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Patent # Description
US-D691,787 Shoe sole
US-D691,786 Foundation of a woman's shoe
US-D691,785 Shoe sole
US-D691,784 Protective spat for cleated or spiked sports shoes
US-8,560,198 Train braking device and train braking method
The train braking device includes an air brake controller in which a plurality of friction coefficients corresponding to a brake command and a brake initial...
US-8,557,085 Dryer apparatus for drying a web
In a papermaking machine, a dryer apparatus for drying a web. The dryer apparatus includes a drying cylinder and an upstream roll cooperating with a peripheral...
US-8,556,045 Drum-in-hat disc brake assembly
A drum-in-hat (DIH) disc brake assembly has a backing plate configured to be supported relative to an axle flange and to support a drum brake shoe assembly of...
US-8,555,607 Integrated draper belt support and skid shoe in an agricultural harvesting machine
A cutting platform for use with an agricultural harvesting machine includes at least one platform section. Each platform section has a cutterbar assembly...
US-8,555,529 Sole element for a shoe
The invention relates to a shoe having a sole element. The sole element includes a sole area extending below a wearer's foot and a heel cup three-dimensionally...
US-8,555,526 Resilient shoe with pivoting sole
An improved resilient shoe sole includes an outsole having a substantially inelastic side wall with a heel cavity. A substantially inelastic platform is located...
US-8,555,420 Combination sock and shoe
A combination sock and shoe includes a shoe sole, an exterior sock that is secured to the shoe sole, an intermediate sock positioned inside the exterior sock,...
US-D691,363 Shoe upper
US-D691,361 Shoe sole
US-D691,360 Shoe sole
US-D691,359 Shoe sole
US-D691,358 Shoe sole
US-D691,357 Shoe sole
US-D691,356 Shoe
US-8,550,529 Vehicle equipment for a mobile appliance
A vehicle equipment designed to detachably hold an electronic appliance provided with a screen and manually activatable function keys. This equipment has a...
US-8,550,191 Digging tool, digging bit, and device
Provided is an excavation tool for efficiently taking waste rocks produced during excavation into the inner peripheral side of a casing pipe. An excavation tool...
US-8,549,958 Automatic bicycle pedal with flexible rear lever
This automatic bicycle pedal comprises a pedal body (2) equipped at a first end (5) with first attachment means (7) and at a second end (6) with second...
US-8,549,773 Running shoe
A running shoe stores the shock during landing as energy and releases the stored energy when kicking off the toe portion, thereby making running and walking...
US-8,549,760 Adjustable locking shoe
A shoe for a band saw includes a block for coupling to the band saw, the block having an aperture, a locking ball disposed in the aperture, a body including a...
US-8,549,759 Adjustable shoe for a power tool
A shoe for a band saw includes a block for coupling to the band saw, and a body having a surface for engaging a workpiece. The block has a first detent feature....
US-8,549,688 Method for producing shoes, strips therefor and shoe
A method for producing a shoe that can be adapted to the foot of a wearer, is made of hard, thermoplastic synthetic material and is worn for sports, includes...
US-D690,926 Shoe upper
US-D690,925 Shoe upper
US-D690,924 Shoe upper
US-D690,922 Upper for a shoe
US-D690,921 Upper for a shoe
US-D690,920 Shoe outsole
US-D690,918 Shoe bottom
US-D690,916 Shoe
US-D690,915 Single-sole shoe with blue stripe and blue sole
US-D690,914 Single-sole shoe with blue sole
US-D690,913 Shoe
US-D690,911 Shoe and sole
US-8,544,856 Snowblower skid shoe
A skid shoe for a snowthrower is provided that includes a selected dual-faced, dual-angled approach surface, and an elongate footprint as compared to prior skid...
US-8,544,855 Skate with interchangeable use elements
A skate having a detachable assembly comprising a use element selected from an ice skate blade, a roller skate assembly and an in-line roller skate assembly....
US-8,544,854 Wearable device with attachment system
A wearable device configured to selectively provide roller transportation, the wearable device having a shoe configured to at least partially accept a foot of a...
US-8,544,847 Card shoe apparatus accurately identifying card information of card
The following members are included: a storage unit 2 which stores a card 50; a guide path 10 which guides the card 50 drawn out from the storage unit 2 to a...
US-8,544,615 Method and device for brake dust collection
A method and device for capturing particulates produced by a brake shoe of a motorized vehicle are provided. A strip of material is attached to an inner planar...
US-8,544,569 Offset rock bit with pull back adapter
An offset rock bit (12) has a steering face (28) and a shoe (30) provided by a recess formed into the steering face (28). A slot (66) formed into the shoe (30)...
US-8,544,196 Shoe charm holder device
A device for a shoe with a sole assembly including at least an outer sole and an insole connected to a heel through a shank and a heel breast. The device...
US-8,544,195 Method and apparatus for interconnecting traction cleats and receptacles
A thinner shoe mounted receptacle results from a thin cleat attachment flange received in a shallow receptacle cavity. An angled interface between the cleat and...
US-8,544,191 Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them
Shoe uppers having smooth seams and methods for producing them are disclosed. In one embodiment the upper uses thermoplastic seam tape which forms bonds between...
US-8,544,190 Shock absorbing device for shoe sole in rear foot part
The present invention provides a shock absorbing device for a shoe sole in a rear foot part which can restrain the inclination of the foot toward the medial...
US-D690,500 Shoe upper
US-D690,499 Shoe upper
US-D690,489 Shoe outsole
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