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Patent # Description
US-8,429,835 Composite shoe upper and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel of an upper includes a substrate layer formed from a substrate material, a mesh material layer and one or more skin material...
US-D680,775 Shoe rack
US-D680,729 Shoe upper
US-D680,726 Shoe outsole
US-D680,725 Shoe outsole
US-D680,724 Shoe outsole
US-D680,722 Shoe outsole
US-D680,721 Shoe outsole
US-D680,719 Folding zipper shoe
US-D680,715 Attachable elastic shoe sleeve
US-D680,714 Shoe
US-D680,713 Shoe
US-D680,712 Shoe
US-D680,711 Shoe
US-D680,710 Basketball flat heel shoe
US-8,424,980 Abrasion resistant track shoe grouser
A track shoe for a track-type vehicle. The track shoe includes a base plate and a grouser projecting away from the base plate. A capping surface structure of...
US-8,424,605 Methods and devices for casing and cementing well bores
A casing string is augmented with one or more variable flow resistance devices or "vibrating tools" to facilitate advancement of the casing and distribution of...
US-8,424,248 Method of installing a locking balance shoe and system for a pivotable window
A snap lock balance shoe and system to be incorporated in pivotable double hung windows. In one embodiment, the snap lock balance shoe includes a pair of...
US-8,424,224 Shoe heel cover
A shoe heel cover is designed to be selectively positioned and removed from a heel of a shoe. The heel cover is configured as a resilient flexible compressible...
US-8,424,223 High-performance sports shoe
According to one aspect, the shoe sole (10) comprises at least one main ground engagement section (22) specifically designed to respond to certain modes of...
US-8,424,222 Arthritis and diabetes insole
An insole especially advantageous for arthritic or diabetic patients comprises three layers and is shaped in a form which provides and arch support and an...
US-D680,317 Ornament for shoes
US-D680,316 Shoe upper
US-D680,313 Upper for a shoe
US-D680,312 Shoe bottom
US-D680,311 Shoe
US-D680,310 Shoe outsole
US-D680,309 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D680,308 Shoe midsole
US-D680,307 Shoe
US-D680,306 Multi-layer shoe sole protector
US-D680,305 Baseball high heel shoe
US-8,421,617 Tracking system with separated tracking device
A separated tracking device includes a first portion including a location determining device operative to receive signals from a positioning system, a wireless...
US-8,418,582 Flywheel assembly for exercise devices
A flywheel assembly includes a flywheel rotatably mounted on an exercise and a magnetic control device is centrally received in the flywheel for providing...
US-8,418,379 Shoe sole with reinforcement structure
A shoe sole of the present invention includes a first member 10 including a first deformable portion 11, and a second member 20 including a second deformable...
US-8,418,333 Method and device for assembling swash plate-type fluid machine
An assembly device includes a shaft assembly having a plurality of pistons installed on an outer peripheral portion of a swash plate via shoes. The assembly...
US-D679,901 Shoe bottom
US-D679,897 Upper for a shoe
US-8,414,091 Track tensioning system for mobile vehicles, including lift cranes
A crawler has a track tensioning system. The crawler includes a crawler frame having a bottom; at least one drive tumbler supported on the frame; a track made...
US-8,413,998 Roller skates
[Problem to be Solved] To provide a roller skate in which the inclination of a shoe can be firmly stabilized and the user can easily apply force to the ankle....
US-8,413,949 Climbing shoe in the building sector
A climbing shoe (10) comprises a sliding shoe section (16) and wall shoe section (18). The sliding shoe section (16) is designed so that it can guide and hold a...
US-8,413,776 Bag for carrying articles
The present invention is directed to a bag for use in carrying and separating articles, such as garments (clothing), towels, shoes, and the like and having...
US-8,413,768 Anti-lock brake structure
An anti-lock brake structure includes a brake base having a curved guiding portion formed thereon and a slidable holder. The slidable holder has a curved...
US-8,413,352 Club head cleaning attachment for a golf shoe
The club head cleaning attachment for a golf shoe is removably secured to a golf shoe to enable the shoe to be used in cleaning the head or face of a golf club...
US-8,413,351 Shoe system with removable covers
A shoe system featuring a base shoe in any size, style, or, shape, and a skin for wrapping around the base shoe. The skin may be constructed in a variety of...
US-8,413,350 Interchangeable shoe with clips and loops
An article of footwear comprising a shoe base constructed and adapted for receiving a foot having a toe section and an ankle section with at least two loops...
US-8,413,266 Manufacturing method for pant leg bottoms
A method for creating a series of size-proportioned trouser bottoms comprises each of the slack bottoms being approximated as a cylindrical surface...
US-D679,736 Shoe last
US-D679,519 Shoe shaped bed
US-D679,491 Upper for a shoe
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