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic virtual running/walking coach that notifies a person as to how hard the person's feet have...
US-8,579,550 Truss shoe for use with a threaded rod
A truss shoe for a roof support system includes a bolt receiving section, an intermediate section, and a housing having a threaded rod engaging section. The...
US-8,578,631 Extendable spikes for shoes
Golf shoe sole 10 having extendable spikes 71 activated by compressed air from a pump 42 located inside sole of shoe. Pump 42 is operated by weight of wearer's...
US-8,578,630 Cushioning sole for shoe
A sole in accordance with the present invention may include a sole for attachment to an outside of a shoe. Moreover, a sole of the present invention may include...
US-8,578,629 Footwear
An article of footwear, such as a shoe, which includes an outer sole assembly and an upper, the sole assembly including a first comfort layer and a...
US-8,578,615 Jigsaw with deployable keel and tiltable shoe
A jigsaw may include a housing, a control member, a shoe member and a keel. The housing contains a motor and include a handle. The control member is moveable...
US-8,578,541 Shoe cleaning device
A shoe cleaning device 10 comprises a rotatable cleaning disc 12, a housing 14 on which the cleaning disc 12 is rotatably mountable, a horizontally mounted...
US-8,578,535 Composite shoe upper and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel of an upper includes a substrate layer formed from a substrate material, a mesh material layer and one or more skin material...
US-D693,525 Horse orthotic
US-D693,450 Shoe sanitizer
US-D693,112 Shoe upper
US-D693,111 Shoe upper
US-D693,110 Shoe upper
US-D693,109 Shoe upper
US-D693,108 Shoe upper
US-D693,107 Shoe upper
US-D693,106 Shoe upper
US-D693,105 Shoe upper
US-D693,104 Shoe upper
US-D693,103 Shoe upper
US-D693,102 Shoe upper
US-D693,101 Shoe bottom
US-8,577,271 Apparatus and systems including belt-roll fuser stripping shoe with robust compliant tip
A belt-roll fuser stripping system has a stripping shoe and a stripping shim. The shim is support by a support member. The support member supports the shim to...
US-8,575,233 Slip-resistant rubber composition, outsole using the rubber composition and method of manufacturing the outsole
Disclosed is a slip-resistant rubber composition, which includes a substrate made of rubber, about 0.5 to about 3 parts by weight of a vulcanizer, about 2 to...
US-8,573,597 Baccarat improvements
A method of playing Baccarat and Baccarat derivative games such as mini-Baccarat and midi-Baccarat which incorporates an optional side bet, without affecting...
US-8,573,028 Antiskid performance testing apparatus for shoe sole
An antiskid performance testing apparatus for shoe sole comprises a base (17), a locating device and a force application device. The force application device...
US-8,572,866 Shoe with composite upper and foam element and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel can be used to form a three-dimensional upper shell that includes extensions used for double-lasting and/or to otherwise provide a...
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